it hit me

 It hit me yesterday that i am the only person who probably hasn’t done one single little

thing to my home to prepare it for the historic homes house tour that is going on this weekend.

But then again…i wasn’t asked to be a part of it….

so no need to prepare for it right?!

Alright…there really is no home tour….

except…that  i’m letting you in today….

but other than a few pumpkins on the front steps….there in nothing


around my home.




Until this morning. Fin and i took a field trip to a little garden shop to grab a few grey

pumpkins so that i could dress up my buffet in our dining room.

My philosophy right now is….

beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

It’s not going to be perfect…i don’t want it to be.

 I love that when i went in the backyard to find

the few mini white pumpkins that i did have…

i also found one with a big ole smile on it. Someone took a sharpie to it over the weekend.

That to me….means more than having a pretty set up just to photograph and show you.

Please don’t ever let me have a house that i love so much because it’s

all decorated and clean and pretty…

and just for you.

No…don’t get me wrong…i want pretty…and clean…

but clean it is not.

I don’t need to have the fake cob webs…because girls…

i have the real deal.

I don’t need to have the little mice silhouettes on my stairs…

because i have the real honest to goodness things in my home.

As a matter of fact….when i woke up this morning…my mouse trap was eaten clean…AGAIN.

That bugger. He doesn’t realize what i’m going to do with him when i catch him.

Run and hide fella…run and hide.


My dining room buffet might have come together this morning…

but my living room is still the same.

Laundry piles…

stacked books…

the tele on over in the corner….

{bryan asked me to stop calling the television a TELE. i’m ignoring him because i think it sounds french}

this is my life people….

welcome to my real world.

and even though i just had my hair colored 3 weeks ago TODAY…

the roots are full of grey….i think it’s pretty funny that my roots match my new pumpkins.

Okay..not really funny….but life.

Do i really have to go in for a root touch up next week?


Bryan asked me if i had any plans on wearing anything other than boots all Autumn..

and i said…

NO…..but if you want to give me some money….i would be happy to go find some cute shoes.

He then said



here i am wearing boots…


It hit me today…that my really good friend should be a food photographer.

I hope she goes for it.

It hit me today….that i don’t have a clean..put together house.

But it’s lived in and loved.

It hit me today…..that i really need to go to the gym.

But right now i would rather sit here in the peace and quiet.

It hit me today…..that i am way over due for my pap smear.

But i guess you really didn’t need to know that.

Okay…so thank you for listening…i feel like i have such great therapists on hand.

You really should charge more for your sessions.

p.s. Winner of the Cake Pops book is: Carmen {life with sprinkles on top}..who thinks

her favorite dessert is strawberry cupcakes.

p.p.s. I’m selling my white buffet…if you’re local..and think you might want me.


  1. Your white buffet is beautiful and I love how you accessorized it! I am local and would love it but until we finally sell our house in MI, I can’t have it…Boohoo! Have a great day!!!


  2. As ever you do make me smile. Anytime you want to unload in these sharing sessions, I don’t think anyone minds 😉

    Love the grey pumpkins…and I am off to sort my grey roots at the weekend – not fair that they come round so fast.

    Lou x

  3. Wonderful on the decor! Your place is just darling. I laughed when I saw the pumpkin because I wouldnt let my boys sharpie their’s yet…not till next week…and they think I suck lemons. I do.

    I also laughed on the root thing because mine only seem to be really obvious at my hairline…right by my face…and they are curly and corse and just plain stupid looking.

    You always make me laugh…


  4. Wow… I read a lot of this nodding my head… Especially the bit about the grey roots… Oh, and I always call it the telly! Oh, and cute dress… I used to have a similar one but don’t fit in it anymore :-(Lx

  5. love that stem on your pumpkin my dear!
    & the sharpie art one too

    bummer on the roots
    (almost said bummer on the rats….you & those mice. holy cow.)
    sheesh…i hate that too. doing my tomorrow. again. roots….not rats that is

    looking cute in your autumnal ensemble too!

