what happens to cheese that molds

I was going to title this post

4 ways to crash a wedding but i still have cold sweats about the day Mason googled my name and 

wedding crasher popped up and i saw that crease in his forehead………

{not that i’m ashamed one single bit……because seriously…..i’m almost 40 now and those of us in the almost 

40 crowd need to be on our best behavior}


or just be who you are ………….

because everyone else is taken.

That is why my friends…..i decided to title the post

What happens to cheese that molds

because one day a parent might be doing research on a science fair project for school when they come across this

and i really just want that parent to know that you should probably just throw it out…..

in the garbage

because i can tell you that cheese will mold

and it molds fast

but please don’t waste the Chèvre ……that damn cheese isn’t worth molding.

Ok……back to the story at hand.

check check



I haven’t blogged in so long i forgot how to log on and update.

Today i ran into an Instagram follower who casually mentioned that she found me via the blog but then

because i no longer blog….follows me on IG but made a point that it would be nice if maybe….just maybe i could update the 

ole blog and just let peeps know that no i haven’t fallen off a cliff and died.

I’m here to tell you that no….i haven’t fallen off any cliffs

but because it’s been at least a century {or 10 months} that i’ve written here……i might have…maybe…just maybe


or in other words tripped

while on a cliff

and that thing called a wrist decided to break my fall and with the whole break my fall

broke itself.

This was back at the beginning of January….so that was 6 weeks in a cast……6 weeks of PT and pretty much i’m back to normal now…..

if normal was ever normal.

Anyhoo……i just popped in to update you on what is going on here.


1. We finally broke down and bought a cruiser of a car. See photo above. Sometimes it stalls…sometimes it doesn’t….

sometimes i can get my kids to look cute and i’ll get a staged photo of them looking like they actually like the damn thing

but in reality….the a/c doesn’t work so it’s hotter than sheet in the dead of summer and it only gets AM radio which works

fabulous on an island because there is only one radio station ……or 2……

and thank the good lord and you have to keep your foot on

brake at all times because if you don’t the car thinks it has full throttle and will move you out of that parking lot

faster then you can say GOONIES.

2. Which brings me to the second point. I’m still working my arse off a few nights a week and last month i worked over and

beyond what is even possible …..but somehow i survived but anyway….

{slow break for some fine boxed wine here…..}

i was working like a rabid dog because in less than 4 weeks the Mr and i are headed to Iceland.

{insert forehead wrinkle}

I get it……you’re all like ….where? seriously…..Iceland?!?

You mean the place where there is Ice? as in….. ICE COLD BEER????


and we can’t wait.

Actually i can’t wait……Bryan on the other hand might not be as excited as me……and the only reason i say this is because

i had to look for his passport the other day and it was expired. So of course being the dedicated wife that i am…….

i sent it off….. expedited service….. hoping we get it in time…….

but deep down i think i know that it was meant to never be found.



An island covered in Ice……with no beach chairs in sight?!?

but i’m sort of a cup is full type of girl…..and i’m not going to let all that ice get in the way of seeing Northern Lights

or taking an Icelandic cooking class or sitting at the Blue Lagoon with a hundred other tourists.

Nope……so Ice….i’ll see you in 4 weeks.

Check check double check

3. Bryan still works as a server…….at the nicest hotel on the Northshore…..


{um no……this isn’t the place……but it’s a close 2nd…….

and to the person that invented the HIS & HER tent….wham bam vodka slam…

i owe you my firstborn child.}

4. Mason and Lola are now in middle school.

{we’ve since bought stock in fine boxed wine}


5. We haven’t caught the kids smoking any weed yet…..so there might still be hope that we survive this thing called

“move to hawaii for a year but then here we are more than 3 years later…..”

6. They should offer medicinal marijuana to those with broken wrists…..just saying……

7. I ran a 5k over the summer and silent high five fist pump……came in 4th place for my age division.

{no need to tell everyone that there were only 4 ladies in my age group…..nope….no need to mention that}


8. We lost our house in Illinois.

I mean……it’s still there…..and i’m sure our old neighbors will forever be haunted by the way the yard was overgrown

with weeds {the legal kind}

but after our whole fiasco of having to evict a tenant that had stopped paying the rent and losing an uphill battle….

we really had no other choice to let the house go.

That was one of the hardest things we have ever gone through…..the whole process of losing a house to the F word.


I swear we almost divorced over that…….


but here we are……still married……still have each other…….and still living this life that God thought we needed.

That’s the important thing……

that and some fine boxed wine

IMG_77839. Have you ever wondered what to do with a house full of furniture that still sits in a storage unit on the

other side of the US?

