Oh susannah…..

I only made it thru Monday before i called the park district and signed the

kids up for a no school day field trip.

I really was going to try this week….

you know…

try to be “that” mom.

But i failed….and i failed so early on in the week that i don’t know how to

turn it around and make it all better..

actually…i’ll make it all better soon…

just not by tomorrow because there is another field trip to be had.

I mean really….how many times can we sing

‘100 bottles of beer on the wall…100 bottle of beer…’

ooops…wrong song.

I mean….’Oh susannah…don’t you cry for me’

As of right now i have about 15 minutes before i have to go and pick them up…

and while i sit here typing away ….

our hermit crab is missing.

I should probably be looking for it…

but i’m not the one that put him in a glass bowl this morning so

he could stretch his legs.

I have a feeling my next recipe will be crab legs….

don’t get to excited because it’ll only be an appi.

I also tried to get into my stylist this week to get my hair cut…

and since she always books 3 weeks out..

i had to try someone new today.

I’ll let you in on a secret….

never try someone new before you head out to France.

Just a small word of wisdom from this girl to you.

I am going to go all out for Thursday though…

as i am planning a backyard picnic.
I will redeem myself on Thursday….

That is…

if the crab is found.

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