Holiday market

I can hardly believe it is almost time to start shopping for the holidays..

and i for one tend to wait till the very last minute…and i have a feeling my family

is tired of getting chia pets as gifts every year……but this year will be different.

I promise mom and dad.

Pinky swear!

I for one will be buying mostly handmade this year..and one market i really

am excited to shop at this season is this one hosted by the 3 French Hens.

You might remember when i headed there this last last summer…and i was wearing

sandals and a sun dress…..

oh…and eating cobbler.

Except this time i’ll be in boots and a coat….and sipping hot cocoa.

If you live in the Chicago area and surrounding burbs…the darling town of Morris is not to far.

You can read about my little jaunt down there {here}.

I am packing up some of my girlfriends and heading down for some shopping on Saturday Nov. 20th…

so i hope to see some of you there.

I also heard…that maybe..just maybe…Santa will be there and letting us sit on his lap.

That’s just a rumor though…so don’t hold me to it if you show up and he’s not there.

If you happen to go on Friday night…which is their preview party…there will be

a dessert bar….and that part i confirmed.

If i go Friday night…i’ll be the girl in the front of the line.

For info on the can check out their blog {here}.


  1. Thanks for the info, Kasey. Count me in!


  2. Sounds so fun! Can’t wait to see photos from the event. 🙂

  3. wish i could go, maybe santa will grant my wishes this year! lulu

  4. what fun!!!
    i’d love to be a packed up girlfriend coming along for the fun
    atleast for the santa part

  5. This sound like fun. Maybe I will see you there.

  6. Oh it sounds wonderful…wish I lived closer so I could go:)

  7. Oh, oh, I wanna go I wanna go! Sounds like fun! Too bad it’s just a weeeee bit far away from me 🙁

  8. i just might have to go to this!! thanks for posting it.
    ps got my stuff! love it, so sweet. i wore the button ring first thing. xx

  9. I would love to come and dress up in boots with you

  10. This looks really fun. I have heard a lot about this little town. I have to pick up my daughter from college that weekend in Iowa… I’m thinking I can detour to Morris on the way.

  11. you have been such a good little girl all year long Kasey…just get me your Holiday Gift wish list, and it is all yours

  12. What a fun idea!!! 🙂

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