I might have a problem

I don’t know about you ….but i overdosed on kit kat last night and right now at this

very minute …i am laying in bed with a cold sweat and the shakes.

I’ve asked my kids to please find me a reese’s peanut butter cup to take the sting off.

I’ll let you know if it works…but as of right now…i’m not sure i will make it thru the day.

My eyelids are twitching….my palms are sweating…and my voice is scratchy.

I kept telling bryan that ….


but apparently…i do.

hello…my name is Kasey…and i love sugar.

i love kit kats…i love reese’s…and i go nuts over snickers bars.

That is why…the day after halloween…every year….

my kids pick their FIVE favorite pieces of candy that they would like to keep…

and they throw the rest in a bag…and we donate it.

Really…it’s for their own good.

In exchange for them giving up the candy…they get to pick out a toy of their choice

at Target…and in the big toy section….not just the dollar section.

{reasonable choice}

It’s really up to them….whether they keep their candy or give it up…

but it seems to work every year.

{chances are..if they keep their candy…momma will be helping them eat it}

I feel like the price i pay for the toy saves us the price i would pay at the dentist with

cavaties or at the doctor because the kids have diarrhea from overdosing on butterfingers.

 We’ve lived in our house just over three years now…and for the last three

years we have gone out candy collecting with our neighbors. Up one street..there

is this sweet lady who takes the kids photos every year and then the next Halloween she

posts them outside her door so the kids have to find them.

Only in the Midwest would you find such a sweet thing like this done.

She loves seeing the kids every year.

Of course…last year…my boys were white ninjas and lola was a witch.

This year my boys were black ninjas and lola was a witch.

This year….momma is sitting in bed…because she can’t handle her sugar….

but chances are…i’ll be the first one at Target this morning when they open the doors

because all the Halloween stuff is clearanced out.

Please pull me aside if you see me.

I beg you.



  1. Allison M says:

    Those damn snickers bars.
    I still have the shakes.

  2. *Licking my fingers* after polishing off two reeses for breakfast… I DO NOT have a problem… unless I run out :+)

  3. Your troop looks SO cute… glad to hear you had a great sugar filed halloween! My son took a WRITTEN account of all of his candy so he would know if any was taken… 14 reese cups, 10 kitkats… so on and so on… hilarious.

    Hope you are getting your fix! xo Heather

  4. Funny!!!

  5. Great Halloween pics! And I love sugar too…. I’m allergic to chocolate (EEEKS) but I make up for it with skittles and starburst and sour patch kids. I’m surprised I still have teeth actually.

  6. it was a good time! you sugar addict, you! i hope you are not really sick….are you gonna do your trade with the kids and candy this year?

  7. Happy November 1st!!
    I will have to steal that idea about the candy because we came home with BAGS!

  8. Don’t go to Target. Seriously, don’t do it.

    I overdosed on Almond Joy – my favorite!


  9. The only thing that can be worse is if your dh insists (each year) that you give out full bars of candy…..we had a lot of snickers left over…darn it! Into my freezer they go, only to show up on my rear end in the coming months…..

  10. 🙂 I think women need sugar. It a tool to survive. Really…
    Im on the South B diet. Have been for just over a year and I cheet. No, I really cheet. When my family finds me in the pantry they know Im in a bad mood. Sugar makes me happy.. REALLY HAPPY..
    I get a weekly South B pointer e-mailed to me and this week it said DONT GO TO TARGET FOR HALLOWEEN DEALS… So I came here to see what you were doing instead….Now Im going to see what’s in the kids buckets…… Hey it’s better than going to Target..

  11. I have heard the Tootsie Rolls are the safest…least amount of sugar, fat, calories. I definitely O.D.ed on them last night.


  12. Reading your blog couldn’t have come at a better time- I’m feeling sick from eating four pieces of candy (2 snickers- 2 reese’s). My kids have off school today so I just negotiated Toy Story 3 for the rest of their candy (minus the 5 pieces). Deal done. Brilliant.

  13. You are better then me… i just slowly take their candy out of their bags they never remember how much they got … and save it for the holiday movie nights we have with friends,

  14. You’re a hoot! And now, I need to go to Target…let’s roll!

  15. Looks like halloween was good to you this year. I unfortunately only had one trick or treater who didn’t get nearly enough candy for my liking. Thankfully I have a few DOZEN sugar cookies left to keep my sugar levels up…

  16. They are soooo stinkin’ cute…we have so much candy….we have to donate it…because no way am I going to be stuck with it alone

  17. I am with you on the sugar thing. I love it too. Since this move, I have been under so much stress that I have eaten to make myself feel better but in reality, I only feel worse:( We are finally moving into the house this week and I hope to start dieting. I dread getting on that scale to see how much I have gained. My jeans tell me that it is more than 5 lbs! I am going to have the shakes coming off all the sweet tea that I have been drinking.

  18. Sugar shock here also.
    Love that photos girl…so sweet.

  19. Lindsey Bowman says:

    Hey! You think you have it bad… We live outside of Hershey, my kids go to Hershey School District! My kids had trick-or-treat on Thursday and I have been snacking on chocolate and other things for about 5 days now. I weighed the candy and sad enough we have 15 lbs. I think I have already gained 5 or 15… who knows.. what the heck. I would love to give you my blog address but sadly, I have been too busy eating candy and such to make a blog, heck, I just got to the profile part!!! Ok, So on your next post when I comment about how I went from 120 lbs, to about 150 lbs. I will have a bog address to post for you!

    Oh, and enjoy your candy, as I will be too!

  20. Hi Kasey,
    You are really funny! Love to read your blog!

  21. omg one of the things i love most about halloween is the candy sales the day AFTER. ugh torture. my thighs are already yelling at me!

  22. ha ha ha we were had a sugar hangover at our house today also.
    we did absolutely nothing…
    & loved every minute of it…

    p.s. love your blog.


  23. Ahhh you are a laugh! I recently found your blog at the suggestion of someone in Australia and I love it. We live in New Zealand so don’t have Halloween, which is probably a good thing otherwise I might be in the same boat 🙂

  24. just put it in the garbage. NOW. You can do it. I have faith in you.

  25. what a sweet little lady…i’ve never heard of anyone doing that.
    not going on down here in lilburn, i can tell ya that!

    always a treat to chat with you my friend xo

  26. I must be a lucky gal then I can eat alllll the sugar and candy I want and nothing happens! =)

  27. I made all the kids search (even the kids who are not related to me by blood haha) for butterfingers in their bags this year. Yum. Your kiddos looked really cute on Halloween. Boys love being ninjas and girls love being witches, what can you do? 🙂

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