A quickie but not really

First of all…i want to thank you for all the comments you left me on my last post….

i so appreciate the love….and you are so right….not many would take a chance like we have…

and as one person said…..good ole Illinois will still be the same when we head back.

Two things happened this week….

first and foremost…we bought a juicer.

We got it at Costco…and it was under $100…and it’s awesome.

{even though i feel like we are spending more money or fresh produce in order to juice…}

My fave so far is kale, spinach, baby carrots, one apple and 2 cuties {clementines}….you don’t even taste the

yuck green….it’s just sweet enough.

The kids love fresh pear juice.

They do not love green juice.

and just so you know….

a little bit of vodka in that green juice…..and you got yourself a cocktail.

oh…….my two hour juice cleanse went really well…..and i think you all should join in on

my next one!

And the second thing that happened this week was i bought a scale.

I bought a scale and made chocolate chip cookies all in the same day.

Homemade chocolate chip cookies…….from scratch.

Not the pre- made cookie dough like i used to buy in bulk at Costco just because i liked to eat cookie dough…

{i know i’m not alone in the whole eating cookie dough thing because i ran into my friend Dawn once at Costco…

and she had her tub open and was eating it right out of the tub while strolling around …}

so what  i’m just trying to say is that you shouldn’t buy a scale and make cookies from scratch all in the same day.

Drink wine instead.

check check

A couple of weeks ago my friend invited us up to her dads house to let the kids fish in his stocked pond.

This is what the text said that she sent me:

“We are taking the kids fishing at my dads house, it’s mucky and wet, but bring wine”

So of course….i’m thinking her dad lives in the marsh somewhere…..and i thought that wearing my hunter boots might

just be perfect since we are going to be sipping fine boxed wine in the jungle somewhere.

It’s pretty obvious that i didn’t get the memo that short shorts….flip flops {slippers} and that the stocked ponds

are in the front yard of an amazing beautiful home up on a hill.

All the kids had a blast fishing…..they would catch and release them 

{you are welcome ….PETA}

My friend gave us a walking tour of her dads property…..

as we sipped on our fine wine….

remember…i’m still in my boots and jeans…..and this is where they came in handy…

when we took a tour of the potting shed.

I’m so glad i had my boots on to tour the potting shed…..because while they all looked cute and

sweet in their short shorts and slippers….i was feeling right at home in the potting shed.

Note to self: You never know when you might get a tour of a potting shed….so Hunter boots come in handy.

{obviously….they didn’t get the memo about hunter boots and potting sheds}

When in doubt on what to wear….drink more wine.

After the tour…i asked my friend Kelley….if she needs a sister.

She said ….not right now.

I don’t blame her…..because she’s one lucky girl to have gotten the chance to grow up here on Kauai .

{that’s right….she grew up here…..and she surfs every single day}

{she’s also married with two kids….so if you are one of my male readers….and think you are going to hit her up…

she’s taken….}

On another note…..we’ve been doing some whale watching…….and this is the only photo you get…..

because my battery died right before i snapped the photo of the breaching whale.

actually….here is one more…..

can you see the whales out there….

neither can i…..but they are out there.


and lastly…….i just thought i would share this video…..because i loved seeing how fabulous this boy’s proposal was.

It’s a friend of a friend…..

so even though i said today was a quickie…

it really wasn’t.

Sorry…..it’s the spinach juice talking for me.


  1. So I keep hearing about juicers. Does this mean my blender is not good enough?! Now that I think about it, making my green (spinach) smoothies seems to have warn out my blender, so perhaps a juicer IS in order!

    Did you at least try out the scale prior to making your cookies?

  2. What a wonderful place to be and what memories you’re making for your beautiful family! LOVED the video!!

  3. I juice….it does amazing things. LOVE that proposal….had me all teary:)

  4. Oh and PS…I have never owned a scale as an adult. My husband forbids it. And that is one thing I allow him to forbid;)

  5. Your new friends are so cute;-)

  6. more info on the cleanse please. please stop saying scale. I may be hiding under the table now.

  7. What a fun week you’ve had. Love the property and fishing. Love the hunter boots. Love the green juice but beware, it *may* cause gas.

  8. Hettie - http://www.hettiedejong.blogspot.com says:

    Kasey- Your family is doing something so amazing!!! You guys are taking time to enjoy your kids and move at a much slower pace. I applaud you for giving up the rat race and living simply.

