what’s a cowgirl to wear

I thought it would be fun to let you in on what’s going on over here

on the Buick ranch.

I have my dress narrowed down to two choices….

since this party is ‘glamorized country’…

whatever that means.

I thought i would let you girls decide which looks better.

The pin stripe dress {above}…which tends to show a bit more leg than i am comfortable with…

or the ruffled grey below.

I would have showed you my hair…but i put in to much aqua net…and didn’t feather it in time.

Actually…the real reason is the GREY is out of control…

and i thought i would just spare you the drama of a freak show.

oh…and yes…the jean jacket is part of the look….

and you are right…jean jackets are a big no-no

unless you live in Texas…or on a farm….

or are having a hoe down party…

or are part of a show/sale in which you sell vintage type goodies….

but please…oh please…just don’t wear your jean jacket with jeans.

i beg you.

The set….


i mean the stage….

or the dance floor….is all done.

I bought some hay bales….and brought out my vintage porch railing…..

and put the walls up.

 I repainted the floor yesterday….

and there are posts on all four corners to string lights from…

Now i just need help figuring out the dress.



p.s. i added a little western action to the photos of me…so you couldn’t see that i didn’t have

my spanx on….it sorta blurred the fact that i have cellulite.



  1. Love, Love em both but for your party I say go with #1~ Too dang cute on you!


  2. Stripe with the belt!! No question…rock those beautiful legs!

    xox, Meredith

  3. Sheesh Woman!! Have a few comments why don’t ya??? You never knew people were so interested in helping you get dressed, did you? Okay, that came out wrong, but you know what I mean. ha! I like the gray dress better. Not that you don’t have great legs…as a matter of fact, I saw the first photo and thought…wish my legs looked that good in a short dress…really, I promise I thought that. But I l.o.v.e. that gray dress, so that’s my vote.

    Hope your party is AWESOME…I threw that in for the feathered hair crack!


  4. #2 love love love : )

  5. annette richmond says:

    the gray dress with your jean jacket. And i say jean jackets are great with just about anything any time. The first dress looked great but the second dress that said you. And you don’t ever look fat.

    Have a great party ,

  6. Terri Lynn says:

    Luv, luv, LUV the pinstripe hands down!!!!!!!!! So fun, festive, and flirty. Now do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around n put that little gray number right back in your closet till next time. ps I’m still checkin my mailbox for my invite…lol…no really!

  7. Tana Hendricks says:

    I vote for the pinstripe dress with the belt. Very cute!

  8. Both beautiful

    I think #1 is more stylist. Enjoy your event

  9. Definitely the gray one. It is more flattering. They are both cute though.

  10. Linda / Seattle says:

    1st photo, the one with belt………….LOOKS HOT !

  11. Ruffles yeeehaw!

    If you get a moment, I would love for you to stop by and enter my fabulous fall and French GIVEAWAY.

  12. I love the second dress! I hope you have a wonderful party kasey!

  13. I love the first one! FUN!! But go for what you are comfortable in! Then you’ll know you’ll have fun and not worry about what you are wearing! Have a super cow-down two-steppin’ event! 😉

  14. Dress number one. Makes you look like one sexy cowgirl!

  15. I vote for the grey ruffled.
    It says classy country, to me : )
    Have fun!
    xx Suzanne

  16. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    I vote for #1. I think you should add some red beads or bracelets to go with the turquiose belt.

  17. I LOVE your grey ruffle dress with the jean jacket and boots! Wish I had a dress just like that!

  18. ooh, love the first one the best!! the grey is too subdued for a hoe-down….yee haw!

  19. I love love love the pinstripe and belt! Hope you guys have a great party!

  20. pin stripe with belt is adorable! and you are crazy…you have awesome legs. i’ll send you a pic of what cellulite REALLY looks like if you’re brave enough 😉

  21. i like the second one SO much! it`s absolute perfection! subdued, yet really sexy and pretty…

  22. Bite the bullet & wear the first one. It looks great on you.

  23. the first one (pin striped)…cute cute cute at the bottom and you’ll be dancing so much your legs won’t be still enough for anyone to inspect them, right? 😉

  24. Go for the first one! It’s def more country and you look like one hot cowgirl (i say this of course in a completely non-sexual way :p)

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