I am not responsible

I have to be up front with you right now and just warn you that the photos you are about

to view were not taken by me.

They were not taken by Bryan either.

They were taken by one of three children.

I think.

I take no responsibility in the actions you are about to see.

Please do not try this at home.No comment…very awkward….and just don’t ask me what he is doing.

I don’t think we need to have “the talk” with him now.


I can’t explain this one either…

and i’m still trying to figure out who that other child is.

If you know…please call me…555-1212.


…i guess this one is a run and jump…possibly a tumble.


i didn’t realize mason could flip…..or fly.

I have a feeling he is trying out for the X Games.

Is there a run..jump…fly…flip through the air portion?



…where was i though…

obviously….not paying attention.

Note to self: get off computer and play with children…make dinner and fold laundry.

umm…what the heck was that……

wait a minute…

let me see that one again.


It must be Lola…

at least i think it’s lola.

I see a dabble of purple streaking by.

I really need to talk to someone about this.


  1. thanks for the morning giggle!

  2. too funny!!
    did a cutiepie blondie hijack the iphone?

    have a great weekend…doing laundry and cooking and all

  3. Cuter! They are so funny when you are not around, aren’t they?

  4. Oh my! You have some daredevils on your hands! Yikes.

  5. they got some great action shots!!

  6. oh to be so fearless…crazy kids 🙂

  7. I think the ‘tire swing’ might have added the ‘action’ to these action shots!! When I spotted the swing in the second photo, the first thing I thought was, what fun that would be to swing on!

  8. Christie McGetrick says:

    Your kids are taking after you in their love photographs

  9. they’re training for stunt doubles! my dad always used to say “it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye” – I hope all eyes were in tact! 🙂

  10. annette richmond says:

    Once again you gave me another laugh to my morning computer and Dr Pepper. I love your sense of humor cause it kinda run to the bizarre like mine.

  11. Oh so cute! Really enjoyed all the “action” pictures…kids do the darndest things;)

  12. Ha! Love it.

  13. And this is why I wish I had a boy! So much crazy fun instead of all the drama!
    Kids take the BEST pictures showing what it’s really like just to be a kid!!!

  14. just wanted to let you know that something lovely happened to me today…I found your blog…delightful

  15. hilarious!!!!

  16. That is so funny!! Thanks for the good laugh for the day 🙂

  17. hehehe little troublemakers!! 😉

  18. Hilarious….. and great to have in pictures.

    Warm blessings,

  19. Oh.My.Goodness. Those are hilarious! Reminds me of some stunts one might do on some MTV show….you might want to print and save those for future graduation parties…..wedding slideshows…blackmail… 😉
    happy weekend!

  20. I thinkie Mason is hitting ‘that’ stage. Oh boy, I’ll be praying. They are a great bunch those kids!

  21. That’s so very funny. Love it. So creative of them. LOL.

  22. hahahahahaha, very funny! you gotta love kids 🙂

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