house tour ~ part one

and you all thought i was gone for good…..

not yet…..i’m still here.

I’ve been wanting to show you some updated photos of our place here on Kauai……

since it’s been a while…… we’ve done so much in the last year and a half to really make it

more like how we felt a beach home should suit us.

Creating a new style.

A style just for us.

In the last 1.5 years…..since we decided that Kauai was going to be our home for the time being….

i’ve been on the search for pieces that would define my style living on as island but not exactly doing

the whole island theme if you get my drift.

This condo was completely furnished and we are not really allowed to get rid of anything….

and over the last 1.5 years

{creating a style takes patience…..lots and lots of patience }

we’ve pretty much stored and shoved every piece of furniture

{other than the sofa’s and the kitchen chairs which we haven’t changed out yet}

in every single closet in this place and the open loft that is in the boys room…which is stuffed to the gills

with outdated lamps….nightstands….original kitchen table and so on and so forth.

Not an ounce of storage left……

but that is A-ok

because with it out of sight out of mind… has given me the push to style this place the way i wanted

and to make it feel like home to us.

Everything we have purchased for the place has either been

thrifted from one of the 5 thrift shops on the island

craigslist…..yard sale…..or gifted to us from friends….or i’ve made.

The only thing i’ve bought online…..were the living room rug and a hand painted sign…..

so with that being said……it is true… can furnish your place on a tiny budget and if you

can spare some time….you can do it without hitting any stores;-)


Our dining room table is the newest piece in the house…..

i’ve been wanting a farm table since the day we moved here.

I found it on Craigslist last week……it was listed for $500 which i thought was a great price for it…..

and considering i had gone into one of the only furniture shops on the island a few weeks ago

and found a farm table for twice the price……i knew i just had to have it.

i called and made an appt……and offered her $300.

She took it…..and the best part was…it came with the glass piece on top.

I had to pay a friends husband to pick it up for me….since it was on the other side of the island…

and now we have our farm table.

I celebrated with vodka.



That boat captains chair in the corner: yard sale

IMG_0119I made this hanging lamp out of a fishing net …..

Sofa table: Craigslist

Books: thrifted and yard sales

Driftwood sailboats: i made

This hand painted custom sign i had made from Between you and me

I painted the wall a turquoise….and the dresser is Craigslist.

I have yet to decide what color is at all i’m going to paint the dresser which stores

all the kids crapola and art/school supplies.

The rug below is the one i ordered….i bought it from Serena and lily.

The coffee table is made out of pallets……and hand made my a friend of mine.


The vintage arm chair in the corner is from a yard sale: $30.

One of the suitcases was given to me the other i found at a thrift shop.

The framed print of sea shells…..thrifted….and i painted the frame.

Plum curtains made for me by a friend.

The armoire that houses our tele and hides the kids crap…Craigslist….$40…

i kid you not.

I saw it pop up on Craigslist and sent bryan right over asap….

faster than you can say fine boxed wine.

It was listed for $50 but he offered $40……

they even helped him load it in the mini {van not cooper}

I painted it and called it a day.

This next photo is of our bedroom…..

i’ll be showing that on the next blog post;)


as well as this loft area which sits upstairs and is used by the kids.



  1. Amazing! This belongs in a magazine!

  2. Gorgeous!

  3. Ummmm gorg! You are mad talented! Xo kara

  4. it’s sooo magazine worthy! I can feel the island vibe.

  5. I like your style and your determination to make a house your own … love the bargains.

  6. Simply lovely! Seeing bits of the old Kasey (I spy cake stands) and the new Kasey all mixed in with a big dose of happy. Thanks for treating us to this tour, so fun!

  7. Love Hawaii! Love your blog and instagram! Love your decorating style! Thanks for the tour.

  8. i love it my friend, i love it!!!
    those plum curtains!!!
    and i love the canvas of you & lola!

  9. Everything looks so good. I’m inspired. So glad you shared.

  10. Well Kasey! You have pulled off a great look once again and I thought I didn’t care for a beach theme…so many things I loved right down to the plum curtains. Wishing you and your family a wonderful new year in Hawaii.


  11. How do you sit 5 people at that dining table?

  12. Lovely!

  13. That table is gorgeous….and your home, beautiful….just like you! xox

  14. Really lovely!

  15. awesome Kasey! Love it.

  16. Gorgeous, Kasey! You have such a lovely gift!

  17. Love love love everything! I’m so glad you did a blog post about this:) I don’t have Instagram so I can only see what you post on Twitter, it’s so much easier to see on your blog!

