a simple love story

It’s okay to have a first love….and it’s okay to cry when you lose it.

I wanted to capture a story for these two…….because you see….this is one of Fin’s best friends…

and she will be moving away shortly. I wanted to be able to put something together..

so that when these two are older…that they have something to look back on…and remember when.

I wasn’t planning on showing these yet…but the more i look at the photos …the more i know how

much she’s going to be missed. Her momma is a dear friend and reads my blog……

so i know she will be surprised when she sees these photos and hopefully knows….how very much we love them.

I hope these images captured the sweetness that only a pair of five year olds could have.

See that book on top of the pile in the wagon…..it is one of our all time favorite books EVER…

it’s called ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’…..by Kate DiCamillo.

It’s the story about a rabbit…who is loved…then lost…and…well…i guess you just

need to read it now to find out what happens in the end.

The small grey felt hearts are from Ikea…as is the heart bucket. I found the branch in my yard..

and now it resides in my home. The child silhouette banner and hand held hearts were made

by my friend Vana at Le Papier.

p.s. No children were hurt or mistreated at any time during the making of this love story.

p.p.s. Children might have been given candy for their cooperation.


  1. precious

  2. Soooo sweet. It’s heartbreaking that she is moving and I don’t even know her!

  3. Too cute! Kori xoxo

  4. I love this….a testament they can look back on years from now….

    Lou Cinda

  5. oh my gawd, those are amazing.
    magazine worthy indeed girl.

  6. I wish I would have thought of doing something like this when Ashers best girlfriend
    moved last year.
    Absolutely ADORABLE.
    You are the most creative girl I know.

  7. I love those!

  8. sorry…i’m delurking…

    what an amazing photoshoot. my son had to deal with “the breakup” this year of his lifelong love with kassie (they are 5). yep…end of preschool meant kindergarten on opposite ends of town.

    i just think it is so sweet that you had the foresight to put this together for your son.

    i bet her momma is crying happy tears.

  9. I think this may be Jacki’s daughter. That’s great. Too bad they are moving. Maybe someone else will move in and Fin can have a new first love 🙂

  10. I don’t know what to say other than

  11. Kim Wilson says:

    Awww, young love, purity, friendship, beauty. This is what as parents we long for our children to ultimately find. You’ve captured their innocence beautifully Casey. May God grant their reunion in the future. 🙂

  12. Beautiful!

  13. How so very sweet….the pic where he is looking at her is just so precious. Love everything about this post XOX

  14. This is so sweet…you styled it well!


  15. Thats adorable. You never know, you might just be framing these to go on tables at their wedding reception someday 🙂

  16. Awwww young love. So sweet. I’m sorry your friends are moving away soon. This post is a very nice tribute. I love all the hearts, these photos are wonderful.

  17. Okay. Now it’s my turn to cry. These photos are so soft, and it reminds me of the spirit inside of these 2.

    Your Finny is here, making a fun ruckus and I will miss all this noise. It is music to my ears all this laughter. It pains me.

    Can’t believe your art in these photos-pure talent gosh.

  18. Such a sweet love story:) The photos are fabulous, Kasey and I’m sure they will be cherished always. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to find a tissue for my tears…

  19. Sweet. : ) Carrie

  20. Have never seen/read anything sweeter…


  21. This has brought tears to my eyes! How precious these pictures are. Makes me sad thinking of my son who is now 10 leaving his girlfriend when they were 4. Time heals!


  22. So sweet….

  23. Casey – your photos are as beautiful as your children. What a wonderful way to capture them….

  24. That is so so sweet! Finn looks like Bryan in that first picture:)

  25. This post brought back Sweet Memories ~ I am now 54 & it reminded Me of My 1st Love in Kindergarten 1961
    His name was Dean Carter ~ Thanks for Sharing & Helping Me Remember So Long Ago…..

  26. Melanie in TN says:

    be still my heart…adorable!

  27. Those pictures are heavenly! You captured their friendship so well. How special!!!

  28. What a beautiful setting and pictures. You are so talented.

  29. Absolutely STUNNING photos. 🙂 They make my heart ache a little with their beauty and innocence. I just love that you captured this friendship for your little man. How wonderful. 🙂

  30. Those pictures, those props, bravo.

    But, nothing is as cute as those two kids and their friendship. I bet that is SO CUTE to watch at your house.

  31. Soooo sweet!

  32. Such a sweet post Kasey……

  33. these two love bugs are adorable…
    Anthro could hire you to style their children’s line no?
    my Court has Theodora…they were like a little old couple at preschool…she would save a seat next to her at snack time for him and talk to him while she went potty.
    we love Edward (sniff, sniff) in this house and Charlotte’s just finishing Because of Winn- Dixie…also a sweet read…although not quite Edward.
    so lovely.

  34. Brilliant photos and what a great idea for them to have when they get older! You’ve seriously got some talent!!

  35. These pictures are so precious. My favorite is the 2nd to the last one… the way they are looking at each other, you can see their connection. And the books. And the garland…. very, very sweet.

  36. oh my goodness — this is so sweet — I look forward to reading / seeing each new blog entry — you are so talented!!!

