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We had one of those weekends that was so chalk full of fun and friends that this afternoon..

i plopped in a movie for the kids….shut all the shades….and put the sign on the front door

that reads….

Beware of the child eating pit bull dog.

I know….its a gorgeous day out today…as a matter of fact…it’s 80 degrees…

but here we are…all holed inside….recouping and recharging.

On friday some of my friends and i decided to pack up the kids and head to the Morton Arboretum.

Even though Mason was in Florida…i still somehow had three children. I don’t think

life would be normal for me with any less than three.Between my two friends and myself…we had 10 kids between us.



I decided since us moms had  fulfilled our duty of actually being real moms for the day..

while doting on our children and taking them on a field trip….

{it’s almost like we home school…..almost…}

that i decided i should probably have all the girls over in the evening for some drinks.

No one argued..

All the girls showed up with kids in tow….

{almost like homeschooling again…}

except the kids had root beer and popcorn while us moms indulged in wine and beer.

a couple of these girls even ran the chicago marathon yesterday.

I did not run this year.

Obviously….for personal reasons.

I did silently cheer them on though….so…that should count for something.

 I’m just piping in here to let you know that my kids are no longer watching  a movie…

a neighbor child didn’t heed my sign hanging on the front door…

and now all the kids are in the back tearing apart all my hay bales.

I will tell you right now that i have no intention of raking up that hay in addition to

sort of

kind of

playing homemaker and homeschooling mom.

If someone wants that hay raked up….well…then….they better send my children back

to public school and make their own dinner tonight.

Just sayin…


back to the regularly scheduled chit chat.

This morning since our public school decided to take a holiday….

i decided it was due time to take another field trip.

We needed some donuts…and some pumpkins.

Not necessarily in that order…but it always helps to have donuts before picking out pumpkins.

There is this farm about 20 minutes west of us that makes the most amazing apple cider donuts…

i do believe they are famous for them…because there was a huge ole line to get into the bakery and

scoop those bad boys up.

I’ll take two dozen please….{ignore the bed head please….he’s having fun on the tractor}



obviously my children don’t read…or they can’t….

i’m not quite sure which yet…..

so it really is silly that there is no school today…because they should be learning…

how to read.

Here is where they make the donuts…..

and here we are eating them….



i might have had 2 or 12….i’m not sure.

They were very good.

After we gobbled down the donuts…we went across the street to where the part of the farm offered

hay rides and fun activities for the kids.

We stood in line…with everyone else till we got to the front and the really nice lady

with two missing teeth told me it would be $48 for the four of us to get in and have fun on

their farm.

I cleared my throat…and swallowed the rest of my donut that came up thru my nose…

and said….

oh….i don’t think i understood you…did you say $48 or did you say $28?

i was really sure that i misunderstood her because of the teeth issue..

but no….i did not misunderstand at all.

It was going to cost $48 to have fun on a farm….so i dragged my three crying children away

from the hustle and bustle of screaming children who’s parents paid that money to jump in a jump house

and go on a hayride and over to the pumpkin patch which is where i would rather spend my $48.

And once we got to the patch….all the tears disappeared…and pumpkins were chosen.

The funny thing is…i almost gave in.

I almost said…what the heck….my kids want to have a fun day….

but i am so glad i held my ground…and that my kids learned a lesson this morning…

{another homeschooling thing i tell ya}

that we don’t get to do everything.

Some things aren’t worth spending our money on.

Now…if i can just apply that lesson to those Anthro boots i’ve had my eye on.

Guess what…

my kids lived.

No one croaked….no one laid on the floor and died because they didn’t get to jump in a house

or go on a hayride today.

I’ll have another donut please.


The end….now who wants an apple cider donut before i eat the rest?

Oh….i have one more little photo to show you.

At church yesterday we had the privilege of listening to the lead guitarist

Brian “head” Welch

from the metal band called KORN.

he told his story….and i let Lola come to the service with me and hear him talk.

{i’m still answering her questions today about why he started doing drugs in 3rd grade}

We love music in our house….we love all types…

and my kids love to sing and one day…will have a rock band of their very own.

Preferably…not heavy metal….fingers crossed.

{i’m holding onto the dream that one day they will be supporting Bryan and myself}

Anyhoo….as soon as the service was over..i grabbed Fin and his friend from class

and we ran to get in line to meet this guy.

This guy who is all tatt’d up….had dreadlocks…and lead a very strung out life…

but now is a role model for us.

It was very fun for them to actually meet a real life rock star.



