From farm to house

This year i had a vision.

Instead of us all piling in the good ole mini {van}…and driving over to the closest Lowe’s to look

at trees…i though we could all maybe…just maybe…drive up to a little farm and find us a tree that way.

It’s the way most of my friends who have been born and raised here in Illinois do it.

I want to be a part of that….the whole…it’s a yearly tradition thing…instead of going to Lowe’s.

Not that Lowe’s is not tree worthy….nope…not at all…because for the last 3 years…our trees from Lowe’s

have been really good in fact.

But this year….i wanted different.

So Bryan said to me like any good husband would say…..

Is this going to cost me $100 just to get our tree from a farm because you want the experience?

Isn’t that photo above worth every single penny?

I bet you can’t get a photo like that at Lowe’s.

So on Sunday…we headed west…then a bit north…and found a really sweet place called Lee’s Trees.

My friend told me all about this place…as they had been coming for the last few years themselves….

so the family and i piled into our 1982 Jeep Wagoneer …


cough cough…

i mean we all piled into the mini {van} and found ourselves at the tree farm.

I am so glad that the kids wore there winter gear…because it was freezing out.

We wandered around the farm….deciding if we should cut our own tree down or pick one out from the lot

of ready to go trees.

It didn’t take us long before we couldn’t decide and headed in the barn for some fresh baked cookies

and hot cocoa for the kids.

Last time i checked…..Lowe’s wasn’t offering that to the kids.

That’s what i made sure to tell Bryan as he poured himself an extra cup of cocoa.

Then one of the girls that worked in the barn got us all together to take our photo in front of our newly

not chopped down but rather picked out from the lot tree.

She told us to look out for our photo next year on their bulletin board when we return for another tree.

Last time i checked….Lowe’s wasn’t offering photo services either.

I made sure to mention that to Bryan.

After they shook the tree out …

i guess to make sure there were no squirrels living in it…

{i guess i have visions of The Griswold’s tree }

then they tied up the tree on top of our car for us.


We didn’t even have to bring our own rope or anything.

Last time i checked….Lowe’s wasn’t offering tree tying on the top of the car for you services.

I didn’t even have to let Bryan know….he got it….

and we left the tree farm…with our bellies full of hot cocoa and cookies…

and only having paid $50 for out tree from the tree farm.


but our fingers were it was a little but hard to hold the cup.

I now introduce you to……

the tree!

But first let me interject here for a minute and say that i really begged…

and i mean…begged my kids this year to please let mommy have a tree with just lights.

I really didn’t want the dollar store crap on the tree….or the disco ornaments that somehow ended up in the box.

I didn’t want the wooden teddy bears …or the plastic balls filled with glitter and glue.

Then Bryan told me ….that the tree isn’t about me…it’s about them.

So..i said…damn….maybe this year it could be about me.

I’m just asking for one year…that’s all…just one.

Guess this year wasn’t my year.

All is good though….because deep down…

and i mean deep.. people…like digging to the center of the earth deep…

i really do like wooden teddy bears and disco balls…

and a random red ornament that Fin had to stick on top of the tree instead of a star.

I introduce you to….

The Buick Family Tree…..

So…today…as i sit here on the sofa…watching the multi colored disco balls swirl round and round…

and see the painted faces of the wooden teddy bears staring at me and thanking me because

they were saved from the dollar store from someone and sent to live with us…

i decided i might as well eat a salted caramel cupcake from Trader Joe’s.

Like i said…i am not going all out this year with decorations….

unlike the tree….

i kept it very simple.

I found these amazing old terra cotta planters at the flea market last weekend…and piled them high..

then stuck a few pine cones on them.

That is my mantel….nothing much.

And this has nothing at all to do with Holiday decorating…but i found this old tripod at the Flea Market

…..and she works…and fits my camera to a T.

I’ve been really wanting an old Tripod…and almost asked Santa for one this year…

but lucked out when i was at the Flea.

No need to sit on Santa’s lap now.


Except if i want to talk to Santa about that wagoneer….

i might have to sit on his lap for that one.

I’ll let you know how it goes….till then though…i’m going to have another cupcake.


Updated to add that the coat i am wearing is from was just marked down two weeks ago.