  37. Oh my goodness. That shot of her looking down at the book as he is watching her is to die for! So sweet the way he is looking at her!

  38. I loved this post as I always love your blog and your photos! I do not write many comments because my time is sufficient to look at the blog and smile!
    but this special love story between two young children reminded me of a dear friend who I had at the time of the elementary school … I still remember how much I loved her …. I have no news of him and I am very sorry!
    Your photos are always full of love, the atmosphere is magical and always tell stories that make you dream!
    I will follow you from Italy with affection and a touch of envy for your fabulous life!

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  40. Oh my goodness! Those pictures are simply wonderful. I’m especially smitten with the second one where he’s turned to look at her while holding the felt heart. Also the two where they are sitting in front of the wagon of books. In both photos you can see that Finn is smitten. She’s looking a bit serious with her right hand on her hat. Just a terrific series.

    None of these photos look posed or forced. If you were directing the “action” from behind the camera it’s not evident to me and that is what makes them extra special. When these kids are a little older, even candy won’t convince them to cooperate. HA.
    – Suzanne

  41. Hai dei bambini bellissimi.. ma questo è il mio preferito!!
    La sua storia d’ amore è di una dolcezza infinita e le tue foto sono spettacolari, anchè se ti sono costate un po’ in caramelle!!!!!
    Un abbraccio


  42. Oh bless! How sweet are they. What a shame they’re moving away, but maybe they won’t be too far and you can visit each other? I hope so.

  43. Popping out of hiding to say:
    Absolutely stunning photos Kasey. I love how you style everything and it looks so natural.
    The children are darling an d Fin is one of the sweetest boys ever.
    Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

  44. I love the lighting you have here. Sweet sweet shots girlie.

  45. ugh
    let me just say that I have four little broken hearts here in freezing cold CT…
    kids still missing their CA friends
    lots of tears
    losing a friend is hard

    these pictures are priceless

  46. I love the little rabbit, nestled on the ground…cute!

  47. I believe in fairy tales, cherish children’s books, love stories, memories and happy endings – perfect post – lovely memento. Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  48. Kasey, Kasey, Kasey…you never cease to amaze me! This is one of the most precious posts of all time. You need to submit these photos to a magazine my friend!
    Happy weekend.

  49. Just lovely. My girlie has two bestest guy friends and she no longer gets to see them. One mama pulled her children from daycare and I didn’t even get to say goodbye and the other comes and goes now that his is in kindergarten and his mama teaches at his school.

  50. adorable.
    what a gift.

  51. Just the sweetest pictures…it’s like Valentine’s day arrived early.

  52. so sweet, and i just love the way that you a are creating those last little bit of memories.
    ….p.s. i have been kown to give out candy to…works everytime 😉


  53. Your images are so very wonderful. What a great story. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  54. They are too cute! Love the photography. Where are they moving? Hopefully close enough for a visit now and then.

  55. How precious this is! Wouldn’t it be amazing if one day they met again and fell in love??? And then they would have these images to add to their love story! 🙂

  56. how freakin cute!!! 🙂 the photo of her reading the book and him looing over at her! OH MY GOSH!!! I just love!!!!

  57. Seriously…adorable! Loved this post…so sweet! The pictures really do belong in a magazine! Loved that banner and the books…oh so cute!

  58. Kasey dear, I love to read every single post you write..every day! You are the best..here in Italy there are plenty of bloggers always trying to imitate you…with no success!! I just love your writings…and your photos as well of course! Brava, ciao, Monica

  59. Dang! Hate when I keep seein’ November 4 pop-up when I go to your blog! Needing a Kasey fix!
    Hope all is well and you’re having a superb wkend!

  60. You will be so happy that you did this! I took pictures of my son when he was 4 with his best friend, a sweet girl named Allie. He remembers her because of the pictures. And the ones you took are just lovely.

  61. these are the cutest photos!!! Oh my…so glad you captured this story for them and you all…every detail is so darn cute!

  62. So sweet, love it! Love your blog too!! Sue

  63. Precious pics!!!

  64. Oh….I went on Amazon and read an excerpt from that sweet little book….had to purchase it right away for my niece along with the Tale of Desperaux….I was able to get both books for $7.77 plus S&H…couldn’t pass that up!!!

  65. how sweet are these! They could be covers to darling little valentine cards. Something so innocent and charming about first love. These are absolutely perfect! I hope they marry one day! 😉

  66. I adore this post so much. These photos are AMAZING!

  67. That might be the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen in my life

  68. Happy Birthday Kasey!

  69. how amazing… and so sad! we are a moving family and i know how many hearts have broken taken my kids away from their friends! we are moving {again} in April and my heart will break again but that will be the last move I make my kids make!!

    what a lovely story!! i hope fin enjoys this when he grows up and passes the “eww cooty” stage! cooty? is that how you spell that!?!?

  70. just found your site through houzz… i am in love with your style! i am staring at a blank office wall (we recently moved)… your stuff is so inspiring. i may have to make an emergency anthro run later… 😉

    happy birthday! and i don’t know the story behind it, but i’m dying to hear why you’re going to continue (rather than cease) to drink three glasses of wine a night. i love wine, and i’m forever telling myself to lay off. you can see why i like your theory better.

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