the bad side….

the bad side of my brain got ahold of me yesterday. I don’t know about you but every once in a while it gets me and makes me do things i don’t want to do…….like shopping. I don’t necessarily WANT to shop, but the bad side of my brain FORCES me to. I have been eyeing this shower curtain from Anthro {duh} for a while now. ….actually just a few weeks to be exact. So after i dropped the kids ALL off at school after a LONG weekend, i decided that a trip to Anthro was necessary.

Hello new Madoleine shower curtain!

she’s a shabby,cottage, frenchie new addition to my petite bathroom in my petite farmhouse cottage….

Do you like that chandi above? I do. I love it. There will be some more in shop soon……

Stop here before you read on. …..because right next to Anthro was Gap. Now, normally i’m not a gap girl. sorry, i’m just not. BUT……..i saw a sign in the window that said “SALE”.

The bad side of the brain saw it also and dragged me in…..

sunburn and all.

long winters in the midwest does bad things to us………we think that the first warm long weekend requires sitting outside ALL weekend with no sunscreen on.


But bad brain got a good deal on this grey dress. …….and the last one was just my size.

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