snow day….

Today just did not start out very well.
First off, I got a phone call from the school at
6 a.m. stating that school was cancelled.
Yes, cancelled due to the weather, and today
is Friday, the Friday before the kids are off
from school for 2 weeks.
2 weeks.
cancelled due to 3 inches of snow.
I lived in Colorado, I know what snow is.
3 inches is not sufficient enough to cancel school.
I told the kids to go out back and play in the 3 inches of new snow,
so they got all bundled and headed out back.
Soon after, the neighbor and her little boy came over also.
Then I heard screaming.
I rushed out back, and saw blood, lots of blood.
And broken glass.
Apparently the large glass jar that I make iced tea & lemonade in
had been outside (i’m not going to name any names), taken out by
someone and left in the freezing cold to burst and break.
It had fallen beneath the 3 inches of snow.
Little Lola tripped and fell knee first on the broken edge of glass.
Everyone back inside, and off to E.R.
5 stitches.
1 xray.
And a wonderful friend who drove to the hospital to take my
boys home to her house,
so that I could spend the next 4 hours
with Lola.
Thank you school!
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