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The girls and i got together last night for a little bible study.

As you can see…we like to get together …and studying EVE is something i highly recommend.


You will love learning about Eve…i know we did.

Let me know how you like it.

I think we all needed to have a little get together because yesterday morning i woke up to

the local tornado warning going off.

What you might not realize is….we don’t really have a basement.

We have a cellar.

Contrary to popular belief…it’s not a wine cellar…its a dark ..and damp.

So Lola and i woke the boys up and headed down to the cellar only to realize…

if we were to die…that i would rather die with my kids…and in comfort.

I know…totally selfish.

But i wanted to be up in the comfort of my white slip covered furniture and surrounded by

bowls of golden grahams with the Today show on in the background.

So we headed back upstairs…and guess what.

We lived!

Later in the day i went to costco….to develop some photos and well….

i needed some cookie dough.

You really can’t go wrong with a  tub of cookie dough the size of a small suitcase.

The funny thing is…i ran into another friend who had TWO tubs in her cart.

We just looked at each other and smiled because we both know we don’t really make cookies

with that dough…..we like to eat it raw.

We like to eat raw eggs.

And now i’m fat.

The girls and i spoke last night about signing up next week for a week long boot camp

kick your butt type of thing at 530 every morning.

It’s actually called ‘Boot Camp Crawl’….but i nicknamed it…

‘crawl my butt right back into bed’.

Five mornings of just over an hour week long thing.

I’ll let you know what i decide….because i am still undecided for.

I mean…Sunday evening happens to be Halloween and we like to drink our hot toddies and

eat our snicker bars ….so let me sleep on it.

I’m sitting on my sofa right this minute…watching Oprah.

You read that right….anyone else watching the cast of Sound of Music? I happen to

that movie…and we watch it every year. Sort of like a tradition.

I told bryan that we need to start going to Austria for a tradition…

and run through the hills singing that famous song.

Maybe Lola and i would wear our white dresses with blue satin sashes.

Bryan told me he will NOT be a part of that tradition.

Party pooper.

Alrighty…i think i will go eat some more of that cookie dough…it’s good for you ya know.

p.s. thank you all for your thoughtful comments on my hoe down party..

i truly appreciate it.

p.p.s. In case any of you were wondering…my dead mouse count is up to 6.

p.p.s.s. Sticky traps work the best.

p.p.p.s.s. We even got a two for one last week….two mice in one trap. If you are going to might as well die with the one you love.


  1. You are damn funny.

    Love the photos.


  2. I like the bible study idea. Sounds like a good reason to get together with the ladies and look busy. We had the sirens, too…in Evergreen Park, and the wind scared me to death. We are surrounded by a lot of old trees. Anyhow, stayed upstairs since I want to see what kills me.


  3. Thankfully, we didn’t have any sirens go off for the crazy wind that was going on in Iowa. But, since I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment, I too don’t have a basement.
    And I meant to comment about the hoe down party. LOVE.IT.ALL. You have inspired to want to host one next year. Now to find the location.
    Also, I believe my parents, sister, and I will be visiting Austria when we head over to Germany to visit said sister. Since it is so close, we must see the basis for the Sound of Music! 🙂

  4. Ok I can’t believe sticky traps work for you! Everytime I use them….they get loose when I’m RIGHT beside the trap. And just FYI, don’t try to kill them by pouring rubbing alcohol on the trap. APPARENTLY…it loosens the glue. haha!

  5. Did you really have bible study ?????

    that b/w of lola
    forget all the other non-sense about dead critters

    seriously. love that shot.
    canvas maybe?

  7. I’m glad you lived and got to watch the Sound of Music cast on Oprah. That’s worth living for!

  8. I went to Austria and saw all the major sights from the movie. They are spread all over that country! That cemetery? Not even on top of a nunnery. The house isn’t on a river and the gazebo is in a different town. It is nuts. But still fun 🙂

  9. Hilarious. You really lucked out on the two for one mouse catch thing.
    I must try some of that wine!

  10. hmmm….don’t know how to say this….i have been reading your blog for a looonngg time and have always enjoyed it, but were you really mocking Bible studies in your last blog?! i think this might be goodbye…

  11. Seriously! Did you read the commenter above me?
    Tell her goodbye.
    People can be so highstrung and don’t know how to have fun.
    I for one, am going to have to try that EVE with my next bible study.
    I love your blog Kasey!!!!!

  12. hey, I just bought a tub of that cookie dough at costco on Tuesday! I eat it raw too!! I am ashamed to admit our total was up to 7! I stopped feeling bad for the little creatures after we caught 3. Good Luck!

  13. I might just have some wine tonight as well.
    mice..did you say mice. welcome to my club.
    p.s. I love you and your humor, so keep up the work. I for one did not think you were mocking in any way!!!!!!