10. You might not have realized it but Lola’s {mine really} mouse died this year…..

yeah i know…..

a mouse

but seriously people……..if bee’s had knees……Captain Morgan was that knee.


i found his photos amongst the others…….our favorite Captain…….

which is why i leave you with this beautiful quote……in a book of poems i found……which i just happened to

capture the Captain on one day.

so pour yourself a little glass of fine boxed wine….it pairs well with this post.


  1. I can only imagine the stress of the house. We are doing some home improvement stuff…landscaping and kitchen updates etc… We have argued more over that than anything over the last 22 years. Man it’s stressful. As far as the storage unit…what about storage wars?;) Good to “hear” your voice again.

  2. Have so missed your entertaining writing! So happy you’re all still together and living and loving your life! Cheers!

  3. Yay for a new blog post! Cannot lie — your blog is one of my faves and I am not yet an Instagram addict, so I need the occasional blog post. Pshaw — even with a foreclosure, sounds like you guys got the best end of the deal — a marriage intact, beautiful family, grand adventures, and life on the island. Keep on posting, at least every once in a while!

  4. You, we…only live once. Foreclosure, though no fun, is more common than it used to be. Things come and things go but the life & memories that you’re making with your family now is all that matters. There are no storage units in Heaven 🙂

  5. love it! I second ms. nanettes comment above 🙂

  6. Marsha Kern says:

    Sorry about Captain Morgan and sorry about the house. I do miss your writing but I enjoy you on Facebook and I need to find out how to follow you on instagram. I so admire how you guys picked up and moved and have all done so well! You guys amaze me!

  7. Awww…. such a fun, refreshing and enjoyable post, with or without a glass of wine! (It’s only 10 am here so I passed on the wine – winks) Cheers to you and your adorable family!

  8. Oh how I’ve missed your posts! So glad you posted again…I can always count of you for a good laugh 😉 Sorry to hear about the house but thankful you’ve made a lovely home in Hawaii! Have SOOOO much fun in Iceland…that will be amazing & I look forward to seeing all the pics.

  9. Have so missed your posts! That sucks about the house, glad you came out on the other side intact!
    Looking forward to hearing about your trip to Iceland!!

  10. Thanks for the update! I’m glad you’re back, even if it’s fleeting…. I do follow on instagram…but I love reading your blog! you crack me up.
    sorry to hear about losing your house. that doesn’t sound like fun. :o(
    if you have a friend or relative host a furniture sale for you in Illinois, let me know! I would shop your selection!! I live in the Western Suburbs!

  11. Definitely sell that furniture! Then you can all take a trip to Paris. 😍
    Sorry about the stress of the house, but as someone else already said, you got the best end of the deal.
    I’ve heard Iceland is amazing! Looking forward to the pictures and posts from your trip.

  12. Love that you’re going to Iceland! I research it as well, but, our frequent flier miles on our preferred airline didn’t go there. I think it will be so interesting and really so opposite of what you see everyday. I hope you’ll Blog about the trip and post some pictures. Have a great time! And I hope you’ll find the Northern Lights! I hear they can be evasive, but, the fun is often in the chase!!

  13. Rose D'Angelo Designs says:

    I’m so glad you’re back to blogging. And losing the house? It’s just a house. What you’ve built together in Hawaii?? Now, that’s a home!! You’re healthy, you’re happy & you’re living out loud! I applaud you for that. Best wishes and enjoy Iceland.

  14. Happy to see you blogged. Hope you come back to it every now and then. Many blessings to you.

  15. Jen (Arriving) says:

    Do you follow Aspiring Kennedy? (Blog and IG) She has multiple posts from multiple trips and loads of photos, tips, recommendations. (search #icelandknights on IG for recommendations)

  16. So happy to read your stories once again – always entertaining. Glad you’re enjoying life in Kauai still! xxoo

  17. Kaisa Lilja says:

    Iceland… You should come to Sweden instead. Visit your old friend Kaisa from Vail.

  18. We missed you! Glad all is well!

  19. Foreclosure and a trip to Iceland all in the same post?? Something doesn’t add up!!! Live the wonderful life in Hawaii that you instagram about and we will pay your health insurance and mow your yard and deal with all the shit here that you dumped on us !!

    • Wow, have some steam to let loose?!? IWe pay our own health insurance thank you very much, last time I checked….. Bryan and I work hard to help support the lives we want to live. Everything works out for a reason and I don’t know who you are because you want to hide behind a fictitious name but have a wonderful rest of the year….. sounds like you need some sun.