  1. Gorgeous tree! We typically do the same, but chose to go with the faux tree this year. (new puupy 🙂

  2. We used to go out to the tree farm when my daughter was a kidlet…. Haven’t done it for years now, but the memories were so sweet….It’s really all about the feelings and memories, isn’t it.. Your kids are too cute.

    Warm blessings,

  3. I love your tree! (and your tripod!!)

    I may just need to swing by trader joe’s on my way home tonight- that looks YUMMY!

  4. Wow !! what an experience with the christmas tree I wish we had down here in houston, but we dont even get snow. We go to Lowe’s haha to get our tree!! Why a Red ball instead of an angel???

  5. First of all, fab coat!
    Second of all, your tree is gorgeous!
    Third, you are hilarious!
    Fourth, love that tri-pod!

  6. What a great story! They are fresh out of sleigh’s at Lowe’s. I wanted to get my tree today but as The Husband is away, I’d be driving all over the south side with it strapped to my roof for days.

    You picked a great tree and your mantel looks good!


  7. You are hilarious! I loved hearing about the tree farm and the ” I told you so’s” . Your tree looks fabulous and I am in love with your coat!
    Happy Holidays,

  8. Love the tree and the adventure that went with it. Lovely and simple.

  9. Your tree is gorgeous!
    I think this year is the first year I have a “grown up” tree 🙂
    My in-laws just left, they are from IL, they laughed that we went to Home Depot to get our tree and not a tree farm.
    I do remember going to the tree farm as a little girl and to this day they are wonderful memories!
    Merry Christmas to you!

  10. I love that the place has hot cocoa & cookies AND they put the tree on top of the car too:) Love that!

    Your tree i very cute. I love the shape of it and I think that you might have to do more than sit on santa’s lap for that Wagoneer;-)

  11. At the rate i’m going it looks like my kiddos will be so happy just to have a tree!! heeheee good grief i’m in a snow globe or something…. i can not get my deck the halls groove going…. but my shopping is done and i say thats better then decorating!!!!
    darling tree and cuddos to you for digging deep down…i bought my kiddos their own tree to hang their stuff on so i can have my tree 🙂

  12. Love your “Christmas tree” story! Where abouts do you live? I live in Northern Illinois and I know of a Lee’s Tree’s just south of us off of Rt. 47 in Lily Lake, Ill. I have family in Sandwich, Naperville, Lisle, Bolingbrook and Algonquin…
    I really enjoy your blog! Your flea market finds are great! I LOVE the tripod… I need one for my camera.

  13. Your tree is adorable. I actually love all your decor! Your home looks so inviting and cozy.

  14. it’s just gone 6 in the morning here and and your blog has set me up for the day – thank you again for my daily dose of happiness !

  15. Kasey…like you, I love just lights on a tree. And like you, we will put ornaments on our tree, and we’ve done so for all the 36 years we’ve been married. But I get my fix of tree + white lights by having little trees around the house with only lights…one by the fireplace, one in another corner and I’m about to add one to our master bdrm. I think it’s cool and we keep the little trees up until the end of Jan. They’re our “winter” trees.

  16. you kill me! i love our family christmas tree with all the handmade ornaments, kids’ faces and pretty glass ornaments, but i also have just a little tree with lights on my desk in the kitchen and in my bedrom. maybe next year you could put little trees in the kids’ bedrooms with all their ornaments that they like (i do this) and then you could have your tree with only lights. just for one year….anyway, thanks as always for making me laugh!! ps — went to bien trucha the other day. fantastic!!!!!!!

  17. I love you real you are when you write.
    We have a fakeroo tree but this year I begged my hubby to
    please take me to get a real one.
    I love it to pieces. I’ll never go back to fake!
    Your tree is gorgeous and I applaud you for giving in to the Kid ornaments this year.
    I had to also;-)

  18. More photos of you home please!!!

  19. Im with Melanie. Im thinking Santa might like his beard tickled for a Wagoneer. 🙂 Cute tree. My kids like controle of the tree too. I figure I have only a few more years before it’s all mine and Im guessing I will miss the tree as it is now..
    Sweet tree and great memories you and Brian made with the kids.