  18. I seriously love everything about your style. I’ve been following your blog for years now and I have gotten so many tips on how to decorate for parties and stuff. Love it!

  19. Love seeing your style again Kasey! and I have to ask how much do you love the book – a life less ordinary? I bought a copy for a friend and myself this Christmas – one of the most gorgeous books I’ve seen! Enjoy!

  20. It is very peaceful and homey, you must love starting with a sort of blank pallet and creating your own look! Well done…

  21. Love how you have made this place your home – it looks amazing

  22. So lovely Kasey! You have such great style and I love to see it translated in a different way here in your little beach home! You have done so well staying true to who you are while still giving a polite nod to the culture you live in. So glad to finally see a tour of the whole thing! On another note, I am planning a trip to Paris for our five year anniversary this fall and I just spent the other day going through your old posts. It made me a bit nostalgic. Funny how blogging can do that to you about someone else’s life! It is nice to get a piece of that again…in blog form. Thank you for sharing! xo

  23. Your style is effortless, serene and beautiful!

  24. Ditto what everyone has said. What a beautiful home!

  25. LOVE IT!!! You’re so great at making your home cozy & stylish all at the same time.

  26. so glad you posted, love your home and style. xo jody/fl

  27. I’d give my husband, my first born, and $500 for that farmhouse table! aaggh!

  28. Love this post… and love that table!! Looks great!

  29. Love it. It’s so YOU! Happy to see a new post from you. Love your sense of humor and carefree attitude. We should all adopt that more often. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

  30. SO excited to see a post from you today!! 🙂 Love everything. You have a knack. I’m totally drooling over the captain’s chair. 😉

  31. Kasey , you did it again! Well done, lady, you’ve got style. Respect from a pro!

  32. So cozy!

  33. love everything!!! a haven of paradise

  34. Great space, love your style.

  35. It’s so lovely! Peaceful.

  36. You’ve done an amazing job. Your place is so light, bright and airy. Ever think of creating a career re-doing vacation rentals? 😉
    Gorgeous life!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  37. Beautiful. All of it. Who would’ve thought such great finds could be found on the island.

  38. Love everything about your style, but oh my goodness those plum curtains, I need and want………

  39. You’ve got a gift girl.i call your style shabby beach 😉 gorgeous all of it.

  40. So beautiful, you have such fantastic taste 🙂

  41. you did a great job you took Anthro with a beachy twist Kaua’i. I especially love the print of Waiol’i Churh.

  42. I love it…… pretty. the sailboats are amazing. I have one but I didn’t make it…..slacker…. the loft is amazing. I would kick the kids out and sit there having vodka while making driftwood sailboats! I can’t wait to see more.

  43. Are u kidding me?!?!?! Love!!!

  44. I think I would stay there for life! Your home is very island chic…so different than your city home, which I loved too. Your views and huge windows are like a dream…life long holiday it appears to be.

  45. Oh, Kasey!! I’m so pleased for you – this is gorgeous and as comfortable as can be!! =)

  46. It’s beautiful. You should do a before and after post to show the changes!

  47. Beautiful! Absolutely love the farm table!

  48. When I came across your blog I thought maybe you found something I couldn’t find about Hawaiian life. I live there 5 years, was well treated by the locals and had a fabulous job. I hated it. I hated the cockroaches and geckos and the flimsy houses and ukuleles. It wasn’t them it was me. I left there in 1976 and hope to never return. But I can see where children make a difference. Once a year there was “Kill a haole day”. No matter where you live there is hate against outsiders. I really am glad for you if you have found peace there. I did not. Ann

  49. Hi, what a lovely blog. I too lived in Kauai for just over a year. I had an a’ha moment while I was on vacation there, so I left my well-paid job, sold my house and ran er skipped to Kauai for a break. I was going through a divorce and recovering from a miscarriage, so I used that year to heal. I lived in Kapaa with roommates, right on the beach. Something, which I had not done since I was quite young, It was a life-changing time, full of challenge, growth and finally some peace. I now live on the west coast of Canada on yet another island with my beautiful 5 year old daughter. Are you still updating this blog. P.s. I am going to try out your Blueberry/pumpkin bread recipe as blueberries will start ripening soon here.

  50. i found you via becky strahle, and my, your place is perfection. restful, airy, artful, gorgeous–my favorite bit is those fabric sails on your driftwood boats.

    i’m pretty much on the exact opposite side of the globe now, but i grew up on oahu and my family is still on kauai and maui and oahu. all of this says home to me in the best way. thanks for the inside glimpse.

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