  6. *pout* here i go. (you day you read all your comments, right?)
    i feel that i must make a very “3rd grade” comment.
    “i like you. but you don’t like me…” my “yes box” never gets “checked”.
    *le sigh* i hope that one day you’ll pick me as a winner for one of your give-aways
    b/c i love your blog and i have even gone back a read all you previous posts.
    you are ranked right under The Pioneer Woman in my favs list @ work and my home computer.
    …one day… one day… check “yes” on mine and gimmie-gimmie.

  7. Nothing better than pure honesty and imperfection. Life at it’s finest, really. Loved this post!

  8. I LOVE this post. I don’t know if I’m local? But I’m interested in the buffet. Great blog : )

  9. Yay! I am a winner!!!! 🙂

    I wish I could buy your white buffet. It’s so fabulous especially decorated with pumpkins.

    And my living room almost always looks like that no matter how hard I try.

  10. Your roots can wait but do not put off that pap smear any longer!!
    That is the mother in me talking!

  11. I am so glad that your house is lived in and loved:) Mine is too! What lens do you use to take the self portraits?

  12. I didn’t hit me today that you are wise, and sweet, and such a good friend. I already knew that… Thank you for your suggestion – I have been thinking about it all morning and will be working on my first recipe tomorrow – French four-spice cake with browned butter spice frosting!
    Thank you, endlessly.

  13. I so love a lived in house. It makes me feel better about my own! I think your hair still looks great….just stand up tall and only those taller than you will notice. Your house is so unique and beautiful…even when it’s messy.

  14. Love the real you!

  15. Nora Atwell says:

    love love love your blog…i’m new to it…love to say tele and great autumny boots/outfit :))

  16. Smiling!! ANd I say what is wrong with boots everyday anyway 😉
    Love the dress too! very autumnish

  17. even your “real world” looks chic!
    thanks for making me smile ..again…i am off to check out that foodie friend of yours!

  18. All I can say is thank God I convinced my daughter to go to Paul Mitchell and get her cosmetology license. I can not even go 3 weeks any more. That tuition is paying off. You might want to think about that selfish deed for your daughter in the future LOL Your house looks just like everyone else, normal.

  19. Jo in New Prague, MN says:

    Do you really dress up like that every day?? I’ll tell you, when I have a day off and am at home the whole day, it’s sweats all the way. you look adorable tho. 🙂

  20. where’s the dress from? cute!

  21. this makes me smile….because mini white pumpkins and a few grey ones are all I have too…love your dress and boots and I am the very proud owner of a very non-perfect home too

  22. I’m a non perfect home owner too, but i did manage to attack the dust that is causing my son to sneeze… i was hoping to leave it for Halloween but the sneezing needed to stop! for your root problem… which i also happen to have try the Clairol root touch up for all hair salon color products… it works great and your hair gal will never know you touched up,

  23. Thank you Kasey for being so real…

  24. The smiling pumpkin sure made me smile! But your gray roots have nothing on mine. Mine were like…Whoa, bride of Frankenstein. Then I had a little one on one time with Loreal and things are better now. And hubby and son didn’t even notice.

  25. Hi, I am new to the blogging world and I just discovered your blog. You made me laugh right away! Can’t wait to read more. Love the pumpkins. You might like to see the pics I took of pumpkins this weekend. Please visit when you have the chance at

  26. This was such a great true post! I loved every word!
    Have a pretty day!

  27. well, all those cobwebby and messy type things put the heart in the home, so don’t worry a bit about them. Besides, your home still looks lovely!

  28. ok.. So Im not local but I love the buffet. What do you think you would sell it for.. IM SO CURIOUSE….

