Heading to Rehab…

I just wanted to let you know that this weekend i’ll be checking myself into Rehab* in Central California.

Don’t panic…or worry about me…please.

My husband and kids sat me down and we all decided it was in my best interest….

or was it i sat them down and decided it was in my best interest?

Anyhoo…..the meeting went really well if i do say so myself.

But…if you do happen to see me out and about at a winery…then please don’t say anything…

or you can…it’s up to you.

I realize that most Rehabs have their own 12 step program which must be followed……

but i found this one to much better suit my needs.

*rehab stand for…

Really enchanting house at beach.


  1. sounds wonderful!! have fun~ Rachel 😉

  2. fabulous! the first step is admitting you have a problem. ha!
    ps: I bought boots at anthro and thought of you – is that weird?

  3. Ahhh…..northern California’s coast!! L-O-V-E it!! I particularly relish trips to the Monterey area, including the quaint village of Carmel….been there, done that, including two times last year!

    Sounds like you’re going to have LOTS of fun!

  4. Sounds awesome! Have a BLAST!

  5. Kasey~I think you really should take a few extra days in rehab, just to make sure you get it. A few extra days to sleep in will do you wonders.~Cheers Kim

  6. Kasey..
    May I join you?
    this sounds heavenly..
    but I don’t drink..
    and I don’t have kids..
    I only speak in adult language..
    (not counting Feline speak)..
    but I really am a great driver..
    I can be the designated one..
    the one who pulls over for scenic vistas..
    we both take infinite numbers of fantastic photos..
    and then while you sleep soundly..
    in the master suite…
    I’ll be entertaining th kiddos…
    I’ll meet you at the rental car place..
    can’t wait!!!
    warmest hugs..
    laughing smiles too!

  7. Just brilliant! Sign me up for some of that rehab! x

  8. Have fun Kasey . . . But not to much fun 😉

  9. Wait. Take me!

  10. You are coming at the right time. It just got sunny this week after two weeks of fog. Have a beautiful time. We will be at the Sonoma Coast next week. ox

  11. Ah. I have wonderful memories of trips to that area a lifetime ago.

    This was the year my husband and I were going to take a year off to move to SF and just enjoy life. But then life got in the way. I think we need to reassess our goals.

    Enjoy your trip.

  12. You lucky girl! Have a great time. Big Sur is just beautiful. Enjoy!

  13. So jealous……. Hwy 1 is breathtaking !!! Enjoy!

  14. Oh my, I like your version of rehab, deary! Sign me up!

  15. Sounds like the best kind of rehab there is! Have fun… 🙂

  16. Jealous!

  17. If you get tired of the ocean (ha, yeah right)… just take a short drive inland to Lodi. We have plenty of wine. I would be happy to show you around.

  18. Hey, you had me going there for a second. Thanks for the laugh, and I don’t mind telling you I’m a little jealous that you are in a beach house in lovely California. Enjoy!

  19. Lucky you! Have a fab time!
    Take lots of piccies of course and share! 🙂

  20. Have fun! I think rehab should be a recquired quarterly event for all moms! Enjoy!

  21. Ha ha. I really need to go to that rehab! 🙂

  22. Enjoy!! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  23. that is my kind of rehab!! Have fun! thecoolkidsblog.com

  24. Rehab sounds perfect to me!

  25. HA HA HA! ENJOY!!!

  26. Sounds great to me! Hope you have a great and relaxing time!

  27. I don’t even have any kids, but would love to go to rehab!

  28. Is this for real?! Ih man! You make my efforts to scrounge as many pennies as possible so I hopefully drive to cold Minnesota for a vacation sound pathetic.

  29. I’m from the Monterey area, so may I suggest that you add a famous Ambrosia Burger (WITH cheese and famous Nepenthe fries) to your glass of wine? I’ll be right around the corner from you! Enjoy <3

  30. Ohhhhhh. I think I need rehab too…

  31. This sounds lovely! Enjoy yourself!

  32. Oh I love it…your type of rehab sounds wonderfully relaxing! Have a fun time:) Safe travels…

  33. If you are in the Paso Robles winw area during your rehab – stop by and wine taste at Proulx Winery on Vineyard Drive. We have great wine and you would love to see our farm (100 year old farm house, barn and darling mini horses. perfect way to enjoy the central coast!

