music to my ears

So…in our house..we are music lovers.

Real…honest to goodness music lovers.

Bryan and i have been to our fair share of Indie performances….and there is nothing

better then sitting in a small venue listening to Indie artists.

As a matter of fact…our very first Indie concert together was in Vail…

at the outdoor ampitheater ..listening to this guy…Big Head Todd.

Mason decided to try playing the cello this year…and on my bucket list for 2011…is to learn to play the guitar.

Heck…i used to play the piano when i was 10…so it can’t be that hard to learn a few strings..can it?

Okay….maybe that will be on my 2011/2012/2013 bucket list.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite music with you…

since i took down my playlist on my side bar…

and feel free to share yours with me…because i really love to learn about new artists.

Let me start with this little video..i just LOVE it…

and this one….takes me back to France every time i listen to it…

i love  A Fine Frenzy…

and i just love Mindy….you will too…

and last but not least….a little Jenn Grant for you.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I am a music lover too. All kinds.

  2. You have the BEST music .
    Hands down.

  3. music is a strong force in our house too….
    and i always enjoy finding new artists.

    my new favorite is sarah sample.
    i’ve listened to her cd about a hundred times
    this week.


  4. I know Big Head Todd!! Went to one of their performances about 15 years ago.Too funny.
    I love your music selection, you always have and find the best artists. I’ll have to check them all out some more.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Loving your music choices! I’ve been enjoying Rosie’s songs for a while and Mindy’s too…but Jenn Grant’s new to me…now I think I need to add her voice to my playlist:)

  6. I totally love music as well! Thanks for sharing some fav’s with me! Funny, I also decided to teach myself how to play the guitar this year too! I think that will happen next year instead! 😉 I’ve got the guitar sitting in my front room calling my name to come and play it and I’ve even scheduled it in to my days…but. I’m a very small person and found I couldn’t reach my fingers around it! So, I’m on the lookout for a kids sized one! Sad, but true!

  7. Jennifer Sweeny says:

    I am LOVING that Mindy Gledhill! Thank you for sharing some of your favourites, as I alwaYs run out to purchase what you recomend.

  8. You should check out Roma di Luna, Channy has the most incredible voice.

  9. Love your music. I remember listening to Mindy from Nie Nie blog but now i need to go and get her new cd.
    I love that first video you posted, really creative.

  10. Ive been debating blogging about my fav indie Canadian artists, You have inspired me, once again.
    I just love those small planters stacked high on your winter mantel.

  11. Pss. City & Color aka Dallas Green.. he is my favorite.

    Have a great day

  12. Hey Kasi,

    I see you like indi music so I thought I would share some of my brother’s music with you. He is an indie artist and lives in nashville now!

    Here is a link to some of his most popular songs and his website! enjoy!


  13. Kasey, I seriously love your taste in music as a matter of fact iTunes owes you about $20 buck in profits from songs you have posted about :+) Keep the lists coming I love hearing new artists!

    XO – Rach

  14. *love* Jenn, Rosi, and Mindy! You always find the most amazing indie music! I still love my cd from you~

  15. I have gone so far as to actually PURCHASE a guitar.

  16. Love your selection, reminds me of two of my favorites. You must listen to Amy Cook, and Sarah Jarosz. Beautiful

  17. Well, you asked for it…. 🙂 I’m kind of a nut about posting new music for people so…here you go::

    oh, and I LOVE those songs….esp. Mindy….love love. – Video is cool/creepy but the music. wow. – yes. – gorg. video, music, and man. he looks like johnny depp. – this is so catchy. it will be stuck in your head for days! — Good winter music

    Ok…I’m done. 😉 Have fun!!

    — Jana

  18. oh i love new tunes
    heading back to play later

  19. Can’t wait to check them all out – I love all kinds of music and so does my family – just bought a laptop and I’m busy downloading cds and burning mixes of favorites. I had Linda Ronstadt playing at work on my computer in the high school health room the other day and my students said “ewwww what IS THAT???” and I thought “wow, good thing I didn’t put in Cat Stevens” lol! Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  20. I didnt get a chance to listen to your music yet- but we love the Arrogant Worms. I beieve they can be called Canadian Folk music. They have a small but loyal following. They are a musical comedy group as well- so dont take their songs seriously. (web site) (Song- Canada is really Big) (You Tube query)

    The other group we really love is called Great Big Sea. They are from Atlantic Canada and have an interesting sound. (song – Consequence free)
    well- any of these songs are great! (you Tube Query)
    We moved from Canada to the States 3 years ago and miss some of the regular music they play up there by Canadian artist. Luckily my husband has a huge collection. WE were so Excited when Great Big Sea came to 1.5 hours away from us 🙂
    heres my blog post:

  21. Great music. I too am an indie music fan. Check out Brooke Waggoner….shes awesome.

  22. Check out Victoria Vox at LOVE her and her ukulele. I would love to hear what you think of her. She’s PHENOMINAL. And she has some amazing French songs too!

  23. we are music lovers too, it’s always weird to me when we visit someones house and it’s quiet or they have the TV on when company is over. My gutair stits in the living room waiting for me to learn….maybe next year will be my year too. Have you heard Ray LaMontagne? We saw him at a couple small venues in the city and he was fabulous!

  24. Angus & Julia Stone are big on my play list at the moment. Art vs Science too. Both Aussie bands!

  25. Why oh why did you take your player down 🙁 i loved pushing play and reading your newest post. Please tell me who was first on your play list so I can get the song!

  26. i love these choices. definitely stir the soul. xx

  27. Loved Jenn Grant best. Thanks for posting
    One time I worked in Hawaii and gained appreciation for Hawaiian music. Lately I have been listening to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.
    There are many of his songs on you tube. Like most artists I feel when he sings in his native language he is even better. Sadly he died at age 38.

  28. Sandy Garrison says:

    Saw the cart! Hope the wallpaper box is settling in. xo

  29. you ever heard of mumford and sons? i am loving them right now! can`t wit to watch all your videos– thanks!

  30. Mindy and Jen are new to me and I love them!! I think you’ve stopped by my music blog but that’s where you can find my favorites 🙂 Have you heard of The Civil Wars??

  31. Check out Ingrid Michaelson. She is my all time favorite. I picked up a Christmas CD last year from A Fine Frenzy. It’s really unique!

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