as of now…


  1. …..i no longer have a preschooler.
  2. i now have one child home for the summer.
  3. i have cookies in the oven.
  4. i gave up cleaning my house to write about stuff.
  5. i have 4 loads of laundry sitting on the sofa.
  6. i opened a beer.
  7. i am going to Sex & the City tonight.
  8. i am down to one friend going tonight.
  9. i found a rockin dress by Zac Posen at Target.
  10. my friend will NOT care if my home is a mess when she comes over.
  11. i need to shave my legs.
  12. i had my hair washed and blown dry at the salon yesterday.
  13. i learned NOT to tweet that my hair is getting a blow job.
  14. i had frosted flakes for breakfast with my kids.
  15. i still refuse to wear a one piece swim suit.
  16. i missed boot camp this morning so i could sit in peace & quiet my last 2 child free hours.
  17. my face turns teenager in the humidity.
  18. Nate Berkus crank called me.
  19. i am pretty sure it was him.
  20. deep down i think i have hoarding tendencies.
  21. i don’t eat beef but i love a good hamburger.
  22. we never got the frenchie because we are gone for 3 whole weeks this summer.
  23. we decided to wait and find one when we return.
  24. i am listening to pandora.
  25. i really love Dawn Landes and Rosie Golan.
  26. i  am thinking i should get back to the laundry.
  27. i need to let bryan think i did something useful today.
  28. he doesn’t really like coming home to kraft mac n cheese.
  29. he sometimes likes clean socks.
  30. i am going to go and kiss that cute PRESCHOOLER…KINDERGARTNER.



  1. I am cracking up over tweeting hair blow job:) Have fun tonight.

  2. LOVE! ‘specially lucky #13 … we could all learn a lesson from your lesson!

  3. have fun at SATC tonight!!
    p.s. you know you have a GOOD friend when you know you don’t have to pre-clean the entire house when she shows up!

  4. I ♥ you Kasey! Enjoy your beer and the movie. I’m also listening to pandora and have some hoarder tendencies too, you should see my garage!

  5. I can’t believe you are already starting summer break! We have a few weeks to go, granted, I always have one home anyway…
    Have a great time tonight – love the dress!

  6. I’m wishing I could still wear a 2 piece…no such luck. 4 kids eliminated that possibility for me. But they’re worth it. 🙂

  7. Kiss the kindergardener for me and have a ball in the dress. teach your kids to do the washing and cooking and tweet all you like about your hair getting a blow job. And I shall do the same -)

  8. Yup! Sniff! Kiss him good! What a difference a day makes.

    My oldest has been away since Monday at the school eco learning camp that all the sixth graders go to. Big grow up time. In a couple of weeks he “graduates” and is a Jr. Higher. I feel like I might officially be a mom now.

  9. Look how CUTE your KINDERGÄRTNER looks! Each stage is amazing and hard to believe.
    Wait until you say, hey, I’ve got a girl in HIGH SCHOOL ~ that’ll knock your socks off!
    I’ve had similar days in recent, well ~ DAYS, where it is all caving in and you have to PRIORITIZE!
    And I’d say you’ve got them just right : )
    Have a fantastic time tonight!!!!
    xx P&H

  10. How sweet! I love this image of your little man. He is adorable! I also enjoyed reading your happenings today. Hope you enjoy the flick tonight.

  11. kristin says:

    i do believe my pile of laundry would take more than one beer…so i think you’re good! ;0) go have a good time at the movie , i’m also loving on my ex-preschooler!!

  12. You SO better call me everyday this summer….we will both the need the {in}sanity!

  13. I love you list and your wit Kasey ~ hope you have a wonderful time tonight at the movie with your hot new dress!

  14. where are you going for 3 weeks this summer?

  15. pandora? please tell….

  16. Feelin’ your pain. Preschool graduation (blow #1) was Tuesday night for me. Kindergarten enrollment (blow #2) was today. Too many milestones in one week for this poor Mama. (Although the thought of a wee bit more free time next year while the boy is at everyday all-day kindergarten is helping to heal this heart, haha. Maybe I can use my newfound freetime to acquire some sort of part-time gig at the Anthro going up less than a mile from my house!!!!)

  17. that list was brilliant- its a big time of change in your house… enjoy this summer….serve mac n’ cheese regularly and ignore the washing…….dont want them to grow up and remember a tidy manic mother!
    tee hee love the hair description- tooo funny!

  18. i love those kinds of post kasey. how was the movie?

  19. i’m sitting here reading blogs when i should be cleaning but i’m savoring the quiet…. for a tiny bit… then i’ll go kiss my now official kindergartener.

  20. congrats to your kindergartener 🙂
    and i feel exactly the same way about hamburgers and beef……

  21. You are positively adorable. 🙂

  22. Awwww no puppy for now. 🙁

    Hehehehe I love that you say you should let the hubby know you did something useful today. My friend and I joke about that all the time. Laundry is always the standby too… You can be lounging around in pj’s all day with hairy legs, but honey… I did the laundry… hehehe

    Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  23. he is adorable! fun list!! have a great weekend!! susan

  24. Oh how I can relate to that list;) You’ve got one cute soon-to-be kindergartener there! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, Kasey:)

  25. you are so cute Kasey…love that dress by the way:) and cute cute picture you have there of him

  26. I can so relate to your list! Well – was “SATC” good? Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


  27. lol

  28. HEE HEE #13 had me laughing out loud 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend!

  29. Fin is darling. Have fun tonight!

  30. …just stopping by to tell you that i love reading your blog…and to wish you a happy weekend…and to tell lola that morgan will be writing soon…that’s all


  31. I want to see that rockin dress…
    My best friend is moving. Ever had that happen? We had lunch today and even though the move is months away I cried. Im already feeling lonley. SO… I went with her to find this rockin dress you speak of. Hoped it would pick up my spirits and I never found it… She found a rockin dress and it picked up her spirits so mine were lifted a bit as well. Still wish I had found one.
    Soooooo, I too picked up a beer… I too have loads of laundry on the sofa. Well maybe one…. But more important Im spending the weekend with my friend. Feeling the loss already and wondering how i will fill the void. Never had a best friend besides my husband in my adult years. Just met her a few years ago and it’s has ben a blast.
    So lets see this rockin dress Miss Kasey… And if you take a picture with a pair of your always rockin shoes with it please give me that info to.
    Happy weekend…. Oh FYI.. Im going to make my friend the Sangria and the shmores with gardelli carmel chocolates on our weekend… Cant wait….

  32. Sounds perfect to me! I can’t wait to see that movie! We just got a puppy{An English Springer Spaniel} It’s 10 weeks tomorrow. I just blogged about him. He’s so sweet but I’m sleep deprived. So it’s a good thing your waiting and then you will have a new baby again…… so it will keep you busy! I have older kids and I’m still the one who is taking the most care of him. It’s summer though so all is good!

  33. Oh your baby is growing up. Enjoy these times in their lives they growup oh too quickly. Happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.

  34. I luv your list! I’m sill roflmao on the blow job. I luved that one! I feel ya, my son was once a child and I had a party when he went to school finally! I sure do miss those good ol’ days having free time. It never comes my way even though he’s all grown up now. Still have 10 loads of laundry, still have dishes to wash, and everything else still piles up to the roof. Thanks for the laughs! You’re too CUTE for words 😉

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