  14. Too funny! I am at home in Boston watching Oprah and the cast of Sound of Music!

  15. I know what you mean, I want to die in comfort too…and please, let there be some cookie dough involved.

  16. I want to be a part of your bible study!

  17. I also love the Sound of Music. I forced my 3 boys to watch it when they were older ( 2 were in their teens) and they loved (Liked) it. My husband and I were stationed in Berlin Germany in the early 80’s and we went to Austria to see where they filmed it. It was really beautiful.

  18. mv……really?…really? ease up on your life!

    Kasey, Just can’t get enough of your humor! Please write a series of Humor books!ok?

  19. Yikes, I wondered if anyone was going to get offended about Eve when I was reading it. Oh well, such is life, and it is your life, live it the way you know best. What is up with the mice this year? We have gotten 6 as well at our house…never ever had them before. And I have had a bug service for 15 years that sets those black boxes with bait on the outside of our house (26 of them, we are surrounded by brush) and we are still getting mice. My daughter and her husband just bought a short sale home, and that place was rat infested…so gross. The guy up and left the place with everything in it, including a refrigerator full of Omaha steaks, and a doggie door open. Needless to say the gas and electric got shut off and the rats came in and feasted. EEEWWW. 25 was the last count, but I think we got them all.

  20. How do you do it?? You write about dead mice and still make me laugh! I love The Sound of Music…my daughters, on the other hand…they don’t appreciate a good musical:)

  21. DangerPup says:

    Love that shot of L.

  22. you’re not fat

  23. What…did you say mice?! I am Freaking out over here because I saw two in my house, I want to move! I can’t even go into my kitchen late at night for a drink of water, I hate them!

    I think a trip to Austria sounds like a great tradition….you would have to sing through the hills of course.

  24. 2 for 1 – I like it! I have the same annual watching of Sound of Music tradition, only my kids always give up watching once I start singing “I am 16 going on 17”. They’ve never fully appreciated my talents!
    B x

  25. too funny! I agree about dying in comfort – who wants the last thing they remember to be a creepy cellar? and there’s probably mice in it so even worse! ; ) peanut butter works great in mouse traps but those ultrasonic buzzer things you plug in work really well too – I had a friend with a barn and once she plugged in a few of those, never another mouse. 🙂

  26. seriously…you are ridiculously funny on top of everything…great pics and Bobby will have nothing to do with the movie Sound of Music…ever…

  27. and I’m slightly annoyed that someone left that comment for you…you weren’t mocking anything to me:)
    xo to you

  28. You almost lost ME due to the whole bible study thing. But you quickly redeemed yourself with the Eve wine….just goes to show how different people are. *idly wonders how many commentators will slag me off for dissing bible study*

  29. To clarify- I meant I was disappointed you actually HAVE bible study. *shudders*

  30. Hi Kasey!

    I always laugh when people say the blogging world is small because, well, it isn’t. But then I have to pause sometimes….because, like today, I just saw your photo on Bakerella. I had to scroll backwards to make sure I’d seen right and there you were!!! 🙂 The blogging world really IS small.

    Sidenote: I made my first cake pops last night. Um, hello, pains in the A**. They are really temperamental. Am I the only one? Ha ha ha. They’re cute and all but that at least cut a few weeks off of my life…..

  31. Your butt better be there at 5:30AM on Monday or Shannon and I will come drag you out of bed when its over and demand you cook us breakfast! Misery loves company.

  32. We are supposed to go sit in the hall during a tornado…the hall? I mean, if the house blows away, I don’t feel good about the hall being left behind with all of us huddled in it…just sayin’

    Lou Cinda 🙂

  33. How about I send you 7 or 8 authentic Windy Ridge kittens…great mousers. Free of charge. 😉

  34. I love the Sound of Music too…and when I was younger and had more money because I had no kids…or, wait- I was poor but didn’t really care because I was in college- I went to Austria (cause it wasn’t that far from my place in Paris) and did the tour and saw the houses and the gazebo and church and ran through the hills. on the day before Christmas. Ah, memories of my previous glamorous life. BUT today, on a related note, I saw Oprah’s house on TMZ and the back of it is TOTALLY the Sound of Music house with the terasse and the stairs down and the balustrade…

  35. I love reading your blog and the adventures you have…Thanks for putting a smile on my face and for the laughs. This might sound morbid but I totally loved and laughed about the update on the sticky traps and the mice, especially the 2 for 1. Have a great weekend!!

  36. soooo…..this is even harder for me to say then my first comment……ehhhhh! i was WRONG to respond the way i did to your post. i’m sorry kasey. the ironic thing is, i was getting soooo offended over you joking about a Bible study and then i myself completely did the opposite of what the Bible teaches us to do…….”You must understand this, my dear brothers. Everyone should be QUICK TO LISTEN, SLOOOOW TO SPEAK, and SLOW TO GET ANGRY.” James 1:19 or here’s another one, “Proverbs 29:20 Do you see a man who speaks in haste? There is more hope for a FOOL than for him.” yeah…. that one smarts a bit! 🙂 but i can admit i was being a fool when i commented on your post. can you forgive me? 🙁

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