never judge a sweater by it’s thread count

Sometimes it looks as if i only have two children.

The third….errr….i mean the first child….just does not like to be photographed.

Not even bribing him helps.

Lola does like to be paid….and once she see’s the cold hard cash dangling in front of her

she will sit and pose for me.

Even if the new pants i got her itch like hell.


Fin on the other hand……poses non stop.

I just have to pay him in hugs and kisses.

He got in trouble the first day at school for taking his thumb….licking it…

and then putting his thumb against his tush while making the “ssssssss” sound.

He even got caught  wearing a sleeveless shirt the other day.

I only put a sleeveless shirt on him because i did not have any clean clothes available.

The truth….i swear.

So….the fashion police stopped him in the hallway at school to tell him

that only construction workers can wear sleeveless shirts.

Or if you are working on re-building your back deck.

Or if you wear black socks and white tennis shoes and have a car up on blocks in your front yard.

Needless to say…..Fin won’t be wearing anymore sleeveless shirts.


This little outfit lola is wearing….well…..i want one just like it…..

but they didn’t have my size. I got the cropped pants and sweater at T.J.Maxx….

and the shoes clearenced at Gap for $11.

You all had so many question in my post about my housewives friends…..


*the recipe for the lemon mini bundt cakes.*

{those are from whole foods…because my oven had a mid life crises and no longer works}

*the recipe for the quiche.*

{again….that is from my local FAVORITE cafe….Townhouse}

*where are all my fat friends…*

{really..all of my friends are super healthy and take care of themselves..except for the hippie…i think

she smokes something organic…but don’t tell her i said anything}

*did you drink all the champagne.*

{yes…..i could barely make it down the street to get my kids off the bus}

*everything looked too perfect…are you sure you  really have children.*

{you caught me….i don’t have any children…they are rented from the local ymca}

*wow…you rea’lly like to u’se a lot of apostra’phe’s.*

{yes….ye’s i do….than’k you for takin’g the time to poin’t that out}

*your lemon whipped cream could use some lemon zest..have you tried that..oh….

and it just didn’t look fluffy enough.*

{no…i have not tried that…oh…and you try inviting a bunch of girls over to your house

and make kids lunches and get them to the bus on time in order to celebrate…then let me know

how fluffy your whipped cream turns out}

*do you need some money for Anthro boots since you have to use your savings for your new oven.*

{yes….please….i’m a size 8.5}

Okay…that last one my alter ego made me ask. Anyhoo….if you have anymore Q’s to ask me…

go ahead….i will gladly do that for you.

 Unless  you say you saw my kids tied to a tree out front and you are reporting me

to the local authorities….

I won’t answer your questions then.

But everyone else…..feel free to jump in.



  1. I have one!!!!
    I know you said you use photoshop and the Florabella actions for you photos, but which action is your fav?

  2. What did you have for dinner last night if your oven is broken?
    Just curious in Maryland.

  3. Just had to comment. I read your blog everyday (big of a stalker 🙂 ) and seriously just laugh my butt off. Love it!!! Thank you so much for brightening up my day. xx

  4. melanie thomas says:

    woohoo…you make me giggle. thanks for your honesty and sharing your spin on life!

  5. Oh wow…you did it again…just when I thought you couldn’t be any funnier! Laughing out loud:)
    And as usual, the kids are adorable!

  6. Loved your Q&A’s! And the photos — those are some adorable kids! Thanks for the tip on bribing — now, I know how to get my daughter to cooperate for photos –duh — why didn’t I think of it sooner!

  7. Oh my! That Fin is hilarious! I’m glad you have 1 that will pose for ya no matter what! 🙂

  8. apostra’phe’ shmostrophy!!!! We all love the way you write and dont care about such things!!!! ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘
    Question???? What ever happened to the weight loss challenge? Im waiting????? I was hoping for some motivation…..
    I officially started yesterday. NO sugar as of yet.. My kids already know to stay clear of me 🙂

    Super Cute picture of Fin, and Lola is fashionable in her beautiful sweater.. That reminds me, I better get to school shopping!!!

  9. How much do you LOVE your oven being broken? Perfect excuse.

  10. oh i have a giggle over your kiddos- they’d get on sooo well with mine- and i’d just like to say, living here in ol’blighty all 3 of mine have to wear school uniforms complete with ties!

    the eldest even has to wear a coat and tie!! i think she’d love to go in Lola’s shoes to school- they were pretty cool shoes!

    tell me- do you think it would make it easier for you in the mornings if they just HAD to wear a school uniform??

    not nearly as cool i have to admit…
    and most school uniforms do have sleeves so fin may not like it too much…

    but sometimes it is just too easy!

    melissa ….

  11. I read your blog every single day because it MAKES MY DAY!! Your way with words is hilarious and I love seeing and hearing about your children (your husband, too!) and their adventures. It sounds like you have a wonderful, loving family. Keep up the good work!!