    TRUST ME… it works…$7 for a root touch up.. you can spread the high cost ones out a bit..THE one thing I would bring on a desert island.. TRUST ME (again).. THANK ME (later)..
    Available at your nearest drugstore/walmart/target…

    Your boot are so cute… I’d wear them too for the rest of the cold year…

  30. my real hair is greyer than yours
    my real cobwebs are worse than yours
    my boots are sh*t compared to yours
    my house is much more lived in than yours
    my blog does not show that
    does yours?
    my silllllooooouuuuettes are not as pretty as yours
    my therapist may be better than yours
    I need a pap smear more than yours
    my house ain’t nowhere near clean as yours

  31. A house “lived & loved” in…what a perfect way to describe it! And I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has cobwebs in her house; but, at least, they’ll be just right for Halloween!? Wish I lived closer because I’d really like to have that buffet of yours:)

  32. Nice tights. You should read Why Miss Jones. Her turtle post is hilarious.

  33. Kasey…I love your simple autumn display. I must tell you, your home has been very inspiring to me over the last few months. I finally settled on a “look” for my home finding much of my inspiration from yours. My walls are grey…furniture white… And I really like how you incorporate your holiday decorations to mix in with your home as compared to taking over the home. I have always loved holidays and decorated over the top but I am realizing how much easier, less cluttered, and clean my home feels when I use subtle pieces. It is tempting to hop around to all these blogs and want to do more but I have realized I cannot…I do not have the time or the money or the space to give all my energy to these things. I so much agree with your thoughts on this! 🙂

  34. Looks like KimJ beat me to it, but YES…go get a box of the Root Touch-Up. I was never so happy as the day I discovered this. Saves tons of $$. You can spread out the real coloring much longer with this.

    And I agree…my house looks totally lived in. But I’ve discovered that a few fresh cut flowers here and there make the house look pretty even w/piles of laundry all over the dining table. 🙂

  35. The color of your walls is magnifique! (And that is REAL french.) 😉
    Gorgeous home…lived in or not.

  36. You are too much! I want your dress btw. I am living in my boots as well, I just love them. We have had lots of experience with little critters. They love peanuts. Put a peanut in the middle of the pb. We also use sticky traps, totally inhumane, but it gets them every time. Just make sure you have a frying pan handy…sorry, it works for me;)

  37. Why would you want to sell such a beautiful piece? Crazy girl, you are too funny, come here often to get my laugh for the day.

  38. Your living room looks just like mine! You really do know how to make a girl feel better about herself.
    Enjoy your day,

  39. Ditto with the boots, except… I think I might have said… if you want to give me money I can go get another pair of boots! hee hee! I love wearin’ boots!

    Love your style! 🙂 Kris

  40. I’m due for a pap too…but with nomore insurance, just have to wait. Really I think we stay healthier without those tools going you know where. It’s really gross if you think about it. Okay…your pumpkins on the buffet are perfect. Don’t sell it!! What charm it gives your home…and even your mess is charming. Ikea!!!!

  41. Hi Kasey. I’m a new reader but already hooked. You are what is known in the south as a “character”. That’s a good thing, trust me. Hey, would you mind telling me what maker/model of boots those are…I ♥ those!! Thanks in advance!!

  42. Hi Kasey. I’m a new reader but already hooked. You are what is known in the south as a “character”. That’s a good thing, trust me. Hey, would you mind telling me what maker/model of boots those are…I ♥ those!! Thanks in advance!!

  43. Okay, you are adorable! I am so glad to have just found you! Love your talk of messy rooms and laundry piles…makes me feel better about my own…though, I have to say your “messy” living room looks much prettier than mine. And I know how you are feeling about the mice and cobwebs. My house is 250 years + old, and right now I am hearing something that sounds bigger than a mouse in the ceiling above me, and yes, we’re planning on turning that attic into a bedroom. Lord help me… Oh! And I’m totally going to call start calling the tv the TELE now too…much more sophisticated. Cheers, k10

  44. gosh i want your dress!! i love boots too! i have the perfect brown boots that would go with that dress! where did you get it and pleasseeee dont say anthro because my husband will not let me buy anything from there!! haha =)

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