beautiful families

This photo below is my gift to you… it… it to your computer…..print it out….

whatever you want to do with it!

I love the words…..and it resonates with me right now.

You might remember me posting this photo of this adorable family a few weeks back……
well since then…..between my Monday and Tuesday job at the shop…..i’ve been busy every weekend

with mini photo shoots for local friends and some blog readers who have been here on vacation.

I picked out some of my favorites to show off…..


don’t tell Lola….but i just betrothed her to this boy below……

This next family is one i’m waiting to do a special blog post about.

Jamie and i are Instagram friends….and she is going to write up a special post about the adoption of Zoe….

so i just wanted to share a few photos because i’ll have more to show you with that special¬†story.¬†

Anyhoo…..quick post today to show you what my last few weekends have been like….

not a bad side job i tell you…..with such gorgeous families to capture.

If you are going to be vacationing here and want some photos done…..feel free to email me and we can

chat about dates and cost.

p.s. You can also follow me on Instagram {kaseybuick} if you want to catch up more on our day to day

without waiting for the next blog post.


  1. Gorgeous photos!

  2. You just keep getting better and better! Thankyou
    For the printable it’s lovely! That pic of a daddy and his girl nose to nose makes me lose it, such real love and beauty. How blessed that family is and how stunning that little girl is! And your grandchildren are going to be amazing, what a handsome boy!

  3. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints says:

    Great job girl. You’re a natural.

  4. Beautiful photos! It’s about time people started paying you to take pictures! Lovely families and the most perfect backdrop ever!

  5. I think you have really found your Calling Ms. Kasey Buick.. I hope you keep up all of your Gorgeous Captures.. You have a Beautiful Eye and such Gorgeous Surroundings.. Im so loving following along..

  6. I think this is the PERFECT side job for you. And gosh, that Zoe is adorable.

  7. Great photos as always. You seem to capture that certain something about every family or person that makes them “them”.

    I laughed out loud, all by myself, about Lola’s future husband! Definitely keep track of him for the next 20 years!

  8. Jamie Parker says:

    Can’t hide talent!
    LMNOP…XYZ and xoxoxo

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