a garden for anyone…

I don’t garden…..

total shocker….i know…..but between being such an awesome hands-on mom..

and the best wife a man could ask for…

its sort of hard to fit gardening into my schedule.

I might even cook tonight.

I said MIGHT cook…..don’t count on it though.

Alrighty then…how did cooking get mixed in with being a good wife?

Sheesh….okay…back to the regularly scheduled program then.

We bought our home from a couple who spent every spare minute in the garden…

and it shows….because our backyard is full of all kinds of different types of beautiful flowers.

It’s also home to many many weeds .

I now call my backyard an English garden…because i just let it go.

The one thing i can do ..and enjoy is…..

my herb garden.

If you happen to be like me….or you don’t have much space for a real garden…

you can use an old metal wash basin like i used.

I painted mine a celery green and it’s aged to perfection.

Bryan kindly refers to it as ….

“if she doesn’t wash clothes she might as well grow something in it”



I call one side my spaghetti side because it houses 2 types of small cherry tomatoes,

basil..and oregano.

The other side is my “mish mash” side.  It houses dill, chives, mint, and tarragon.

The wonderful  thing about these old metal basins are that most of them still have

the drains in the bottom and a hose that can drain the water out when it rains too hard or

you over-water.

I never over-water.

I’m lucky if i even get out to water.

Thank goodness herbs are really just glorified weeds and can take a little heat

and dryness should one forget to water.

We found this strawberry plant that has taken residence under my basin. I actually

had strawberries planted last year on one side and i think the seeds must have come out

thru the drain in the bottom and then taken root in the soil.

I hope they survive.

As you can see…i even watered them today!


  1. Hey lady! I really want one of those wash tubs…such a great use for it!

  2. I love everything! Can you please tell me about the forks? Is that your label holder?

    • yes…they are the label holders. Or i might make the kids eat dinner with them if they don’t behave.

      • If your children do behave … what type of paper or label do you use so when you water they don’t just wash away?? Sorry I need detail for this cute-ness!

  3. I love these photos. They are gorgeous. They remind me of my mother’s backyard.

    She has everything fun and unique from glorious decorations to fun fruit trees. I miss being back home. This brought back fun memories!

    ♥ Paislea

  4. Wish I could find a wandering strawberry plant in my yard!

  5. Girl! Get out of here…I have a basin just like that on my patio…but it is full of dead flowers from last fall. Ugh. Guess I better add that to the “to do” list. Your looks so much cuter. See you next weekend? I missed you last month. ~mary~

  6. LOVE the wash bin! It looks lovely re-purposed as a planter! 🙂


  7. cute and useful!

  8. Love it! Now that’s my kind of garden~

  9. Well I am just lovin that shabbyed up wash basin for your herbs!
    Looks very FRENCH by the way!
    Which I KNOW you don’t like it when things look FRENCH!!!! ;o)
    And don’t think I didn’t notice the BREED of your new bundle of PUPPY JOY….FRENCH Bulldog no-less! ;o)
    I have one big iron container in my back yard that is calling HERBS out to me!
    I would love to be like Ina and waltz back in my backyard and snip little bundles of HERBS for dinner!
    So…now that I see you making this happen…so will I!
    Did I see some chives in there?
    I have gotten hooked on chives lately in cauliflower mashed potatoes! Yum!
    Well your backyard just looks like something out of a magazine…and the weedier…the better!
    I love ENGLISH/FRENCH gardens!
    Happy Day Kasey!
    I’m so glad you are willing to admit what a FABULOUS WIFE you are!
    Your hubby is a very lucky MAN! ;o)
    I know he just adore you! xoxoxoxoxox

  10. Lovely! I totally have a “black” thumb. I kill it all, but I try so hard! I just planted some flowers the other day and I am praying they survive the week!

