it’s still me

 First of all…thank you all for your prayers and thoughts for my neighbor girl….

it really means a lot….and yesterday i put out a call for help on facebook to my friends..

and within an hour…..bags of groceries started lining up in my living room.

I had a nice long talk with the mom last night…and together with my neighbor…

we are pulling together some resources so that she can get some much needed help.


i woke up this morning and decided it was time for a {me} change.

I might look different….but its still me in here.


i decided to get some bangs.

i realize my hair looks darker as well….

that was done last week…

and no…i didn’t do it myself.

I went in and told my girl that i want to go really dark.

Then she said….do you want to go Courtney Cox dark?….and i said…no…not that dark.

But i think it’s still pretty dark.

I even got up this morning and put a pork tenderloin in the crock pot.



yes i did.

Try not to fall off your chair……but i really am cooking dinner tonight.

I think it’ll soften the blow for when bryan comes home and asks where Kasey is.

I’m here…..different….but still the same.

Between the craziness of yesterday…..the preparing of a big ole party on Sunday….

and getting up this morning early so that i could get Mason to his music lesson by 730…

i am needing some quiet…me time.

Bryan called me yesterday from the office and told me he was heading to florida

for the weekend to meet his dad at a football game.

I said…..

okay…who is she and what’s her name.

He didn’t laugh.

Apparently he really is going to a game….because i begged him to take the kids…

all of them…..

 i guess bryan thinks i might get bored or something….

but mason won …

so mason gets to go with his dad…and his grand dad to a football game in Florida.

I guess i’ll hold down the fort here.

I  might even take my kids to a pumpkin patch….

i mean…..

everyone has pumpkins out and my kids are feeling a bit neglected.

My poor neglected children…..

they won’t know what to think of their banged up mom when they get home today.

Alrighty…..i better go check and make sure the crock pot is plugged in….

because last time….


there was no dinner ready at  7.



  1. The bangs look great…I had mine cut the same way last month and love them…they make a girl look younger you know.

  2. i’m with you and rebecca and banged myself a couple of weeks ago.
    feels great!
    are you going to share the pork pot recipe…i need a good one?

  3. First, I am so glad that things are coming together for your neighbor. They are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Second, I LOVE your new bangs!!! I am wanting to cut some soooo bad but I gave my sister bangs a while ago and I don’t think she really wants us to match:( I think she should grow her’s out……

  4. Wow Kasey I must say those bangs make you look like you are 22, wait are you?

  5. LOVE the bangs – you have such an effortless style and I lvoe to see what is new with you. Thoughts and hugs for your neighbors and for you stepping forward.

  6. LOVE the bangs! And do I still see the piercing? 😉

  7. The bangs are banging! You look fabulous, Younger and more relaxed with them. Great update!

  8. well hello banged up cutie!!!
    signed. fellow sporter of dark hair. as of monday anyway

  9. Love the bangs! BTW, you’re an awesome neighbor!

  10. You look great! I love the bangs. We all need some me time but honestly I have NEVER had some outside of an hour or two. I dream of what that is like. Maybe next weekend you can get it since he will be home.

  11. You are the best writer! I hear you voice! Too funny! I enjoy you post! Have a wonderful banged up day!
    Make sure to plug in the crock! Lol.. LULU

  12. I love the bangs! I voted for them and I am glad that you cit them. What game is Bryan going to? Florida State vs. Miami?

  13. The best thing about these pictures, besides the cute bangs, is the look on your hair stylists face while you took the picture!

  14. first off…..just wonderful that you saw a need and helped to fill it! so many are so wrapped up in their own lives and worries and never step out of their bubble to see the needs of others!!! what a wonderful person you are and what a caring community you live in!

    i love your new look and I think you look I am not calling you old… and that you look like your kids..well..that they look like you!!! That’s a wonderful feeling too…I really thought they all looked like Bryan but now I realize oh my goodness they look like you!!! Love the color and the cut too..and I bet it will look all Audrey Hepburn chic pulled up!!!
    ( i am older than you and I saw some cougars on a tv show and one of their motto’s was “bangs not botox” so ya got me thinkin’…. i may just need me some bangs..saw new wrinkles today…)
    blessings ms kasey!