      • If I recall correctly, your husband lost his job which started the whole chain of moving to Hawaii so I’m amused that “Mel” seems to think you just decided, willy nilly, to abandon your house. The huge majority of us have great admiration for you and your family and how you handled a very scary and life changing event. Rather than sit around whine about how the economy had effed him over, your husband tossed aside a white collar and tie and pursued something else. You guys are an inspiration to so many of us. As for “Mel”, it must be nice to have nothing better to fret over than someone’s overgrown lawn.

        Your kids are beautiful BTW and I’m so glad you’re on IG. Been following you there for a couple of months now:)

  20. Iceland! Love that idea.
    Foreclosure. Yuck-o.
    A blog post update? Yippee!

    I slowed WAY down in blogging over the summer and I kinda like it. Just yesterday someone asked why I stopped. I didn’t stop, just slowed and I’m perfectly content with that..

    When you post these blitzy updates, I just smile.

    Still, the house, yuck.

  21. Well sheet! I hate that you lost your house and I can only imagine how stressful that must have been! But you are right, things happen for a reason and it’s not the end of the world. I’m so proud of your Hawaii/Icelandic adventure! You keep up the dream and thanks for letting us share in the fun of it all. 🙂

  22. Boom Chaka laka and good for you! No one gives a rats ass when those big ole mortgage companies screw the lil guy over….but peeps love to jump on the “don’t you dare try to be happy” bandwagon. Dip your toes in the sand, live the life you want to live….we only get one go around and good for you guys! One persons sh*t is another mans treasure.

  23. love you dearly
    miss you much
    ( bummer on the foreclosure my friend)
    can’t wait to hear about the trip!!!

  24. So happy to read this update and learn that all is well with your family {except for the “F” word}
    Can’t wait to see photos of Iceland
    Safe travels!

  25. I have so missed reading about your life and family, it put a smile on my face to see you back.

  26. oh my goodness I wonder if some people come here every day to see if you’ve posted so they can pounce. Anyhoo, I’m doing a short sale right now, basically one step up from the F-word, don’t want to be tethered/chained to this house anymore, so I feel ya. The worst part is deciding to do it, but once it’s done, you just feel better and move on. And yup, we’ll probably take a vacation somewhere once we’ve unloaded this house.

  27. Michelle Wright says:

    I’m so glad and happy to read your post today. We all have ups and downs in our lives ~ you would’t be human if we didn’t. The saying I strongly agree is there is always a rotton apple in the bunch and that would be Mel for you and us readers. Please share your trip with us and don’t leave us hanging so long again.

  28. I just joined instagram because of you. So glad to see a post! Love to hear about your adventures. I really admire you and your husband. Your risk takers in the good sense. I strive to do the same.

  29. was just missing your blog and oh so hippy happy to see that you posted! yay for iceland and hell we all have issues with the economy these days. we are insure poor. and smiling ’cause we are better off than many. and just think your old house will be someone’s dream home that maybe they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford.
    happy fall. 🙂

  30. It’s hard in St. Charles for home sales right now. We had a beautiful home on 3rd Street that we sold at the end of last year for a significant loss. So hard to do- but it was because of my husbands job transfer, what can you do??? Move forward and make each day count!

  31. Heather henricks says:

    I KNEW I missed you!!! Keep writing… Pretty puhleeeeze???!! I’m so happy for you and the life that you are living . It seems to suit you :).

  32. Ann from Bordeaux says:

    So glad to see your post even if some sad news. Love your blog and really missed it.. Hope you keep us up to date and don’t let negative people prevent you from writing. Keep smiling and enjoy your trip.

  33. Have very much missed your hi-lar-ity in my reading life! Knew you would pop up blogging at some time but
    read your blog today and realized how very much I missed it! You are such a real person with excellent writing skills – in a way that makes me laugh out loud! 🙂

  34. I know I’m a little late here, but I found your post this morning. I am one of the gals who found you on your blog years ago. I was drawn like a magnet to your Paris posts. What an amazing trip! I live just up the coast of Lake Michigan in Grand Haven, a few hours from your old home. I’m sorry to hear you had to go through so much stress concerning the loss of your home. But I like your attitude … you do the best you can with what you have and move on. Anyway, rambling a little here. Just wanted to say hi, tell you that I find you to be an amazingly talented, creative, and encouraging woman. Have a beautiful day and I’ll see ya on Instagram. 🙂

  35. This is the first time I have come across your blog and I have to say I found it refreshing. It was honest, yet optimistic. I really enjoyed your point of view. Just keep thinking the glass is half full!

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