  1. Mom….you rock!

  2. If I joined a Mama Club ~ I would only want to be in yours!

  3. I LOVE the bedhead! 🙂 Love your photos, friend!

  4. he has a great story doesn’t he?

    the orchard down the road has apple cider donuts too, and if you don’t get there before noon, you’re outta luck. no donuts left. 🙂

  5. What part of this post don’t I love? I love that the Korn guy is now saved. So awesome. God is great. You had me giggling out loud the whole time until I got to the end. Then I was shaking my head saying AMEN! 🙂 But anyway…$48??!! Umm what??!! That’s INSANE! We don’t do those kind of pumpkin patches. We have a local guy here who has tons of great pumpkins for low prices. We usually get 6 or 7 for about $25. Looks like you guys got great pumpkins. Glad to hear you’re enjoying homeschooling. hehe

  6. Those donuts look so darn delish – I haven’t had one in ages but may have to do something about that tomorrow…
    You certainly are going for mom of the year these days! Look at all of the field trips your kids have been on!
    Lucky for you they return to where they belong tomorrow~

  7. Adorable shoes and your son has the most awesome bedhair EVER! 🙂


  8. I’m usually just reading (and adoring) your posts on my Google Reader, but I decided to comment today.
    I can’t believe how ridiculous farms have become. As much as I can’t wait to become a parent, I can certainly save money by not being one! lol
    Oh, and I love Brian Welch’s story. I’ve never seen him in person, but a good friend did and told us all about him. What an awesome testimony!

  9. What a fun post! I can’t believe your friends are still walking after doing the Chicago marathon! I just did a half marathon last weekend and it took me two days to recover!
    Also I really, really want donuts now…so thanks for that.

  10. Wow…you sure pack a lot of fun into a weekend! No wonder you put that sign on the door;) And I wouldn’t have paid the $48 either; in fact, we go to a different pumpkin patch than the one we used to(when my girls were in grade school) because it got too pricey:)

  11. OMG! Fin looks so innocent next to the man with the eyeliner! I still remember when my 16 year old beauty was a precocious 4 and told the emo grocery store clerk- Um, dontcha know? Boys don’t wear nail polish! Exposure to all is good, when supervised by Mom. 🙂

  12. Too funny!! We went Saturday night……holy crowd!! We had to sit in the chapel. It was craziness. Ali sat with us too (3rd gr.) and she is still asking questions. Fun weekend and I agree on the pumpkin farm…..fantastic pictures as always!! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  13. Well this is my first time commenting. I read your blog all the time and love it. You crack me up! I wish we were friends. But blogland will do!!! Thanks for your hilarious thoughts, great ideas and wonderful inspiration!!! I think you are a great mom and I hope to have energy like you one day. Glad you saved the $48 bucks…if you do that a couple more times you can buy those boots. They are necessary especially if you are going to be doing a lot of homeschooling fieldtrips 😉 !

  14. I can not believe how much energy you have. You are either throwing a fab party or handling a bunch of kids. You are a busy girl. Your bangs look really cute. Do you like them?

  15. pretending to be younger than you 😉

    no I don’t they are all to ugly

    god you rock those aviators


  16. I would love a donut..thank you for asking!

  17. What a great weekend, your friends are all so cute.
    Did you say marathon?

  18. Now just think, that $48 is enough to be well on your way to a pair of Anthro boots 🙂 I just have to laugh at the bed head pictures because I have a Finn too and my oh my they have the SAME hair. Everyone says “cut it” I say “cut your own kids hair” Looks like a great weekend!

  19. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    What brand are your shoes? adorable!

  20. I LOVE his story…have you seen the video on I Am Second?!?! Look it up…all kinds of famous people…that tell their testimonies…not all have stories that deal with drugs…it’s pretty amazing…that guy though…you can just see the light of Christ in his face….it’s sooo sweet to see how the Lord can transform people’s lives.

    Love Fins bed head…sooo cute! Looks like you all had a great time!

  21. You always sound like you are having so much fun. It amuses me about the kids bedhead, it makes me feel not so unnormal about my own children’s bedhead. My horror of my son’s school picture last year with comb marks in his hair. What is that? I asked him. He said his teacher combed his hair. WHY? Because it was messy. But I LIKE messy, it means you are still a kid, messy is good, chocolate face is good, it means you are enjoying being a kid. So, you are not alone in the bedhead department.

  22. Wait who is that 3rd child?! haha I never see him!! I wouldn’t have paid $48 either!! I didn’t want to pay the $9 at ours!! We had to pay 9 for us to get in, had to pay .40 cents a pound for the pumpkins, 9 for the train ride… gosh it all adds up!!

  23. I LOVE Brian Welch’s story! It’s so incredible! I would LOVE to meet him! =)

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