  15. you look marvelous! you also look younger! love them~

  16. Love your hair. Hope you find great pumpkins this weekend.

  17. how funny, i have an appt for friday to get bangs, yay us! you look fresh and lovely!

  18. You ordered in sushi again, didn’t you? Go on now, admit it!!
    Thanks for the lovely photos posted up there. Now I’ll recognise you with your bangs when you come to France

  19. Kasey…”you look mah-velous”!! Love the bangs and the color:) Hope you get some much needed “me time” soon!

  20. She bangs, she bangs, oh baby when she moves. Sorry, got off a little on Ricky Martin. They look great.

  21. I totally love your bangs!! Have I told you lately that you are my hero? You Rock Kasey!!

  22. Shannon Hermann says:


  23. You look great, it makes you look younger….not that you’re old, I am….I’m 52 and still looking for the ruffled knee highs…i want to buy a whole bunch for elderly women in nursing homes…wouldn’t they look great in them…?

  24. Super cute BANGin’ mom! =)

  25. You look fabulous with bangs!!!! I love bangs especially in the fall when it’s not humid and they don’t curl all up and make me look like a 12 year old. haha! I think it’s wonderful that you are helping your neighbor. I hope it all works out. And I have done the forgetting to turn the crockpot on thing. Wasn’t fun when we got home to no dinner.

  26. Sooo thankful for your sweet friends that are helping your neighbor!
    Love the bangs….sooo cute 🙂

  27. Kasey you truly are a Doll~Baby!
    Those bangs ROCK!
    And your complexion is flawless!
    LOVE the dark hair!
    Girl~friend…you are too COOL!
    I know your kiddos are so proud to have such a COOL~HIP mommy!

  28. love love love the bangs!

  29. You look great with bangs! What did the family think?!

    I remember when I got bangs. I loved them. I also loved cutting them….when I was drinking. Oy. Be careful with that one. Hide your scissors beeefoorrre you open that bottle of wine.

    And PS- I wish I had a neighbor like you. So sweet. Hope all is well.

  30. I think it’s so wonderful that you’re helping your neighbors out like that. And your hair looks great! Very chic. 🙂

    • Isn’t it great when you decide to make a change and everyone agrees that it is a good one! Bangs are very cute on you 🙂 Had highlights for years and been thinking about going dark… you may just be my inspiration.

  31. Love the dark hair and the bangs!

  32. I really love the new look!!!!! My hair is finally long again but I need a trim.I just grew out my bangs!!!!LOL!!! It is one of those things that I do cut my hair off and then wait,wait and grow it long again!!!!! Have a great day!!!!!

  33. Love it!!! You look fantastic and I bet your entire family loves them on you!! Great pictures of you:)

  34. Kasey I adored you before but now I really love ya. You have the biggest heart here in blogland and you never fail to make me laugh. I love your lil bangs and wish I could copy you but I have a wierd head….really! You work it girl!!!

  35. Love the bangs. Hope to see them tonight and also to learn more about the pork.

  36. Oh my — you look adorable as always!!

    My excuse for no pumpkins — the squirrels will eat them and make a huge mess (and they do), but I will get some anyway!


  37. love, love, love the bangs!

  38. I LOVE it Kasey! Bravo for the guts to do it…I know you were thinking about it much earlier this spring, after your trip to France.

  39. Oh my gosh your hair is adorable, I love it!!!

  40. Very flattering. You have wonderful style

  41. Jill told me about your bangs
    when you called today and I
    had to pop over and have a
    peek…..I think they are very
    cute and that you will most
    likely be carded the next time
    you hit the wine store for sangria

    xx Suzanne

  42. Your darling hair! I…love it. You took 21!

  43. Gotta say I love them. It would never work for me though. I can’t stand hair anywhere near my eyes. Drives me crazy. That being said it’s tempting…so hip and fresh and young. You go girl!

  44. OMG love bangs on you!!

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