It’s a new day

You don’t have to worry about coming here and reading all about the election results…or what i think.

I was at work last night cleaning windows and folding shirts and then every half hour or so i would get on

facebook and read all the hate going around.

The people have voted. It’s done. Some are happy and some are not.

It’s a new day so let’s move along……ok.

cool beans.

A few weeks ago i put out a blurb on facebook to my Kauai friends that if they wanted Holiday

photos that i would be scheduling some time slots if anyone wanted some affordable photos taken.

I thought i would schedule some 20 minute sessions because as i know first hand…..

sometimes we just want a handful of great photos without having to spend a fortune just so we can

get our awesomely amazing beautiful kids slapped on the front of a card so the grandparents can carry that 

card around for the next 6 months to show off these kids.

I need to be better about taking more photos of my kids…..with my real camera….but since i tote around my phone

{can i get an amen for the invention of Instagram}

i just haven’t been as good at taking them.

{but i did…..and i’ll show them off soon}

I had taken my kids down and got some shots of them first….you know….to show that i can actually take the

“on occasion”…..decent photo.

I have to pay my kids these days….

price negotiable…..depending on

1. smile

3. outfit chosen for photo

4. smile

5. combed hair and clean fingernails

Is it that hard to put a comb to their hair and god forbid…..maybe put on a clean shirt that buttons?…..

….they don’t behave when i take their photos….but i love taking photos of families that

obviously love to be photographed.


One of the first families that emailed me was this family…….

who happen to be friends of friends and i couldn’t wait to share a few of their photos from last week.

I asked them what they thought of the election results…..

totally kidding of course.

because this family is mormon and i have a feeling i know who they were voting for;-)

Yes….i like jumping photos…try it….you might like it.

or don’t….i don’t want to be responsible if you don’t land on your feet.

or pee your pants.

Seriously love the feet in water.

helps to have pretty feet

Little Maximus burned his hands last year…….he has had some up and downs…..

mostly up right now…..

but all i want to do is eat him up.

eat him up

{you can read all about his recovery and their family blog here }

Anyhoo……i just wanted to show off this cute family and their beautiful spirit.


{if you are coming to Kauai soon….and want some photos taken…email me}


  1. These are beautiful, Kasey! What a fun (and darling) family – love the jumping photo. 🙂


  2. Beautiful photos…..not only do you live in Paradise, but you take awesome photos. Thanks for sharing

  3. Wow, those are beautiful kids!

  4. Kasey!!! So much talent…..stop folding shirts and pick up photography!! You’re amazing!! Love the pics:) such a gorgeous family to photograph:)

  5. This is Brenna BTW…not Luke

  6. SuzHopkins says:

    Love the pics….beautiful!

  7. You always make me smile and laugh and pee my pants (totally kidding, of course!). Thanks for sharing your life and your humor!
    Poor Maximus!!! I hate it when kids get burned!!!! So awful!!!!

  8. Beautiful photos!! && I agree, stop folding shirts & get out there & start a photog biz!! A longtime friend started out just taking affordable pics here & there for family & close friends about six months ago && now she’s booked till spring! I’m sure once people see your talent you’ll be highly sought after as well! ; ) I sure wish I was coming to Kauai, because I would so be booking a session with you!! : )

  9. Can you bring the ocean to Arizona and take some pics of my family? Love these pics. What a beautiful family. I agree with the commenters above, you do have talent.

  10. You are so talented Kasey! Where are you working? Hope life is treating you well.

  11. i’ve been stalking you for a while and this is my first comment…lame, i know.

    anywho, your pics are really really good!! if i were going to be in kauai soon, i’d totally look you up.

  12. That feet in the water photo is wonderful. The whole lot is. What a beautiful family. I love your shots!

  13. Seriously gorgeous photos. Love them all

  14. I told you — I would love you to shoot my daughter’s wedding in August 2013! You game???

  15. Love your spunk…oh and those pics are great girl. We did a jump pic last year for our card. It was so much fun trying to get. I don’t have a remote, so it was a whole lot of running back and forth;)

  16. Crystal Kay says:

    So… Do you think my hubby would agree that we have to take a trip to Kaui for the simple fact of having you take my family photos…???… I’ll start researching flights and hotels ;o)

  17. Ellen Sheehan says:

    Now you are onto something….your shots are amazing (granted you had the most beautiful family on the universe to photograph) but having said that the way you set up your shots is brilliant. Seems this would be a more fun way to make some $$$ than folding shirts. And, let me just say….you are really damn good at it!!! I always enjoy your post’s – thanks for sharing your world!!! BTW – have your tried Birthday Cake flavored vodka?????

  18. Glad your taking your talent everywhere! Stunning! Your so great at what you do Kasey!
    Have fun and keep up your humor through this time.

  19. Kasey, I got my photos and DVD and I love them. Thank you! I am even doing a decent job and not obsessing over the fact that my dress emphasizes that I am part Oompa Loompa. Samuel, did this whole photo shoot for a Fruit by the Foot and some ipad time. You crack me up about the politics things. We are a house divided on that area. Thanks for sharing your skills. Thanks for making me feel like I am so organized because I already have my Christmas card photo ready. Thank you!!!

  20. Kasey! Two Mormon photo shoots in one year? You better be careful! We might rub off on you! 😉 Darling pictures!

  21. Jamie Parker says:

    ah hmm…that Jumping Disclaimer, was meant for me….I neither landed on my feet or walked away from the shoot with dry undies….:-/ xo

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