a lift up

Good morning there…..

so..yesterday i woke up and decided i needed a little lift…a jump if you will.

As you might already know…i’m a clothes freak…and i really enjoy spending part of bryan’s salary

on pretty things such as cute shoes and knee high socks from Target. One thing i’ve never really been into

though is make up.  I’ve always been the girl who wakes up…throws on some face cream {origins}..

and maybe some foundation…some powder and mascara.{Cover Girl}. I always just bought that stuff

well….first and foremost because it’s cheap….and second…it leaves me more money for knee highs.

And because…i never really cared about make up.

So…one of my new years lift ups….{my version of resolution}…was to pay more attention to myself.

Not in a….pathetic way…like…

hey there…look at me…

but in a way that i could feel better about myself and i wanted to take more time so that i can

just be better about….ME.

One goal at a time….one day at a time…one small fix…a lift up if you will….at a time.

So…yesterday i went to the MAC Make-up counter…and told the girl to hook me up.

I told her my sad sob story about how i never really wear make up…but i think she already knew that…

by the way her lips had a little frown on them when she was looking at me.

So she said to me…..

Girlfriend….let’s make you feel good from the inside out.

Now that…is what i wanted to hear.

So she spent a good 30 minutes going over how to apply all the goodness she was putting on me…

and i left with a small bag of make up.

I also left spending a nice size car payment on that stuff…

but i believe if i take the time and invest it in myself…just like i would by going to the gym…

or making my husband a nice meal when he comes home from work…then i will feel great.

{okay…i realize it’s only make-up…but heck…..i feel better already}

Anyhoo…..it was fun…and you know you can get your make-up done for FREE at the MAC counter….

and you don’t have to buy anything….so you can get that instant gratification without having to

tell your husband that you won’t be able to pay the car payment this month because you now have long

black lashes and your lips are the color of a watermelon.

I’m having my friend do my make up for me tomorrow….because we are going to do some family photos.

I can’t wait to show you where we do them….yup…it’s gonna be fun.

I also am out of time-out.


I got out in time to host book club the other night….

We had some wine to drink…..

we also snacked on some cannolis from the Italian bakery….

but the best part was what i cooked up for the girls.

Try not to be jealous…….


those are Escargot.

Also known as……snails.

Except those aren’t regular snails that were caught by a farmer in North Dakota….


those are French Snails….from France.

I was lucky enough to have found those French Imported Snails….thanks to Costco.

Oh yeah……36 French escargot….and i think i probably was the only one that ate them.

All my friends tried them….well….because they didn’t have a choice….but i don’t think anyone got sick…

and now they can all say…..they’ve tried them.

That’s what life is all about anyway….trying new things……doing something different….

a lift up.

By the way….i’m well into season two of Mad Men…and now i know what happened to Peggy’s baby.

Not to be confused with Rosemary’s baby.

On a totally different note….Lola asked me to take her photo yesterday….and tell you what she’s wearing.

I have to say….for some odd reason….

{and no….i’m not paying her any cash}

but the girl is starting to carve her own style out…and i am so proud of her for not picking out

sweats anymore…or dirty clothes out of the hamper to wear.

She still won’t comb her hair in the morning…….but i’ll pick my battles…and this is NOT one to pick.

“I can pick my friends….

I can pick my boogers…

I will also pick which battles are worth picking.”

by: Kasey Buick


  1. Nancy Brenton says:

    I am a Mac girl myself, it’s amazing stuff. I love what little Lola has on, so sweet.
    And that quote…you are hilarious and that is why I love you.

  2. Thanks for the great read, as always! I love escargot but no one else I know does so when I come visit we can have some! What? Visit? OK, in my head but it could be fun! *ha* As for the makeup, that is what I use and love them and yes I too have made a few car payments to them but my self esteem loves me for it, lol. I used them when I got married, I made an appt they did my makeup and I bought what they used on me. So cool!! Well, have a great weekend! hugs from Conroe, TX!

  3. Kristi @Creative Kristi says:

    Good for you! I’m off to target to look for some cute jeans later today because I haven’t bout anything since I got pregnant with Miss E & she’s 7 months old! (plus I gotta have something cute to wear with my cute boots!)

  4. Don’t tell me what happens to anyone’s baby, because I have MM on order from netflix.
    Thanks for the laugh this morning, and I love you in Mac. Have a great weekend.

  5. Great post! I am not much of a make up girl either, but I did the Bare Minerals thing a few years ago. I love it! Lola looks great!

  6. Nice new look
    Love cannoli now where in our little town can I get these delightful treats. Guess I might have to learn to make them : ))

  7. I too find myself wanting to be the girl at the mac counter getting a lift me up as well and then…I just plain say SILLY GIRL you have no cash for that..your girls will use your brushes for their barbies and use all of your foundation to put all over their bodies 🙂 anyway I love it want/need to do it and well I like that you finally did it. I do hope you and your family are enjoying 2011 thus far.

