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On Wednesday i made my very first ever cheesecake not made in little single serving jars…..

don’t get me wrong….i love to make cheesecakes….but i’ve never…not once….ever in the history of the world

made a cheesecake that wasn’t in a little jar.


So you can imagine my surprise when in the recipe it called for baking the cheesecake in a bath.

I made a pumpkin cheesecake with a gingersnap crust.

I actually only tried a little piece at Thanksgiving…..

1.  i was being polite 

2. i was stuffed

3. i was being polite

and because i decided to be polite and also there was not much room left for my cotton dress to expand much

more…i had to deal with only having a sliver of the best cheesecake i’ve ever tasted in my life.

{is it wrong for the baker to say she loved what she made???}

I’m still dreaming about it as i write….so if i get to it…i’ll post the recipe soon….but first i want to re-make

my recipe for Cranberry Bliss Bars…..since it’s been a few years since i’ve posted the recipe and the photos

could stand to be updated….

but first i have to squeeze back into my workout clothes that i have had folded and clean

sitting in a drawer the last 2 weeks.

Gabby is back in town

happy dance…..jumping on two feet as i say this out loud.

I showed up last Wednesday for her first class of the season…..

and needless to say i think i killed myself….because i can’t sit down and if i do sit…i can’t get up.

advil alongside wine works though……honest…..but i’m thinking i might invest in one of

those little hand held monitors that you push the button when you’ve fallen and really can’t get back up.

If you remember {this post} from 7 months ago in which i spent 6 months working so hard….

losing 25 plus pounds…and really ever since Gabby left last May…all i’ve done is run a few days 

a week and hike when i can.

Unfortunately….having to get  a job has somehow conflicted with me feeling motivated…..

so i really haven’t been excercising like i would like…..but even so…..i haven’t gained any weight back.

Thats not to say that i’m a little more squishier around my waste and thighs….but i’m keeping 

an eagle eye on the number….because to me ….it’s the number that is important.

Now that Gabby’s class is back in full swing 3 days a week….it will give me the ooopmh

to carry on and push forward.

{think oompa loompa}

and my mini me….

A bunch of my friends were talking the other day and we decided to try and hike the Kalalau trail….

11 miles in and 11 miles out

in one day.

So i have that to look forward to in the spring…..and since we pretty much know that this is our last

year here on Kauai……my list of things that i have wanted to do or have done….grows smaller.


back to the food we were talking about.

or not….

i actually just pulled a turkey out of the oven

Yes… read that right.

A Sunday Turkey.

1. it was free at my market with one of those coupons because i spent so much money and probably

sent one of their children to college with the amount i spent.

2. i also got a free bag of potatoes

3.  that’s all that was free… we are having turkey and potatoes tonight!

4. i might make a salad

5. maybe

6. maybe i’ll make stuffing instead

7. does anyone else stuff their turkey because i do…and it’s damn good

8. i might even pour myself a glass of wine right now

9. i just did

10. thank you very much!

I didn’t want to throw so many photos of the weekend out at you…but here is a snapshot of what

Thanksgiving looks like on an island.

We eat outside because it’s nice….

and the alcohol was close by….

the kids sat outside too….right near the pool.

everyone was taking photos of all the food…..

and since we all pitched in and made something…there was plenty of it.

this is where i decided to lounge after i ate my meal.

I might have fallen asleep and i might have accidentally taken one of these pretty blankets home with me.

I caught Lola tasting the wine…..

she said it was really good.

I believe her.


  1. what a beautiful celebration you had my friend!!
    i wanna come live with you

  2. Great post!!
    Everyone looks so happy and what a wonderful way to celebrate.

  3. Love the photos of you and Lola jumping, so pretty.
    You look good to me, but I can’t wait to see how Gabby’s Class
    gets you back into shape like you wantd

  4. Doing a little happy dance for you right now in Dubai, just because you and blog make me smile!

  5. I hope this is ok to post this here but I’m Having a Christmas giving away on my blog ,please join me and share Thank You

  6. Jamie Parker says:

    What a really fun day that was!!! blessed by your friendship! xoxo

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