Life in 48 hours……

I started my weekend here at the beach near San Diego,and I was able to see my grandmother who is going to be 90 in February, and she still lives on her own, on this lovely beach.

Then i spent the eve with this lovely girl. Kimberly is my 19 year old cousin who goes to school in San Diego but is from Colorado. I was lucky to have her in my life and see her become who she is today. I lived in Vail once years ago (that is where i met my hubby, but that’s another post).

O.k. now this is where the fun starts. One of my best freinds Jeanne and I attended Heather Bullards event on Sunday in Riverside. As you can see, Jeanne had SO much fun putting together one of projects that was part of the event.

And then I got to meet my other best friend Sara. (she might not think I’m her bff, but she’s definitely mine). Sara is the famous SadieOlive, and the reason my site looks the way it does.

I practically email her every day, actually going to send her an email right now;) I just want to say, that i have a feeling her pictures that she is going to post will be beautiful. Nice camera Sara!

Oh, and see my necklace? you can buy it here.

and this girl with me is Beth Quinn, and I am lucky to finally meet her in person. I also carry her lovely handmade jewelry in my shop. See the bracelets? you can get them here!

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