Shop girls guide to surviving disaster…..

I just got off the phone with Kara, and we are going to write a book about “survival” of the fittest.

This is not going to be your average “survival” book, this is going to be a “shop girl” survival book.

You will find all that is necessary for setting up your market tent, outwitting the rain or snow, combating the heat and humidity, and also we will throw in some extra fun facts like what to do if your truck is broken into while at a show. (yup, happened to me).

We will also get you ready for life threatening situations, like if a hurricane comes through the area on the last day of the show. We are ALSO going to throw in for FREE, a c.d of music that you can square dance to, if you so desire that!

Yes, this book is in the making, and now we just need someone to pick it up and send it to publishing!

Now, on to something fun that is happening to my shop! My online shop is up and ready to go. Yes, it’s true! My good friend Sara has been working nonstop on it while I was away, and has it ready to go.

It will be up and going Friday morning at 10 a.m Midwestern time.

I will have operators standing by for that HUGE rush to see the shop:)

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