Raising real boys…..

I am a good mother….


most of the time.

Trust me….my kids will tell you that

there are times when i lose it.

lose it big time.

But i am normal…

at least i hope so.

If you don’t know my Fin…he is a lot like me…

in the regards to his personality.

He’s a jokester….

and with a completely sober face, he will look you

straight in the eyes and say…

he did not eat the lemon bars.

He will swear he didn’t eat them….

and not even blink while he’s telling me this.

The catch is…..

he has his fingers crossed behind his back.

Somewhere he learned that one can tell you a little

white lie but it’s all ok because your fingers are crossed.

Then he will look at you and say…

i’m just kiddin mom….

just kiddin.

While Fin had a friend over yesterday…

playing like boys do….

i was up in Lola’s room getting it ready for a little tea party.

Lola was going to have a friend over after school,

and had asked if they could have one.

So i made some lemon bars…{thank you Trader Joe’s}

set the table….

put some flowers out…

and left the room.

I headed into the kitchen after i had gotten the tea party all ready…

and started to make some lunch for the boys.

The Boys.

Boys who decided to have their own tea party…

boys who love lemon bars as well…

and lemons…

and flowers.

Boys who like to smell the lemon bars…

and pick bugs out of the flowers.

boys who wanted to set up a Star Wars camp on the cake stand…

I was a good mother yesterday.

I let the boys have their own tea party…..

I’m raising boys…
who will blow the girls away…
at a tea party.

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