whats up buttercup

I was looking at my shoe collection and came to the conclusion that i own toooo many

pairs of yellow and mustard color ones. I give myself permission to go out and diversify.

A girl needs diversity in her life don’t you think?

Thank you….i knew i could count on you to bring me to my senses.

As i was lining up my shoes…i peeked up to my bookcase that’s sits in my room and

saw this photo of my kids from way back when.

Mason was five….and Lola was probably three..almost 4.

They loved each other back then.

They actually hugged.

They might have even talked to each other that day.

I don’t know what happened…but i miss that.

They can’t even look at each other now without getting into an argument.

My nose is so much better…thank you for asking.

Or maybe you didn’t…..but i’m going to show you anyways…..

and i want to thank the reader who suggested i use tea tree oil on it..because that seemed to

do the trick….so thank you very much….

my husband thanks you also….because now i don’t have to amputate my nose.

Not that girls without noses aren’t pretty….its just that he would much rather

have a girl that has a healthy nose.I splurged on a new jacket yesterday…..

i couldn’t help it. I had only decided last minute to just pop into T.J. Maxx to see

if i could find some new hats….when low and behold….this jacket was sitting there.

I think it looks very Sherlock Holmes……

and i now need to solve a mystery….but in order to solve a mystery…

i might need some new shoes to go with the jacket.


and yes…those are piles of pillows sitting on that chair in the corner.

Piles tend to sit in corners of my house for weeks….

and i’m okay with it.


Have you all seen the new Anthro catalog?

I just got it yesterday…and it’s the best one so far.

I consider those catalogs works of art…..and keep them forever.

I have oodles of old catalogs…and have them stacked here on my dressing table.

I mean……

you never know if one day…bryan might decide to open one and say to me…

Kasey…go ahead….pick out anything you want.

You never know….so that is why i keep them around.

I might even go on a shopping spree today with the check i got in the mail yesterday…..

I started November with a new goal. I mean….we could all have a goal now and then…

so with mine…i decided to do my own version of the 30 day challenge.

I’ve been to the gym the last few days and hope to continue going every single day…

even though for those of you that were wondering about that 5 day boot camp crawl thing.

I decided my sleep was more important…and no need to get up and 515 in the morning…when

i can just head to the gym at 9.

So….that is my goal for this month…..and i will do my best to keep on track while i’m in

California the end of the month. It’s still warm there….and there is water in California…

so you might see me swimming…or at least sitting in a swimsuit…so that counts as exercise..

at least for me….it’s hard work getting a swim suit on.

Anyhoo….enough about exercising.

Did you know that Trader Joe’s has the best oatmeal EVER? It’s in the frozen section…

and it’s called Steel Cut oats…and there are two single servings in each box.

That is ……if you like oatmeal. I like it. I even crumbled some snickers bars on there the other day

but i do not recommend that for the rest of you.

Oatmeal has a lot of fiber also….in case any of needed that bit of information.

If you happen to have a cup of coffee in your hand….or it’s 5 O’clock somewhere for you and

you have your glass of wine in hand….

I would LOVE it if you would come visit me at a few different places today.

I’ve guest posted over at the Flea Market Style blog {here}


I was interviewed over at Cobblestone Rue {here}.




  1. Kasey,
    If you are interested in donating some of those beautifully worn shoes I am doing a shoe drive for the organization “Stuff for the Poor.” It is a wonderful organization that you should check out in your spare time, when you have a moment. http://www.stuffforthepoor.org
    The drive will take place at the West Chicago Starbucks on Thursday from 630-830PM. In addition we are hosting a Coffee House for the WA Students in support of their MOYO project. These young students are raising money to build a school in Africa so I figured we would kill two birds with one stone.
    I am sure if you have any questions Whitney can fill you in.
    Thank you for your time and posts!
    All good things,
    Brandi (Whitney’s boss and friend)

  2. I absolutely LOVE coming here every single day.
    You are the best.

  3. I adore you! I love that you can be real…own your *messes*, but not apologize for them. I should work on that. My house is pig pin right now, but if anybody rang the doorbell I would act like it was an absolute fluke that they stopped by on the ONE day that my house was out of control {my house is out of control E.V.E.R.Y. day}.

  4. I collect my Anthropologie mags as well. Great minds think alike. What an adorable photogrpah of your kids, so sweet.
    Off to visit your guest posts.

  5. Donate those shoes to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll take them.

  6. Oh thank you for keeping it real…love the daily doses of life you give us:) Fabulous coat! I’ve already popped over to Flea Market Style to see you there:)

  7. Here I am dear friend. Love to new coat – you could wear it when you come visit me to sit on my couch, drink wine and make me laugh!

    I assume you are on your way to the gym…

  8. love the coat and the hat too!
    i made a promise to start exercising this month too but have yet too unless bathing my pups counts.
    i plan to rearrange my whole living and dining area so that counts too i guess.
    we do not have an anthro here so i have to live vicaiously through their catalogs too.
    i loved the show about the anthro shopping trips!!!
    wish i woulda tivo’ed it…
    have fun shoe shopping!!
    love the pic of the kiddos…time flies…

  9. Awesome guest posts. I always love learning just a bit more about you.
    You are fabulous.

  10. I love those shoes and you better not donate those girls.
    So glad you didn’t have to amputate!!!

  11. You are the best and how I love your random posts.
    I agree, you need some new shoes.
    Send me your used ones.
    Off to read your guest spot.

