her mothers daughter….

This is her mothers daughter. She braved 20 degrees today with some light snowing so i could get some photo’s of her. I mentioned a few weeks ago that i was taking some photo classes, and yesterday the class i took was getting to know my DSLR. I really just wanted to learn what my camera could do, a very basic class. Next month I’m taking an all day photoshop class, and that’s what has me very excited.

Let me tell you the best advice i was given. It was from the lovely Mrs French {bliss}, who is a talented photographer, and has yet to take a class.

Anyway, she told me …”don’t get all wrapped up in the technical side of trying to take a photo, just focus on the beauty of what your taking, and everything will come into place.”

So, “Thank you” Mrs French, i do believe I caught some beauty today.

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