  12. And who has time to make pie!


  13. Go FIN!
    I’m LOVIN’ that little sleeve~less squirt!
    And Lola!
    What a cutie~pa~tootie!
    And sheeeeeesh!
    Did someone reallllllllly question the flufffffffy~ness of your lemon whipped cream!!!!
    I was in complete AWE at that little gathering!
    I was so busy studying EVERY~SINGLE detail…
    about EVERY~SINGLE picture…
    I could have given a RATs~ASS how fluffy that lemon whipped cream was!
    Only down~side to that post about your ADORABLE friends….
    made my life seem like a pile of DO~DO!
    I mean when I popped off that post after reading and studying it…I was like HELL!
    I only THOUGHT I had a LIFE!!!!!!!!! ;o)
    You ROCK sweet~girl!
    I hope you don’t mind that I am completely FASCINATED with your adorable self!
    Truly I am!
    Happy Day Kasey!
    And I can just see Fin sizzzzzlin’ his bee~hiney! ;o)

  14. Oh man….how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!!
    You are such a crack-cup 😉 Love it!!
    Thank you for my daily dose of laughter girlie 😀

    *ps – please tell me how you “broke” your oven…. I might have to use that excuse!

  15. Kasey you have me laughing so hard…I so can see my Elijah doing the thumb licking and “sss” sound…so funny!! Who are these people the “fashion police” at school to say anything to Fin about his sleeve less shirt…laughing again!! I love it all! Here is a question for you…How do you get such amazing lighting in your pictures? So beautiful!!! Can’t wait to hear more stories of Fins first year of Kindergarten…if you and your kids haven’t read the stories of Junie B. Jones you need to…you will laugh your butt off! Have a great week!


  16. SHUT UP!! I had to go back and read the comments on your “housewives” post and someone really did point out the proper use of apostrophe’s AND the lemon whipped cream!! GET OUT!!! I use exclamation marks all the damn time!!! SEE!!!!! My blog MY exclamation marks!!!! I am a VERY animated person!!

    Add lemon zest…you are “almost” there! OMG!!!

    Love your blog…but you already know that!! OH! And I used periods alot…see…!!!

    Have a great day!

    Lou Cinda 🙂 (I make a smiley face too) All the time!!!!!!!…

  17. I was wondering where your fat friends are too – if I ever save enough to get to the States I could fill that position for you! I wish I could pull off an afternoon tea like you can – I don’t think I’ve got it in me to even take things out of boxes and arrange them to look tasty!
    Your kids are such blondies especially your little man – my niece’s hair is that white too – so cute!
    Would Lola be interested in a Welsh penpal – if you are interested read my post
    and let me know.
    We have had a few offers from other countries but none from the USA yet and the kids are nagging me to have our first pen pal club meeting – we have boys joining us now too so if Lola has any friends (male or female) they are welcome to join in.

  18. I too went back & had to read the whip/whipped/whipping cream thing! *LOL* I admired you for having your stuff together to get your kids to school & throw a party for friends. I would not have been so together. 🙂 It looked like a great time!

  19. Your housewives party looked and sounded awesome!

    You are hilarious…this is why I love reading your blog. Most of my blog friends are homeschooling moms with lots of kids so reading your blog sorta spices my life up a bit. Not that I’m boring or anything…ha ha!!

    Your kids are gorgeous btw…

    Chris xo

  20. Kasey I love your blog…your kiddos are so darn cute…and I can’t believe people were criticizing your use of apostrophe’s and your whipping cream…

    seriously keep doing what you’re doing and thanks for the many laughs and inspirations you give us.

    Can’t wait to see what you blog next 😀

  21. You’re too cute. . . and so are your two children who can be bribed to let you photograph them.

  22. I’d love to hear more about your potty talk rules…my son (2nd grade) loves potty talk and it drives me and my hubby crazy…yet sometimes I know I need to pick my battles and let boys be boys…where do you draw the line and how do you handle it?

  23. Too funny!your kids are adorable!

  24. Too cute they are and too funny…I seriously hope someone didn’t say something about the lemon whip…it looked fluffy enough to me! lol

  25. I can always count on you for making me laugh.

  26. she is a stylish little thing. i love her outfit. and how can fin get in trouble for anything. just look at him.

  27. I LOVE Townhouse Books! It was one of the fun places I’d go with girlfriends to lunch. I’m assuming that’s the Townhouse you mentioned. Since I used to live in YOUR NECK OF THE WOODS, I know from where you speak. 😉 Miss the place really, I do.

  28. oh my goodness, great blog – great pictures – GREAT models!

  29. Oh my goodness you are hysterical! i think i adore you and probably plan to stalk you a bit from here on out! my thought is that your kids are lucky you were able to pull yourself away from the champy and collect them! they are truly blessed! i on the other hand may have had a much more difficult time making it to the bus stop without a little stop, drop, and roll along the way…and oh how i adore champagne, who really cares about the fluffy food at that point! am i right?

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