catching up

First and foremost……what happened to this year?

I woke up this morning and it’s already December which means this year is almost over and i 

hardly blinked.

I swear….as much as we really are taking this time here with one breath at a time……documenting 




it still feels like the time is flying and there is nothing we can do about it.

I hope no one holds their breath….because i go missing for weeks at a time……

i swear…..

i don’t realize how much time as passed and then i find a few hours of free time and i decide it

must be a good time to sit down and write.

I don’t know if i mentioned it yet….but classes with Gabby started back up a few weeks ago.

The first class was on a wednesday and i couldn’t even make it to the friday class 

because i was so extremely out of shape 

in so much pain and my muscles were killing me and i sat down and couldn’t get back up for three days straight.

28 advil later and a few cocktails to knock the advil back with and i was ready to tackle a Monday class.

This week started week 3 and class is 3 days a week……all in the morning which works out so good because as you 

know….i still have my retail job in which i work mondays and tuesdays from 2-9.

My butt is kicking ass.

I haven’t run in over 3 weeks.

My dad had knee replacement surgery a few weeks ago…..and he used to run and run…..

so i was thinking why should i still run if that’s what it does to you.

I made a promise to myself though…..i will only run a few days a week….especially since i have Gabby’s class

three days a week and in order to keep my weight in check and my body happy….i sorta need to run.

i hate it though.


Sunsets around here have been nothing sort of amazeballs…..

and the weather has made it’s turn to cooler days.

By cooler i mean we wake up to low 70’s….which means i get to drag out my sweater

and on occasion i wear my boots.

We were at the beach last weekend and i took my phone into the water with me……

to try and grab some fun shots of the kids on their boogie boards…..

even though i have a GO PRO on my Christmas list…..i doubt it’s in the budget so i did what any

good mom would do……

i winged it.

and i got some awesome expressions.

My phone survived and now i have some pretty fabulous photos.


happy mom…….happy kids

I’m still helping out in Fin’s class every Thursday morning… reading with each of the kids.

Fin is in  a new class now……

they moved all the smartest kids in 2nd grade into a new room with a new teacher……

and lucky for us…Fin made the cut.

Yeah Fin!


maybe not all the smartest kids made the move over……

but when i was chatting it up with his teacher…..she told me Fin is definitely Street Smart…..

and you have to have street smarts in this day and age… we have that going for us.

Fin has this friend who’s step-dad inherited his grandfathers truck…..

{is that confusing or what}

it’s pretty awesome and i’m thinking it’s going to make for some really awesome beach photos……

i’m already thinking strung lights and throw a white Christmas tree in the back of it.

It’s not my truck though…..and sometimes i just get ahead of myself.

check check double check

so instead i’m going to have some latte art as i drive myself to work.

and daydream about this gorgeousness and the fun times that could be had if it were ours…..

i mean….

it sorta looks like a mini {van not cooper}

and in all honesty…..

orange is the new grey


  1. Gah! I always love your photos. I can not believe how time is flying but one thing is for sure, you all are making the best of it and I sure have loved following you along on this adventure.
    I looove that VW, orange color and all.

  2. Yay, I love it when people take pics with their phones! Especially photographers, because they can pull the amazing out. Awesomely done. ^_^

    Also, I am completely in love with the fact that all the kids in that classroom are barefoot. Rock.

  3. happiness. just all happiness!

  4. Fabulous phone photos! It gives me hope! We will be in Maui the week of Christmas and looking at your photos makes me ready to go NOW!
    Love your blog, thank you for inviting us all into your life! Super duper jealous, especially of your workouts!!!

  5. I just said today that this was the fastest year EVER.
    I also said that orange was the new grey.

    no i didn’t.
    I lied about that last part.

    it has been a good year for us K…don’t ya agree???

  6. Jamie Parker says:

    I have such a huge Girl-Crush on you! Don’t tell Magic Mike….he really owns the biggest real estate of my heart…but you…YOU are the person that keeps me off-kilter every time we talk and every time I read your blog, I can hear you talking!!! hahaha Your photos are pure awesomeness….!!!!

  7. Oh, Sarah from A Beach Cottage was soooo right in saying that you have a unique and very cool blogging voice, Kasey. I’m doing Sarah’s Sweet Blogging course at the moment and she’s sent me over to say hi and check out your gorgeous and funny, funny blog. So lovely to find you:)What a wonderful blog you have here. Don is a spunk! 😉 x

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