daydreaming in ruffles

  I think i figured out what i want to be when i grow up…….

and it’s not a cowgirl.

Or…maybe i could be a cowgirl.

I do like a good hoe down. I like fried chicken…and i really like a man in tight jeans.

I do like the boots….i like them a whole lot.

Do real cowgirls wear ruffled dresses?

Those are my legs in the middle….yup…..

am i allowed to compliment myself? Or should i thank photoshop for getting rid

of the spider veins and the back of the knee fat.

Maybe i should start running again.

Wait a minute….

cough cough

i did go to the gym on wednesday….can i get an AMEN!!!

I got to watch Oprah…and work out at the same time…then i ran into my friend Alison..

who was really running….on the treadmill.

And she was sweating… lot.

She could hardly talk to me ..she was running so hard.

I don’t sweat like that… a matter of fact…i don’t even remember breathing hard.

I might even head back to the gym today…just don’t hold to my word…okay.

No wonder i have back of the knee fat.

Isn’t it funny how we can sit….and watch the world go by us….and not that there is one

damn thing wrong with that….nope…not at all.

I’m happy being a mom to three very active nose picking kids.

I like to get up early in the morning if i can….get my coffee going….start the morning…

before the rustle of children start.

I pack some lunches…sign the homework sheets…make sure backpacks are ready.

I then get the older two kids on the bus…and it’s just Fin & i till noon.

I plop him in front to the TELE……

open up my computer…and see what is going on in the world.

I read all of your comments…just so you know.

Sometime around 9…Fin starts asking to play with the neighbor boy.

‘Of course’..i say….

even though we have had the talk now….about not walking right in their home…

and then it’s lunch for him…and he’s on the bus at noon.

{forgot to add in that sometimes we go to the gym….}

I have just over three hours to daydream.

Yesterday…i met a friend at Ikea.

I also shopped at Ikea…and did you know there is so much there…if you just know how to look.

I seem to always be on the lookout for props….i guess i always have that in the back of my mind..

thinking of the next party…or the next little styling i could put together.

I really should be daydreaming about how to get my kids to finish homework..

or thinking about what i should make for dinner.

Which in fact…i have not done because i am sitting here writing all of my thoughts down..

and poor bryan will be coming home and having to nuke some ramen noodles.

By the way….Lola had a belated 8 year appointment at the doctors yesterday…

and her weight was right on track…and the exact same as my scale in my closet.

Another AMEN please.

I was right all along….because i am only 15 pounds heavier than i should be…

but the scale upstairs is right.

So…all i am really saying…since you’ve read all the way down to the bottom here…

is that it is okay to daydream.

You should try it sometime.

I do…and i think i know what i want to be when i grow up.

I want to be right here……doing exactly what i am doing.

The end.

p.s.: is it okay for someone to throw her own birthday party? or is that against

the emily post rules book?

p.p.s: is it okay to put on the invitation…

gifts from anthropologie gladly accepted but not required.


  1. You would just be very French, Kasey. In France they throw their own birthday parties. I was shocked when I was living there and my first birthday there I casually mentioned that it was my birthday that day – everyone said where’s the cake and the champagne?!! meaning it was up to me to supply the “fete” (coming from North America I couldn’t believe it, but it’s true).

  2. Ok I know you’re writing about weight and the gym (or lack thereof) for laughs. *wink- knowing grin* You want to see needing to lose 15 lbs? I’ll show you needing to lose 15 lbs. And you are not it. You know how you’ll know you really need to lose 15 lbs? When you go to buy a dress on the Anthro website and realize they don’t offer your size. That’s how you know you need to lose 15 lbs.

  3. Those better not be the back of your knees because you are NOT wearing the right dress! 😉

  4. If I were your real-life friend, I would be much too intimidated to throw you a birthday party with your par-tay throwing rep. Therefore, yes, you should throw your own! Unless all your creative friends you blogged about in the past can put their heads together!

    I feel the same way about daydreaming. I’ve done it (not that I never still do) but I can never imagine a better life for me. Happy you are blessed with that feeling too!

  5. Colleen M. says:

    Is that the dress you chose!?!?

  6. I adore ruffles…and I love that dress!

    I think you can definitely throw your own birthday party – I’m sure it’ll be fabulous if you do!

