you asked for it…

all right girls, here you go. My kitchen. I actually had an appt with someone yesterday to come and give me an estimate to get my cabinets painted. Of course I could do them myself, but that takes time, and alot of it.
I don’t have that amount of time, even though i work from home now.

See the black appliances? The cherry cabinets? The black quartz counters? Well my friend Sherry just about screamed at me…..”you can’t touch the cabinets”! aaagghh. what’s a cottage loving french girl to do?

Cute idea #1: I used an old locker basket, and it stores all of my dish soaps and sponges neatly inside, see it next to the sink? Oh , and like the chippy pot rack? I have one left in shop. here.

oh, and my beloved anthro cups. How i love the yellow tea cups. Do you know I have not been into Anthro in over one month! She beckons me, and I have an hour or two today that i just might pop over to say “hello” to the girls;)

have a great day!!

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