I weally love him

This boy of mine.

Fin Hudson….age 5.

Future rock and roll star….minus the drugs and party lifestyle.

Honor roll student.

Collector of rocks and little plastic things found on Targets floors.

I love that 5 a.m. he waddles upstairs with his blankie in tow and crawls in bed with me.

I love how he tells me when he’s weally mad.

I love that he is outgoing and personable.

I love that he loves broccoli….asparagus….and artichokes.

He weally does.

I love that he walked into the neighbors house and saw her naked.

He weally did.

Okay….i don’t know if i LOVE that part….but i love that he feels like he can

just walk into our neighbors home like he’s a part of their family.

I love that he can now write his name.

See…i told you…honor roll student.

I love that one of his besties.. is a girl.

I love that he has no shame wearing dress up girl shoes.

I love that i can dress up with him.

I really….i mean weally…..LOVE his hair…

and i pray that he never asks me to cut it.

I love that he comes home from spending the night at his Italian friends home..

with his nails clipped and wearing cologne.

Oh….and the backs of his ears are clean.

And his hair is combed and slicked down.

I love that.

Guido Fin….i just love him….

and i am so happy he was having a good hair day when his photo was taken.

{no ky jelly needed}


photo taken by: Maggie Fortson


  1. He is a little doll! My 7 year old “baby” is still climbing in bed with me at night. His dad is not lovin that. He whispers “move over but don’t tell Dad I’m here”. Love it! Enjoy your baby. I am sending my oldest off to college next fall and I still have no idea where the last 18 years went!!

  2. I weally love my boy child also (I have one of each and refer to them always as boy child or girl child….they aren’t fans of it…but they deal!)
    he is also 5 and just off to kindergarten and also has rock in roll hair
    he just got it cut last week
    but he wanted to make sure it was just,
    “out of his eyes and not gwowing down his back, but still wock-n-woll mom!”
    …he also has himself a pair or ‘weal’ rock and roll jeans that he put holes in the knees from
    “wock-n-woll type stuff”
    …not sure what that was, a little worried…but he won’t let me get rid of them!
    love me my boy!

  3. Love it.
    I have a five-year-old dude with some pretty sweet hair too.
    Mommies against scissors, unite! 🙂

  4. OMG…he is the cutest boy EVAH!!!

  5. when our now 23 year old son was 10 all I kept saying to him was “stop growing. never grow up” — ironic that his name is Peter. He calls us almost on a daily basis to see what’s going on, what we’re having for dinner (to get ideas) and to end the conversation with “I love you”. He’s the “baby” and just as sweet as ever.

  6. Colleen M. says:

    I read a lot of blogs, but the one I really love coming to is yours every single day.
    You are real. You are funny. You love life.
    That boy ofyours, oh my goodness I could eat him up.
    Thank YOU.

  7. Ooooo…he is so cute! Love this post, Kasey. I feel the same way about my boy. He’s almost 11 and still wants me to lay in bed and cuddle with him every single night at bedtime! Love, love, love it! I call him my little pre-man. 🙂 He’s going to make a great man, husband and daddy someday! (Which I tell him all the time.)

  8. This post was absolutely HILARIOUS!!!! Can’t wait to photograph him again soon 🙂

  9. super sweet. he’s going to be a heart breaker.

  10. I am so enjoying your blog while home from work sick. You re the most fun to read and always have great pictures! Your boy is so cute,my boy is 21 now and I still remember the sweetness of a 5 year old boy.

  11. He is gorgeous!
    Love your blog.
    Thanks for always keeping it real and chatting away like you do 🙂

  12. Ps I have an almost 4 year old boy and a 6 year old boy (plus two girls.)
    I love how snuggly my boys are.

  13. He IS a cutie! That hair is adorable.

  14. I adore fin and that KY Jelly story is going to haunt him for the rest of his life!

  15. Your little guy is the best. And I love how you write about the everyday things!


  16. Your Fin is one weally cute guy:) Love the list of all the things you love about him! {You should save it & present it to him when he graduates…or when he’s 25}

  17. Kasey, I read that story to my hubby. He loved that KY photo. I am still laughing about that. He is just adorable and before you know it, he will be 16 and shaving. I know, my boy is that age now. Doesn’t want me loving up on him any more:( Sad sad about that.

  18. Yeah he’s pretty darn cute!

  19. he looks like you
    with messier hair
    weally cute

  20. He is so your child. He has the free spirit/self-assured/bohemian thing going.
    so so you…

  21. He is weally adorable! I say Ban the Scissors too!!! I have a 7 yr old boy with awesome curly rock n roll hair and I hate when I have to “trim” it up to get it out of his eyes!!!

  22. I like your Fin tales. He is an original. Continued blessings on your friendship with him

  23. i happened across your blog…. wow!!
    ii think that about sums it up for me!
    i could read your posts all day.
    Fin is beautiful! i can see the rock star inn him already. he will make girl’s hearts melt.

  24. Love this kid. He reminds me of my youngest (who is now 24 & living in So. Korea), definitely his own person. Love the photo as well.

  25. Nora Atwell says:

    omgosh loving this post…he is beautiful.

  26. What a cutie! He WEALLY does look like a mini rock star : ) KY jelly though? Really? Too funny! You’ve inspired me to write a blog about what I love about my little Bailey – she’s 3 1/2 – drives me crazy, but God do I love that child! Kids are great aren’t they!

  27. He’s a dude! 🙂

  28. He is weally, weally adorable!!! Sooooo cute…that picture is so good of him!

  29. Great post! Funny and touching. I have 3 grown boys and looking at that picture brought back so many memories from that age. Thank you for that!
    Leslie @abbeyroaddesigns.blogspot.com

  30. What a cute little man you have….so adorable….and from what
    it looks like, quite the personality too!

  31. he’s darling!

  32. I’ve been reading your posts for a while now and never commented ( i think?). It’s so much fun to read your blog and ilove your writing style. That boy is the best , i weally love him too!


  33. My family has a saying, “Just kiss that baby”…and that is what I thought of when I logged in this morning. CUTIE_ PIE…..we all love baby butts TOO…then they turn 5 (probably 4 really) and you cant love on the butt as much (because it seems funny) but you can grab them and weally love on them still. So good you still have a little guy to love up on….he is just the cutest thing…so, “Just kiss the baby”…


  34. Oh my goodness…I love him too. Well, he reminds me so much of my baby(whom is turning 15 this weekend) pumpkin pie, Jeremy. He has blonde locks that were long until, until he turned 13 and wanted them shaved off! What!!!! you can’t shave those beautiful blonde, dreadlocks off. ..he looked like a beach dude, just like your Fin. ..and he has the same outgoing personality…one that makes you laugh alot. He’s still adorable with his blonde kiwi fuzz on top, especially with his football gear on . But I hope your Fin keeps his wild blonde for as long as until you won’t cry to see it go. You are a lucky mama!!!! ox

  35. he is one serious dollface !!!! I love your site..visit every time i see that you have posted

  36. what a cool little fella
    i hope i meet fin in real life one day.
    sounds like the apple fell right beside the tree, huh?

  37. He sounds like quite an amazing little man… I will keep my eyes and ears open for his first record someday 🙂

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