fashion friday….

Dearest blue dress, how i covet thee. I saw you across the way at my favorite shop, and knew you beckoned to me. I took you into the dressing room, letting you hang amongst while dreaming…. and i knew….i just knew.

You hang on my door in style…

you love the shoes i pare you with…..

you billow in the wind without regret…..

you dream on a bed of feathers……

oh, blue dress, how i love thee….

{thank you dear friend Maisy, for helping with with this photoshoot!}

How fun this was, but it took the whole day…nothing like lugging an iron bed out back!

come check out the “other” fashionista {my new bff}…Rebekah…here.
and if you love that bed, email me, cuz i’m planning on putting
it in shop next week. And, thank you for letting me post about my love for style!


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