mommy is in time out

I decided i needed my own time-out corner….since every once in a while….i get in a bit of trouble.

Like yesterday….when a {good looking} plumber showed up to fix my kitchen sink……

and he caught me staring at his tush.

It was totally NOT my fault……i was just looking at his designer jeans….


Anyhoo……this is where i’ll be for the next hour or so….

in my time-out corner.


  1. Wish I could join you in the corner! Save some for me!

  2. You’re awesome. I want my own corner.

  3. ha, ha!! I LOVE the totally empty wine bottle. :o)

  4. What a riot! I ditto on the previous commenter, because I would like my own corner as well.
    Thank you very much;-)

  5. I recommend a long time out, with a good Pinot in hand. 😉

  6. My God! You are a genius. I am so sending myself to a time out!!

  7. How amusing that MOMMY has an empty bottle and a half full glass. Naughty gir.

  8. It actually looks pretty great in your corner!

  9. At least you have wine….good corner!

    Lou Cinda

  10. Wait! What the Hell kind of Tim out is that With a Bottle Of Wine!! Bad,Bad Mom!! I just Beg my family to Fire me from my Job, It hasn’t worked yet. Maybe I should try the Time Out in my room alone!! XO

  11. You’re on to something here! And, yes, any time I would need to put myself in the corner, a glass of wine would be the next thing I’d need! Oh, perhaps a little mirror to make sure no disasters happen behind your back!

  12. Looks like you could use a refill. Maybe you should put fine print on that chalkboard that reads: “Unless you have merlot and nothing to say.”

  13. Nothing wrong with taking a little peek – the trick is to not get caught! Just be glad he didn’t say “my eyes are up here!” LOL Thinking I need a time out with a nice glass of wine myself.

  14. This is why you are my number one read! No one would post something like this, but you.
    Love your “realness”!!!

  15. Is that wine bottle called Mommy’s time out?! LOL

  16. Now why didn’t I think of that?!! So funny:)

  17. SO glad you’ve got that nice glass of wine with you in that naughty corner, Kasey 🙂

  18. I’ll join you.

  19. love that your time out corner has a bottle of wine and a full wine glass!! Would be naughty ever so often just to spend time there!! LOL! 🙂 and..really now…were you really THAT naughty? I mean….appreciating a good pair of jeans is NO crime!

  20. Love it !! I think every mommy needs a time out corner!! ~Happy New Year~

  21. The punishment fits the crime. Cheers!

  22. You are too funny!

  23. Can’t fault a girl for looking. I do wish I was in time out in your corner right now!

  24. haha! i looove this! I think i need a ‘time out corner’ sometimes 😉


  25. Kasey,
    You are so freaking hi-lar-ious!!! I really needed a laugh right now, and I’m thinking I too, need a time out corner!!

  26. Lori Ryan says:

    oh geesh, your KILLING me! 🙂

  27. my hubby is a plumber and i can relate….i watch him fix the sink while i drink a glass of wine! great post!!

  28. Can I come ?

  29. Naww Poor Mr. B.
    I think I want to go into time out too if it looks like that! hehe

  30. Love it! I wouldn’t mind being put in a corner of there is wine!

    Did he over charge? Designer jeans and all…

  31. get me to a timeout corner..with a bottle of wine too.

  32. You’re so silly. But I love you. :o) Now go and sit in your corner… lol…

  33. time out corner, you gotta booze it or lose it.

  34. LOL!!!! too funny.. ;)Rachel

  35. That is so great. Who took the picture?

  36. I love that your time out corner also includes a glass of wine. I need to remember that the next time one of my kids tells me to go to time-out ;).

  37. I wish I could go to time out every time I did something naughty. Maybe I would learn a few tricks from my kids and become as naughty as them so I could be in time out ALL day 🙂 P.S. when I went to check who won your giveaway, I totally got excited thinking it was me cuz I saw a big K and a big B only to realize it was your name and we have the same initials…boohoo! Maybe next time.

  38. What an inspiring idea! I shall have my own time out as well. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Kasey…I REALLY like this! I like it even more because you get to drink vino in your time out! We’ve got to hang out someday if you’re ever back in Castle Rock! HUGS! ~Destiny

  40. What a great plan! Just off to set up my own naughty corner ………

  41. You are so, so funny. You make me smile everytime i read your posts.
    Designer jeans….yeah right :))


  42. Dear Kasey,
    I wish you and your family all the best for 2011, good health and fun!
    Glad I found your blog,
    Maureen x

  43. thank you for this fun laugh:)

    I think I need a time out corner right now and the kiddos aren’t even up:) {chuckle}
    very very cute…and that is exactly how I would do my time-out corner…prestocked with things I would need since the rule here is nothing in time-out

  44. Love your time out corner – since it includes a glass of wine not sure how much punishment is really being inflicted. LOL

  45. I’d stay in your time-out corner any time–lovely spot! And I see that glass of wine there–you’re not kidding us! Hahaaa. Cin-cin!

  46. Oh, lucky girl! A hot plumber with a great tush and a bottle of wine! Some girls have all the luck…

    I want a corner!

  47. YOu are a hoot! Love this idea and I will be stealing it.
    Love the empty wine bottle.

  48. I like the time out corner with a glass of wine!

  49. Next time, I’ll be naughty too!

  50. Love this. I guess I need one, too!

    Amy 🙂

  51. That is just too funny! Love it.

  52. So funny….I wish you were my neighbor I would join you for a glass of MOMMY’S TIME OUT-good stuff !!!

  53. Love it! I think we all need one of those corners from time to time, especially with a glass of wine to pass the time 🙂

  54. Id say it was worth a peek. I see a glass of wine near by. A beautiful view and is that a BOX OF CHOCOLATE YOUR SITTING ON????
    Happy New YEar!!!

  55. can I join you in time out? I am really bad.
    But I will bring a bottle of wine.
    I see your time out bottle is empty.

  56. Best idea I have seen in blogland !!
    Love it!

  57. You Rock.

  58. Nancy Brenton says:

    I really love this idea, and I think I will be implementing your clever idea right now!

  59. my silly friend
    hope you learned your lesson
    no more flirting with hot plumbers
    or atleast no more telling about it! 🙂

  60. You are a hoot!

  61. his “plumber`s crack”– that what you were looking at?? 🙂

  62. Alright…pretty funny. But even funnier when I saw the bottle and the glass of red. Thats not a real time out girl!

  63. love it!

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