  20. Love how you tell a story! Where did you get your cute coat?

  21. Your tree is a beauty Kasey and you captured some incredible photos!
    Ho, ho, ho~

  22. NOTHING beats the experience and you are so blessed that you dont have to bend your hubs arm too hard to get it {cept that Wagoneer} After all- it is really about the kids for now…then you will have ‘your’ years…then it will be about the grandkids. Just the way it goes. But would we want it any differently really?

    Your tree is darling…your children are beautiful and your hub…well he gets bonus points because it APPEARS he lets you have a voice {hmmmm} and a bit of reign and that is oh…soo….good.

    Keep on keepin on Kasey. You still make my day just about every single day.


  23. Love this post! I’m in Illinois too, this is our second winter here (originally from Georgia). This really make me want to get a real tree instead of hauling out the fake one!

  24. awwww friend, i love your family moment at the frozen tree farm!!
    & yay you & your random red ornament topped tree
    you rock
    ps–salted caramel cupcakes at TJ? who knew

  25. Love it!! looks so cozy!! Hugs, Rachel 😉

  26. I love the story as always! But….I need that coat. Where can I find? Don’t worry I live in Cali, we’ll never be at the same place wearing the same coat. Haa!! Unless it gets cold sometime in San Diego. Hehe

  27. I solved my tree problem by giving the kids their own tree with lots of colored lights and toys on it in their playroom and I have my own “department store looking” tree in my living room. Win/Win.
    I agree with everyone – that coat is awesome.

  28. Funny, because of course I was going to ask you where the coat is from. It is DARLING!

    I miss going to a tree farm to cut down a Christmas tree..that’s how we did it in Massachusetts. Here in Utah, we drive to a tree lot…luckily it is a great little tree lot…that does offer hot chocolate and cookies…and does tie your tree to the top of the car for you…but they don’t take our photo…

    And you know what, your tree looks great. And it is about the kids. You rock, my dear.

    I have another one of those burning “what should I do” questions for you. I’ll have to call…if you don’t hear from me, give me a buzz. 😉

  29. Oh, I loved this post! 🙂 We started going to a tree farm with my laws six years ago, the year we got married. Now we have two children of our own, and I love this tradition! Your tree looks fabulous, by the way!

  30. Funny. I was wondering if you had a shot of Brian’s face in all this. So hilarious. Love that pretty tree, and you know coming from me 10 cheers for letting your kids decorate it! It’s what it’s all about!

  31. Why don’t we have tree farms like that in Kent????!! I would love it. And the kids. And Ian.
    You know, I keep thinking that maybe we should move to the States. There are so many cool things – like the tree farm – around there!!
    Your tree looks lovely by the way. I like it all messy and colourful. That’s what ours is going to be like. I think we might even get it tomorrow. From a boring old shop. Ugh.
    And I love your home. Lovely taste you have.

  32. Beautiful tree…and what a fun experience you & the family had to get it:)

  33. Kristasta says:

    just loved this post and like a few others …also love your outfit… I’m curious about your hat … I love, love it! Where can I find it?!

  34. Great tree & I love the farm! We have a thing were you buy a permit & cut down your own tree, I keep thinking we will do it one day!

    I saw the pic of the coat & thought what a totally cute coat, I bet she got it at Anthro! *lol*

  35. So lovely! I figured the coat was Antro, what I really want to know is what action you are using with your photos. They always have such a pretty glow 🙂

  36. That cupcake looks delicious, your home beautiful as always – and I almost bought that coat. I used restraint and left it! It’s so adorable. Great choice.

  37. Sweet!

    Happy Christmastime, Kasey!

    : )

    Julie M.

  38. Ahhh Kasey you crack me up. Our tree was a lowes tree this year, but after seeing all your photos I can promise next year I will also seek out the more adventurous way :+)

    PS: an earlier note on the songs you posted have you ever listened to Death Cab for Cutie (I will follow you into the dark is my favorite song) and Ben Folds (Favorite song: The Luckiest).

  39. My mom just always had two trees, the hidden away kids’ tree with all of the cheap ornaments, it was usually upstairs. And the pretty tree that she kept in the living room where people would actually see it.

  40. We have our tree up now too! :))
    (on the blog)

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