  12. oh, my, i am so glad i just found you via a tweet from melissa michaels. we should probably be friends now, because the whole random thought strain and all the dot dot dots… i love them… also i love oatmeal, although i usually drive thru for it and i have never added snickers to it. but now i will…. one day i hope to walk into TJ maxx looking for a hat and walk out with a sherlock holmes jacket. I just love interesting jackets, but come to think of it, i only have 1 of them… so that’s not very interesting at all!

    good luck on the 30 day challenge. i think i am going to start a sleep challenge, and i am being honest here- challenging myself to go to bed by midnight every night in november. that might make me just as skinny. and also, if i sleep more, i will definitely lose the bags under my eyes, which weigh at least 4 oz each. that’s half a pound.

    will you be my friend? 🙂


  13. I love the mustard colored shoes. I would choose red shoes to wear with the new coat, but that’s just me. I like it when my shoes aren’t matchy-matchy.

    Although, I also like the idea of the plum colored ones from above. Very nice.

    Love your blog!

  14. Cobblestone Rue won’t let me leave a comment!
    LOVE that jacket!
    I thought you took your nose jewel out… Apparently we can talk twice in one day and I still don’t know everything….

  15. I’m in love with your coat, your hat, and especially your shoes. Oh, the shoes! Mustard yellow is my current obsession, so feel free to pack those babies up and send them my way 🙂

  16. Oh! And I got the most recent Anthro catalog yesterday too, but I haven’t had the nerve to look at it yet. I know I’ll just long for things I can’t afford. So sad.

  17. Um, WHY have I never thought about mustard color shoes? I end up with red. Or gray. But not yellow. Now I’m going to be on the hunt for yellow. Maybe I don’t have yellow because of where I live, rainy days makes yellow look dirty. But, on a sunny day? Yellow would be so wonderful.

    I love your jacket too…perfect for my CSI project.

    I also love that I can comment freely here. I might come back later and leave a few more comments.

  18. I NEVER want to hear a woman say she has WAY TOOOOO MANY SHOES!!!! You HAVE to have one color in many styles, otherwise it gets boring…..LOL
    Your new coat looks lovely, very english!


  19. Love the jacket! You look stylin’! Mason and Lola are so adorable in that pic. They really do grow up to quickly. Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll love each other next week and then hate each other again the next.:) It’s just the way it goes.

  20. Would this be a good time to confess that I save all of their catalogs too?

  21. Where will you be in California? I’m in Central California…would LOVE to meet up! Let me know!


  22. i received a check for 1.60 the other day. when i saw the back side of it and read the words “refund” , i about danced since getting unexpected refunds is super fun. then i turned it over and said “it figures” since most of my unexpected refunds these past few years have been ridiculous to say the least. but you’ve got me beat with that shiny penny. you should go to a fountain straight away and chuck it in.

    here is a little bit of info for your fitness endeavor… “fun food” does not count after a really good weight training session. and by fun food, i mean whatever turns your parasol (cookies, chips, etc.) the only rules are, the workout must be a good one (at least 20 minutes and works your muscles very well) , and you can’t go overboard (this is not a pass to eat a giant pie, not that you would, but i like saying that sentence) it’s just a regular serving of your fun food.

    this helped me a lot because it was something to look forward to after i got my butt kicked in the gym and it took the edge off of all the “forbidden” stuff.

    best wishes! xx

  23. you could be a big spender with that cheque!

  24. I have been trying to exercise too. I started when the school year began. I walk an hour a day…that is it. I mean of course that I do hard walks with hills blah blah. I walk outside to keep it more interesting…wouldn’t want to miss those rainy Pacific Northwest days! I really don’t stick to going to the gym. So I am two months in…it is going very well and my metabolism seems to have been given a jump start…so I can have Halloween candy everyday! Right??!!


  25. I love this! I look forward to hearing what you have to say everyday —– you remind me so much of my daughter –you could do the shoe thing and the anthro thing together — 2 minds with the same loves…………..

    I love hearing about your kids and love their names –haven’t heard Lola ever —(and I’m an elementary school principal!)

  26. forgot your little button nose had issues…glad its all better.
    love the jacket.
    love their oatmeal.
    feel like chicago here today. cold & rainy. but there’s no kasey down the street to go hang out with once the kiddos head to school 🙁

  27. I love love love love loooooove your shoes!!! Since I read the post, I’ve been on Ebay trying to hunt some down, with no luck :(((!!
    I especially adore the two middle ones. What make are they?
    You should so keep them. But hey, if you reeeeeeeaaaaaaaally must get rid of them… I’m always just a post box away 😉

  28. LOVE the jacket! Too cute!

  29. Oh and you really got a check for one cent??!! Weird. haha

  30. You are a beautiful writer. I love to read every single word you write.

    I love the jacket too:)

  31. just found your blog. these are amazing photos! I’d love to link this

  32. Well then, with Ochre being my favorite color, if you’ve got too many you can always send a pair across the street…shoot, we dont’ wear the same size. And, I bet your not given them up.

  33. Hey Kasey….please tell me more about the tea tree oil for the piercing….I got my nose pierced about 6 weeks ago and I’m still having issues….so, not wanting to lose a nostril…I thought I would ask you what your friend shared with you 🙂

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