sometimes it takes more than a village

It sure was cold this morning….waking up to my some frosted windows…..

but warming up to around 70 this afternoon.

I love that.

My heart is very heavy today…..

i went to bed last night feeling great…tired from cleaning the backyard up…

but really feeling high on life.

It’s sort of anti climatic…having a party like that…..

sometimes we don’t realize how well we really have it.

Here i am…back in the real world…and the real world is throwing out a doozie today.

This morning…my friend and i chatted about something that is going on

in our lives that when one says…

it’s hitting home….this time it did.

Some of you know i help out by watching my neighbor girl…

and right now things are really tough.

It’s not good….

and i never thought i would get more involved…but i have to.

My family has to…..and we are willing to step up when needed.

My friends are getting involved to…..they are amazing.

You know the saying….it takes a village….

well….it just might take more than a village.

Please keep my sweet neighbor girl and her mom in your thoughts and prayers….

because today….they really need it.



  1. It’s great to know that this little girl and her mom have so much support from your neighborhood.


  2. Kudos to you, your family and your whole hood. I wish more people would get involved. Best wishes.

  3. What a wonderful friend you are! Sending much love and prayers to your friend and her daughter!! xxoo 🙂

  4. I think you are a wonderful person, Kasey. I’m so glad to hear that you are helping. Thinking of you all. I hope things work out with your neighbor and her daughter.

  5. Its times like these that we appreciate the important and true friends that we surround ourselves with. You obviously have amazing friends and neighbors that no doubt would be there for you as well. It is nice to know there are still people out there that care and are willing to step up to the plate and help a fellow human in need. You are an amazing gal inside and out!! XOX

  6. oh dear…i don’t like to hear of heavy hearts.
    my thoughts are with all involved.♥

  7. Christie McGetrick says:

    Will do

  8. I’m praying! I just saw your post on Twitter and hopped on over to catch up.

    God bless ya’ll!

    Julie M.

  9. Sending prayers and thoughts their way… and they’re lucky to have you & co. as part of their village:)

  10. many thoughts and prayers for them…and so glad you are organizing it all ~ what great friends and neighbors to help lift them up with not only what you provide for them but the security of just being there for those two in how you always help out…you are beautiful inside and out

  11. I rememeber you mentioning this awhile ago. My thoughts are with you all. I hope everything works out very soon.

  12. Sending good thoughts, well wishes and prayers your way!

  13. sorry to hear, sending vibes from over my way x

  14. Your a good friend! In my prayers and thoughts!

  15. You know…women are the secret weapon. When we put our hearts and minds into right things, leaving no room for the petty, we can do it all. It’s so nice to hear of when we are taking care of one another and expanding our families to others. I hope whatever needs to mends and eases up in your world. I think you are beautifully inspirational.


  16. Kasey,
    You are a really amazing person and I know in my heart from reading your posts that you will do what you can for your neighbor and her little girl. I wish I were closer to lend a hand in whatever you may need, or that she may need. I will lend my prayers to them and if there are other things they need help with along the way maybe I could help.

  17. I don’t know what that poor family is going through, but I know that they are lucky to have you. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

  18. Why am I watching “Glee,” hearing “God is one of us..” and reading your words…is it part of our paths crossing?? Am I reading too much into this? Have I had too many Hoegaarden tonight? All I know is there is an amazing energy in your neighborhood and they are blessed to have your energy in your one block radius!

  19. will do!!

  20. you are so awesome. really – your neighbor is so incredibly lucky to have you in her life!

  21. Sending prayers for sure. They are lucky to have such a village.

  22. Im so sorry to hear your troubled and worried about your neighbor and child. I will pray for them tonight and in the days ahead. Life throws us curve balls and we need our friends and neighbors to care. They are lucky to have you.
    Hugs to you all.
    xxxx Julie

  23. They are blessed to have YOU Sweet Kasey.
    And I know Sweet Lola is a blessing to them too.
    Life is fragile.
    Wishing your sweet neighbors the best in life.
    And praying for them too.

  24. Kasey,

    A great big hug for you and one for your neighbor and her child.


  25. Sorry things are getting tough for your neighbor and her little girl…I’ll be praying for them…I’m thankful the Lord has you as an advocate for her…I’m sure she is thankful as well.

  26. Kasey, so right that it takes a village. They (and we!) are lucky to have you 🙂 p.s. will send thoughts and prayers your way…

  27. will do my friend xo

  28. Praying for your friend and wishing I lived closer.

  29. praying!! feeling so touched that you are and friends are stepping up…

  30. Praying for the sweet neighbors.

  31. Just read this. Glad you were able to pull on all your resources to make it a great day indeed for her. What a blessing you provided. Good friends rally together.

  32. all i can say is thank god that they have someone that gives a shit….

  33. kelly carothers says:

    hi kasey,

    I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago from a post by Maggie Fortson on FB 🙂 I am so sorry for your neighbor, I’m sure she is very grateful for you and your family (and fellow neighbors). I was a single mom with two little boys with 3 jobs, no child support and lived 2,000 miles away from my family so this story really hits home with me. I am now remarried and a stay at home mom of 4 and thank god everyday for being so blessed. Those years that I struggled were so hard, but it changed the way I looked at everything in life. I’m rambling, I’m sorry…what I wanted to say was, if there’s anything I can do to help (obviously since I live in Tampa I can’t do much but offer her some money if she needs it) I would be happy to contribute. My heart goes out to her and her little girl. I hope everything going on resolves itself and they are able to find some peace. If there is something I can do please feel free to email me 🙂


  34. You have a great heart.

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