  9. Fun blog!! It was a nice surprise to find you using my name and not refer to me as “my can beer drinking friend.” haha

  10. So fun, but not the juicing part;-)

  11. Ohhh I so need his brother for my daughter!!!

  12. Ok, crying. Just when I thought romance was dead…absolutely beautiful!

    You’re looking pretty thin in those Wellies! I’m doing a 10 day raw/juice cleanse starting Monday. I’ll be consuming as much fine wine as I can between now and then. 😉

  13. My husband bought me a juicer for Christmas. We love it! Have not tried adding vodka yet. 🙂 Enjoy!

  14. Ahhhhh, that proposal!!!

  15. look at you being all healthy & hawaiian and JUICING!
    love it…
    & honestly, i wonder if chicago could handle you if you come back!!

  16. Dawn Tishkoff says:

    I would just like to point out, that while I might have been eating from my cookie dough tub at Costco. I only had one tub of cookie dough… someone (who shall remain nameless) had TWO tubs of cookie dough in her cart;)

  17. Okay, I’m with the kids…I don’t think I’d like to drink green juice:) As for lush green Hawaii…that I like…would love to be in flipflops & shorts right now! And aaaaww, that’s just the sweetest marriage proposal!!

  18. Valerie mathews says:

    I was crying so hard I was hardly able to watch the beautiful video. Please pass the cookies and the wine!!

  19. We are trying so hard to move to fresh, raw foods…maybe too hard because it hasnt happened yet, but we are gettig better.

    My favorite is Dan McDonalds Lemon Ginger Blast. We use romaine, spinach or kale, celery, cucumber, a lemon and an apple or two. Oh yeah, dont forget the GINGER!. Oh it is SOOOO good.

    I think this post kind of relates to the last in that wearing the boots served you well…even though you seemed like the odd man out. Just like moving, not knowingwhere the road is leading, it will work out for the best for you.

    That doesnt really convey the way I wanted i to. Sorry, it’s the beef and cheese nachos talking. Take care and enjoy!

  20. Oh dear what a beautiful place…and what a marvellous experience for you all!! You are doing the right thing!
    Love from 5 to 5! Monica

  21. I am commenting on your last post on this post, ok?

    We NEVER know what comes next.
    And by WE, I mean EVERY stinkin person in this world.
    Even the “planners”..the ones that already have Christmas shopping for 2012 done.
    Even THEY are not in control.

    Our TEN years in LA was a ONE year plan, that Nick and I had made.
    Too bad for us, we forgot that GOD makes the plans. Not us.
    So we stayed for ten years…because that was what life for us was meant to be.
    And it was HARD.
    But honestly? I prefer a hard life. A life that throws you challenges, makes you think, makes you stronger, makes you see what is important in the end, makes you love your family…sometimes hate your family…but mostly love. Easy lives don’t help you build character. And in the end, all we take with us is our character. Nothing else. Not even boxed wine. But I am counting on God having one heck of an open bar in heaven.

    You are on the right path.
    Don’t let anxiety and stress get to you.
    Because it makes no difference if you worry.
    Just makes you drink more.
    And dare I quote the caloric intake of a glass of wine….

    and this is the GOOD part..the TRUE part….
    one day…
    maybe tomorrow
    maybe in 5 years
    maybe in 15 years…

    this little journey you are all on will make TOTAL SENSE
    it will be revealed to you
    and you will be so thankful

    we are carefully placed…
    there are no accidents
    even the mistakes are meant to be.

    where you are now is where you should be
    so fill up your wine glass and make a toast to an awesome life

    and as for the kids? screwing up?
    No chance
    they are with their family
    they have their mom and dad to come home to
    every single day
    they have everything they need


  22. Christie McGetrick says:

    Hey Kasey – I have not checked in at your blog for a few days and loved the new post. I have been toying with juice right now and as my birthday is coming I think I will buy one. The Kale’s in the refrigerator.

  23. I’m in LOVE with that video!!!

  24. oh sigh..that proposal Hugs and smooches and wishes for a beautiful week ahead! P.S> love this whole blog post!!!

  25. Hi Kacey. It looks like we have some common friends…my little guy is in second grade at Hanalei. I am surprised we haven’t met. I’m a new blogger, and loving it. Hope to run into you and your camera sometime soon. Aloha, Joy

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