  34. sounds wonderful!

  35. Christie McGetrick says:

    Sounds wonderful – have a good time.

  36. hello Kasey Buick…
    i really like your new header …
    i’m really jealous of your little trip…
    i spent my honeymoon in Northern California…
    drunk on love and too much wine…
    although you can never have too much wine.
    or too much love for that matter.

  37. one word. AWESOME. u lucky girl.

  38. Kasey, have a WONDERFUL TIME! I live in the Los Gatos area and our temps are supposed to be in the 70’s this weekend so your weather should be PERFECT! Please have a glass of white wine for me while you’re at Nepenthe…that whole area really is Gods country! OH! and please build a sand castle for me while you’re enjoying your wine, sitting on the beach watching the sunset!

  39. Enjoy! It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend out here in CA.

  40. Thatta girl. Im all for the rehab. Those 12 steps will be wobbly after repeating steps 10-14 😉
    Do me a favor dahling….have some triple berry pie at Nepenthe for me, k?! Havnt had it in ages….. and be sure to have a few of their appetizers. They are all divine. Especially the garlic one 😉


  41. that is my kind of rehab! enjoy!

  42. Jealous. Really, really, really, Jealous!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just hanging here in Boston shovelling lots and lots of snow.

  43. So happy for you, I need to go to rehab real bad 😉 I hope you post a thousand pictures if your stay at rehab!

  44. evidently you inadvertantly left off #16….take me with you….you need a mature, experienced wine chaperone….


  45. Sounds divine.

    Even though I don’t technically have kids yet (unless we want to count the little peanut growing inside me right now), a getaway sounds like perfection. I need time away from work, stress and the busyness of life!

    Enjoy every minute, lovely.

    PS: I went on a tour at Hearst Castle once and it truly takes you to another time and place. I couldn’t get enough! It’s insanely beautiful.

  46. Awesome post. Hope you have a great time!

  47. I am so sorry I missed you – my husband thought you and your friends were the best! I do have to tell you, the first time I saw your blog was two days ago. I was so overwhelmed by your photo wall – my daughter and I just finished up her wall today – that’s why I wasn’t home..argh… Have a lovely weekend….I hope we meet another day…

  48. Lucky you! Nice timing to pick the coldest weekend of winter (so far) to go to California! I took you seriously about the Rehab thing, silly me, way to turn it into something funny (as usual). Enjoy the warm weather and wine!

  49. Have a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying the peace. By the way, love that photo of finn {did I spell that right?} on your header. He is the most darling boy ever.

  50. Awesome! Enjoy your rehab stay even though this is one you probably will not want to check out of. I think I need a rehab stay. I will talk with my family… lol.


    PS the sunset picture was beautiful.

  51. thank you for clarifying that! that is super cute!

  52. So glad our weather is perfect for your rehab trip. I haven’t been to Nepenthe in years, and now that you’ve reminded me of it, I’ve put it on the top of the to-do list. Enjoy!!

  53. Please so a stop by to Petit Soleil in San Luis Obispo! We could say it is a bit Betty Ford -ish as we only do wine tasting from 5 -6:30p…plus we can point you to some fave wineries with cards for free tastings!
    Nepenthe does rock and it is about 65 degrees in CA this week – If you go to Carmel, go to Yappy Hour at Cypress Inn – dogs not kids
    Personally, I am glad you have intervention – I was worried!

  54. Your going to one of my very favorite places!!!
    If you drive 6 hours south I”ll have another glass of wine waiting for you!
    Have fun!

  55. 🙂 HAPPY RE-Hab.

  56. I hope you had a fabulous time…sounds like a blast…I couldn’t comment from my phone when I was gone…it wouldn’t let me for some reason…but I love, love, love your family pictures framed and how great your wall looks on your staircase:)
    can’t wait to hear all about your trip

  57. Oooohhhh you are making me homesick (I grew up in Carmel). If you are staying in Carmel, go to the Forge in the Forest at night. You can sit outside by a cozy fireplace and drink hot drinks. The atmosphere is like no other! Have fun♥

  58. Hilarious! Enjoy!!!

  59. I need to go to rehab too! I think you have just summed up the dream holiday for most mothers – fantastic!! I hope you had a lovely time and don’t relapse too soon!!!! lgxx

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