    Smiles and Blessings,

  8. I’ve had a long-time addiction to MAC, the glosses in particular. So, fi you’re looking for a great everyday/anytime gloss, you gotta try Viva Glam V. Love! I can’t get my daughter to brush her hair either??

  9. You look very beautiful-au natural with your new makeup.
    I’ve worn cheap makeup my entire live until a couple of years ago when it started to irritate my skin-no more Maybeline, Loreal, or Mary Kay for me (Okay, Mary Kay is not cheap.)
    Since I’ve purchased Clinique and a couple of other nice brands, I’ve actually saved money because it does the job as it should.

    I’ve still never tried escargot…I have snails that live in my garden that my daughter loves to play with. For all I know, she’s already beat me to it!


  10. Honey… you are FREAKIN ADORABLE!!! When I want that little “lift”, I just jaunt on over hear and read about your latest frolics…..

  11. i’ve always worn a more natural look of makeup. so much so that my sister will say lovely things to me like “you really should wear mascara” or my favorite “you look tired” G, thanks. i just learned how to put mascara on rightly though, and i do look more awake, even when my eyes are crossed.

    i might just check out this MAC counter. i’ve had horrible experiences with makeup artists at salons. last year, for my birthday i was positively giddy for getting my makeup done at a really nice salon to go out for my birthday dinner. well, long story short, when i came home and showed my husband he told me i looked like Cookie the Clown. We had a good laugh and I washed ninety bucks off my face and went out with my regular makeup. Oh all the cute forever21 skirts i could have gotten for ninety bucks…

    Anyway, you look beautifully fresh! If i go, i hope i have the same experience! xx

  12. love the new make-up! I have a friend who is a mac lover as well.

    Those italian desserts looked AMAZING! The escargot looked pretty… and i would try them…but i dont know if i would like them. haha.

    Have fun with your shoot tomorrow! Can’t wait to see them!

  13. Thanks for always making me smile. Love to read your blog. 🙂

  14. love the natural makeup look – so pretty! Please, please give details of the lip gloss – Thank you

  15. I swear makeup always gives me a little “pick me up”! I have never tried escargot, but you make it look and sound so yummy!!

  16. love love love your photos! you’re so talented! it’s a real treat to visit!

  17. It’s been years since I’ve done the make up “pick me up”- since that would be better on my hips than the daily Starbucks fru-fru drink “pick me up,” I think I need to give it a try! Lola looks adorable…great thrift finds too. I love to head to the racks on Indian Prairie…great finds there!

  18. Good for you! I’ve done the whole MAC thing too, but then I discovered that in some areas, Covergirl was just as good. There are a few MAC items I will still buy, but not all of them are worth it. Like you, I’d rather have knee-high socks and a cute pair of heels. Eyeliner for example is one area where I’ll go cheap b/c I found a good one that stays put and costs all of $4.

    Your daughter is adorable – Love the outfit! Good luck at your photoshoot! Did Anthropologie say “YES?”

  19. Just out of curiosity, which book did you read for your book club?

  20. You look lovely, my dear. And sometimes it is VERY good to do something just for you. (Even if it means you can’t make the car payment. LOL!)

  21. Beautiful…good for you for taking care of you! Mother & daughter…looking so pretty & stylish:)

  22. the last time I did that was shortly after having Court and I told the makeup girl that I just wanted to look like her.
    she was super duper gorgeous.
    it wasn’t M.A.C but Bobbi Brown.
    i had no money but left with a $80 compact.
    but you know…it worked. i didn’t look super duper gorgeous but soooo much better.
    you look so pretty in your lip gloss:)
    i think its important to try and feel pretty.

  23. Oh you look lovely in your makeup! it does give you a nice lift, unfortunately my weaknesses are clothes, AND makeup, AND laura ashley interiors.

    By the way – what is cannoli? I’ve heard it mentioned on sex and the city and some other shows before, but I’m in dublin and I’ve never ever seen cannoli over here?

  24. Your make up is so lovely, but the best thing I like about this post is that picture of the escargot. If I was at your book club I would have gobbled that whole tray up. Yum! Love it! Reminds me of my trip to Paris with my Dad in 06. We ate at a cafe on Montmartre and had some. Great memories!



    P.S. Love Lola’s outfit!

