We have a winner.

All i have to say is “wow”! Well over 50 comments, and what a treat to hear about what you were thankful for that morning. I am so thankful to have such loyal readers, it makes blogging such a pleasure!
I also get the idea on how to get comments.
1) offer a giveaway.
2) make it a fun and wanted giveaway.
3) get comments
4)pick winner.
5) hope people keep coming back to visit.
So, you want to know who the winner is huh?
It’s Kasey from the famous Lola B’s Boutique!
She unfortunately, has decided to give her Anthro card to the runner up, probably because she feels like she is all hooked up for the winter.
So, runner up is: Paige from simple thoughts. So if you’re out there Paige, then email me with your address! Kasey@lolabboutique.com

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