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I am really excited to tell you about my friend Beth’s shop Eliwill today.

I know Beth personally….we’ve met a few times…and i was lucky enough to get her to come

to a little event i had at my home this last December in which all the attendees were able

to make one of her necklaces. Beth is one of the most creative girls i know…and her pieces

that she designs and creates….puts Anthro to shame at times.

I own many of her pieces….and wouldn’t be suprised if Anthro comes knocking at her door

and asked her to help in the creating of some of their new line.

Just saying…..

and maybe Anthro would ask ME to help in the whole process.

If not…i have a feeling Eliwill is on the cutting edge of gorgeous handmade eye candy.

I love that her pieces have a vintage feel to them…

but still can be worn with the trendiest outfit.



I’ll take one of each please.


i guess this isn’t about what i want now is it…..


it’s about what you want. 

Beth has so kindly offered TWO of YOU some of my favorite pieces….yes…my favorite…

which is this necklace {here}…..and someone will also get chosen for these earings {here}.

I think you will love them as much as i do….

and if you do…..all you have to do is head over to her shop Eliwill {here}….then come back and leave a comment

here telling me which piece is your favorite.

Beth is also going to be at The Renegade Craft fair in Chicago…Sept. 11 & 12….which i will be perusing around myself….so if you are in the Chicago area..it’s a must go to event filled with the best in handmade.

I hope you love Eliwill as much as i do.

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  1. OH I have loved her ETSY store for some time now!!! I LOVE the robin’s egg blue earrings!

  2. Mary Jane says:

    You are right……the jewels are amazing! I love the colors! The Annie earings are wonderful!

  3. Kim Wilson says:

    My Momma told me never to play favorites which now makes perfect sense with all these pretty pieces. Sensory overload (especially when i can actually afford them)! For the sake of the giveaway (thanks for the chance) i’ll have to make special mention of the lorna, nicolette & karel earrings and the frances may necklace. The way everything is displayed is very sweet as well & makes it all that much more fun to look! Look forward to seeing these in person at the Renegade 🙂 Good luck to me…whoops, i mean all who posted 😉

  4. Gorgeous stuff! I love the “Alecia” bracelet and the “emerson” earrings!! So many lovely things its hard to have one fave!!

  5. LOVE those gabbie earrings. Those and the Alecia bracelet. Beautiful!

  6. I actually love your favorite necklace. That would absolutely be perfect with an outfit I have for an upcoming summer wedding!

  7. Love the vintage look! Now that my kids are old enough to not accidentally yank on my earrings I really need to get back in the habit of wearing them every day.

  8. I have never visited her site before and I am so impressed.
    I love all things pearl but if I was choosing I think I would buy the Senora earrings because I am in the mood for fall and denim!
    Thanks for another fun giveaway!

  9. I adore my Eliwill necklace! Oh but that gold locket…gorgeous!!
    Good luck to all those who have entered.
    What an amazing holiday Kasey…you look so pretty on the beach.
    Sweet dress.
    Love your log date. I want to sit on a log and sip wine with my hubby… even in our yard would be nice.
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  10. Pick one are you serious? I’ll take her whole store 🙂 The Kellee necklace is probably my fave.

  11. I like the diana, elaine, and kelle necklaces!!! So cute!!!

  12. after thinking piece after piece has been my favorite – i think i would settle for the Genevive earrings 🙂 they are all lovely 🙂

  13. My favorite is Sadie Necklace. And you are right Anthro just might be calling her.
    My 17yr old daughter has started making jewerly and I think she is doing quit well.
    I will be showing her this blog.
    Sure hope I win!
    Enjoy your day.

  14. I like the faryn necklace. Beth does beautiful work. Thanks Kasey for another wonderful giveaway.

  15. it was hard to just pick one thing! but i like the KAYCE earrings..

  16. I love the ALECIA bracelet! So beautiful!

  17. I love every piece, but really adore the locket necklaces. What an awesome giveaway! I will be keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

  18. Zoe Pittman says:

    I love the necklace with the Gold Coin Pearl – Just stunning!!

  19. Oh my goodness. That Alecia bracelet for sure. Gotta have it!!! All lovely.

  20. Wow! Seriously! How would you choose? they are all so gorgeous and unique. Guess i would have to say the cora necklace if I had to though! so generous ! thanks for the chance!

  21. I love the Mari earrings… but then again, I love them all!

  22. I love the last earrings that you pictured above, though i couldn’t find them on the website…loved most everything there though. And they way they were featured was lovely! Wonderful giveaway!

    tammy t

  23. Jen Sore says:

    In addition to the two pieces you picked out (of course), I love the matilda earrings and the quinn necklace!

  24. Love the Kellee necklace and on the site also loved the Marta. Beautiful jewelry!

  25. Don’t you just love that she names all her pieces after women? I do! I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite–there are a million things I absolutely love and they are priced SO reasonably. But, one thing I was drawn to were the Adri earrings. They would look awesome with my short hair!

  26. Thanks for sharing her site! I love her jewelry:) I think my favorite is also the Kellee…so anthro chic!

  27. Melanie says:

    They are all lovely pieces! Favourites include the Annie earings and the kellee necklace. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Nice, nice, nice.

  29. I love the Kellee necklace! I think I may be too late to comment for the giveaway, but that’s ok! Still wanted to say the jewelry is gorgeous!

  30. Gorgeous stuff….my favorite are those earring called Genevive. It’s only 11:26 here…what’s your time?

  31. Howdy Kasey- I’ve been searching your blog for pics of your dining room {an upcoming blogger feature I’m posting} and just stumbled upon this. What a loser am I that I never checked the bottom of your post to see that I actually won something~ ugh. ;(
    Well I’m back to searching for a dining room pic from your sweet home.

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