    Happy Weekend. 🙂

  7. From what I have seen of your parties I am surprised your friends are not asking you to throw yourself a party! And because you are doing them such a favor, why wouldn’t they shower you with gifts from Antro? I am glad you’re not my friend; I wouldn’t be able to afford you. No, I think it would be a hoot being friends, you can throw the parties and I will enjoy them.

  8. your too too funny. your doing much of what you’d hope for in the end for your life dream. how cool.
    sure wish you had more pics of that party! heee

  9. LOL we here (the Netherlands) also throw our own birthday party’s…If I had to wait for someone else to do it, I might still be waiting…….
    Love the skirts, love anything ruffly ♥♥

  10. I’m sitting here, reading you, it’s 9:43 in the morning and I am eating potato about knee fat.

    Love your cute blog..and you are even cuter. Personality +….

    O, yes…it’s actually GOOD FOR SOUL to daydream….I believe it !!
    xo bj
    p.s. I just became your newest follower…:))

  11. uhhh…..where’s your FOLLOW ME?

  12. Another cute post! I met a friend at IKEA (in Schaumburg) yesterday, too! We spent HOURS there and I did do a lot of daydreaming! Love that place!

  13. Way more fun to throw your own party! It might guilt your friends and family into giving your Anthro gift cards for all your hard work.

  14. Definitely throw yourself a fabulous big ole’ bash! I wish I was able to be there for it!!!

  15. FYI. It is proper etiquette to throw your own party but only if it is a surprise party.

  16. Yep…it sounds like you are living your dream. Well, maybe not the gym part, but you want to look good in those Anthro dresses and skirts! Throw your own party…go for it. Maybe I will make it this time!


  17. Amen, sister;) And have a big birthday bash…you deserve it! Love the ruffle dress:)

  18. Ohhh, how fabulous! LOVE those ruffles and boots! 🙂

  19. I’m throwing myself a birthday party in 2 weeks- I put on the invitation that my husband is the host. I should probably tell him, just in case someone asks 😉 Damn! I should have put that part about gifts from Anthro…

  20. Hells, YEAH, it’s okay to throw your own birthday party!!!! =)

    • P.S. WHERE did you find those glorious boots? Ever since your hoedown post, I’ve been DAYDREAMING about buying some boots. But I don’t want crisp clean boots…I want worn, weathered boots. I suppose I should check out ebay.

  21. I say absolutely throw yourself a party!!! Love that picture by the way…it’s too cute! You couldn’t have gone wrong with either dress:)

  22. You can absolutely throw yourself your own b-day party. Me and my hubby have b-days just 10 days apart in July and we threw ourselves an awesome 40th party at our beach house. My family and friends were psyched that they didn’t have to do it for us!!! Even if you put on the invitation “your gift is your presence” – everyone will still bring you a git. So, go for it!!
    P.S. Love that you read all your comments!

  23. can I make your cake? It will have ruffles.

  24. throw the biggest one you can, I have never done that & daydreaming that I should

  25. Of course it’s ok to throw your own party! At least you’ll get it the way YOU want it! Invite the people YOU want! ;0)

    And yay for being happy where you are at the moment. 🙂


  26. You can always put “best wishes only” but Anthro gift cards would be greatly appreciated!

  27. Your posts are so fun to read!

  28. kasey- have you learned nothing…it is way easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission ( Jeff taught me that when he came home with a Harley)…so by all means throw the party and casually mention Anthro gifts are expected, er…appreciated, or maybe just “welcome”! when is the big day?, you might want to post so Anthro can stock up! XO M

  29. What a wonderful post. You really know how to get them down and I enjoy reading every word. I somehow knew that you were the one in the gray ruffles…..I don’t know if that should scare you or not:) LOL!

  30. ~*~* I LOVE your posts!! You are such a hoot!!!Hugs, Rachel ~*~*~

  31. Oh, so you got my birthday party invitation huh? LOL! Just kidding. Love that top photo! You rock a ruffled skirt, my dear!

  32. love those boots. Such a wonderful blog! keep it coming darling. Love what you are doing! just started a new blog that ou might want to check out

  33. how did i miss this one!
    can’t wait to hear about the next party kasey dear! 🙂

  34. Love a party! Why not throw yourself a party?!
    Love your musings 🙂
    I am still trying to work out what I want to be when I grow up.
    I guess the fun is in trying different things.
    Thanks for the daily laughs

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