  11. I love your wash bins! Those are fabulous and so are your gardens~ The most used part of my gardens is my herb garden. I love being able to go out and cut whatever I need whenever I need it. I must admit though, with our horridly cool wet spring, my lettuce is lasting much longer than usual. Thus, we have been eating salads for a while now~
    Bravo to you for being so well-rounded!

  12. We are like-minded on the gardening. I find my little plot for herbs to be the MOST rewarding because they ask so LITTLE and give so MUCH, which is just my speed! In fact, I don’t believe in plants that need baby-ing in my yard. First, because when we moved here from Illinois, I had a 2-year old {now 11} and a 6-year old and all my baby-ing energy went to them. SO, if a plant couldn’t survive without a bunch of water and other doting, FORGET IT. {No, I didn’t adopt that philosophy for parenting….most days!} I love the idea of a special “spaghetti” area of herbs. You could even use them for grilled bruschetta, which is heavenly. Thanks for the inspiration, Kasey! xx P&H

  13. I love it!!! There are so many unique ways to garden…you really can’t go wrong with something growing out of a pot, a box, a trough, a wheelbarrel, bucket, china …it’s all pretty!

  14. Great repurposing of the tubs. Nothing better than home grown strawberries.


  15. heehee I was just telling a friend today that i think the perfect gift for Father’s Day would be getting a gardner.
    I NEED your wash basin…. gosh now i need a vintage shopping day!

  16. I love the herb garden…and the wash basin:) Another thing to add to my wishlist!

  17. a lovely idea, I am liking it…in fact I am wishing I had the same thing…I love herb gardening…too easy

    gardening Down Under especially trying to make it French or English for that matter is proving to be a challenge that I am not enjoying…bought roses a week ago and am hoping to god they survive the heat

    nice post 😉

    …am now on the lookout for wash basin


  18. i love the basins great idea!! hope all is well! susan

  19. I would love to have a garden. I think I could really get into this. I would love to garden I just can’t deal with the earthworms but I think I could do this one.

  20. Your herb garden is beautiful! I can’t belive Fin has lost a tooth already. He can’t possibly be that grown up! Mason’s trick is totally disgusting and talented at the same time.:) I’m glad he let you photograph him….he looks just like you.

  21. I ‘ve had that same wash tub in my garage for a year, trying to think of something to do with it. Thanks for the idea! Love your blog!

  22. I use everything but the kitchen sink to garden. Oh wait, there is kitchen sink in my garden! Oh, how I love to garden. I eve use old spoons as markers. Great idea sharing and I love your blog. Mind trading buttons?

  23. cute & functional
    i love it when those two worlds collide!
    seriously, mint green ginormous basins! so cute
    spaghetti garden, even cuter!

  24. Jennifer says:

    I have the two basins in a sort of deep aqua blue green – no stand and I do the same with my herbs – I love your color and I’ve always wanted one with a stand – what’s that Rollings Stones song “You Just Can’t Get What You Want…but if you try sometimes….ya get what ya need!!”.

  25. I can’t get over all the green. Your backyard looks incredible – and those herbs are just fabulous in their weathered containers. Clearly you’re doing something right!


  26. I’m going to have to give this a try. I had a windowsill herb garden last year that ended with the herbs turning black and dying…maybe I’d have better luck outside!

  27. Followed you! Follow me!


    thank you,
    ♥ Paislea

  28. I have to say I love the fork in your garden.

  29. yes, i want to know about the forks too….and i agree… weeds….but you can cook with them… i’m out to plant some container gardens this weekend… forget flowers… i’m in for the cherry tom’s, basil and oregano.. love it!

  30. This is my kind of garden!

  31. now if it would only get warm enough in this part of wet, wet and cold Oregon ~

  32. Just came to visit via Sarah (abeachcottgae)
    Love this post and look forward to reading more on your blog
    Fun way to plant out the herbs. Great thing about herb gardens they are fabulous just for the smell so you don’t have to cook with them if you don’t want to. It’s easier just to brush by them as you walk past and release their lovely aroma.

  33. Those A.J. Morgans were totally made just for me!

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