  25. I’ll soon be turning 48, and can you believe I don’t wear a lick of makeup? When I was growing up we were prohibited from wearing any sort of makeup since my father thought it made us look like…well…ladies of the eveninig. When I was out on my own I began experimenting with makeup, paid a fortune on the stuff over the years, had some bad experiences at the makeup counters that pushed their brand and were heavy-handed with the stuff. And wouldn’t you know it all made my face itch and break out. Turns out I am allergic to most synthetic ingredients in makeup. Plus I never really learned how to apply it like all the other girls did. Now that I see the need to do some cover-up detail, I thought I’d get a makeover with some of that new organic stuff. I want people to think ‘wow she looks great for a 48 year old’ but not realizing it’s because of makeup. I think this is the year for a fresh ME!

  26. Ooooooh…I want to show up at a make up counter and walk away with a completely new, fresh look! But, oh, that little bag full of goodies comes a a high price…I will have to recover from Christmas first. I love your new look. Very, Very pretty. 🙂

  27. Make up is so fun and an instant way to make you feel good about yourself and more girly! I love your pictures of what was previously your timeout corner! So cute in there, I want to have wine or coffee there!

  28. I tried my first snails at dinner before the senior prom. They were….. chewy. But the butter and garlic was delicious ❈

  29. You look so pretty!!!
    Back in my “work” non mom days I would spend half my paycheck at mac’s counter 🙂 Oh how I miss it!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  30. I own a couple of those MAC items myself… I am always astounded at how quickly it adds up! Bobbie Brown is my other weakness… damn Nordstrom!
    Can’t wait to see your pics – have a fabulous time tomorrow~

  31. Good gravy, I’m a MAC girl myself, and I can attest to the fact that that haul really DID set you back a car payment! 😉

    You’ll never use anything else again, though. It’s that good.

  32. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Kasey–I see your French burlap pillow in one of your pictures in this post. Where did you get yours? I have seen a few on Etsy, but none are really screaming my name. Thanks and congrats on getting out of time out. I have put myself there, too! Elizabeth

  33. So i have to say MAC has the best eyeshadows, brushes and lipsticks!! The best. But I do think origins has the best foundation and powder. Theirs isn’t too heavy and feels like your pores are clogging. So glad to hear you love origins too….I have been using their face stuff for years! The white tea guardian is the best by the way!! I think your “new year you” looks great!!! enjoy all that fun stuff…..

  34. i’m a huge makeup fan! you look wonderful!!! & please pass the snails! to me!!yummmola

  35. Mmmm…makeup. Love it. I have a tendency to buy new powders and potions, thinking that this will certainly be the thing that magically transforms me…never works 😉

    I’m so glad that you left me a comment so that I was able to find you 🙂

  36. I think photo shoots are so fun, and I would just die if I had a daughter and she asked me to photograph her. What fun!

  37. We took our children to France Last year and my daughter Ella (5) with out batting an eyelid said ” sure I’ll try them… mmmmm yummy, will it gross people out now!” Ahhhhh love her!

  38. well hello gorgeous!!
    i’ve wanted to hang out at the mac counter for some time too.
    over the holidays i told the girls i might do it then but i never felt cute enough to sit down!
    yay you
    & who needs a car payment anyway?

  39. I am SO glad to know that I am not the only mom with a little daughter that INSISTS on picking out her own clothes (I need to start documenting this for collateral when she is a teenager) and wants to be all stylish, but refuses. to. comb. her. hair. ever. I too have decided it is a battle not worth fighting…BUT. She really looks like a hobo most days.
    On a side note…where do you find such cute thrifted clothes? I search and search and rarely find anything!!!!

  40. Love all your comments……you can always make me smile for the day! You wil LOVE LOVE LOVE your MAC…..and the brushes….so worth the money. I have some MAC and Bobbi Brown that I have had for prob. 12 years….little baby shampoo ( not as often as I should) they are good to go. You look great, by the way!!!!

  41. You look great! Natural and Very Pretty : )

  42. I’m with you girl, I love walking away from a make-up counter (used to be MAC for me, now it’s mostly Laura Mercier and Bobbie Brown) with that perfect make-up they can do and all the shiny new black cosmetic cases in my bag. Your new look is completely you but just enhanced. I think you look SPECTACULAR!

  43. good for you!!! i use to buy the cheapo mascara and in October switched to Buxom WOW!! My husband comments on my eye lashes constantly Him – “I never knew they were THAT long” Me – “thank you, they are!” te hehe

  44. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    I treated myself to a Bare Minerals makeover last winter, did wonders for my spirits. Lola is adoarble. Will she start WIWF? Escargot at Costco!! Yummm

  45. I love you but snails are snails, regardless oif what language they speak. I will try anything ONCE and reserve the right to never east it again. But, I love you and that’s all that counts. Plus, I’m jealous of the MAC makeup since I wear Ulta and am yucky. Best, me.

  46. You look so beautiful! Love the make up.:) Lola is a doll with or without her hair brushed.

  47. What fun. Nothing better than new make-up and lunch out. I like the make-up on you…yes, very natural.

  48. That Cannoli looks AH-mazing!

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