there was no licking today

Now….if you know me….then you know that i am not a celeb stalking type of girl…

{okay…..well……that might be an exaggeration………}


and this morning doesn’t count when my friend and i met at the one and only swanky hotel 

for coffee and to see if maybe we could spot any…..

and  possibly just run our hands though George Clooney’s hair.

Not that George is here…..but if he was…..that’s what we would have done.

{it was all her idea…..honest…because i’m not a run my hand through hair type …..}

Well….we walked away with nothing




except for a damn expensive latte.

So … i went home….and loaded up the kids for the beach…to meet up with another friend.

We set up camp……opened up a nice can of coors light….got out the cheese whiz…. some ritz crackers…

when all of the sudden…..

out of nowhere …..strolling right towards us….was

 Shaun White….

lucky for me…i know my pro snowboarders…..


i mean the guy whose name appears on most of my boy’s clothing.

{thank you Target}

he even wears loafers….

don’t you love a man that will wear loafers and purple shorts to the beach.

Anyhoo…..the point is…..

i totally missed out on walking up to him and licking him.

{ apparently most of my  friends would… know….since i already asked them on Facebook.}

He did smile at us though….

{can you see him sneaking a peek at my canned beer drinking friend and i

from under his sunglasses as he pretends to look at his loafers…}

but we let him hang out in peace…..

 so there was no licking going on today.

{i wonder if he would have let me run my virgin fingers through his hair….}

..and to think at last minute i decided to grab the camera and stick it in my beach bag.

{i was only thinking of you all of course…..}


  1. This is so awesome Kasey. I would have FREAKED OUT! 🙂 Do you still use a canon camera???

  2. Lol that’s funny. I guess that makes sense that he would be there, since he surfs too. I was just in soho and saw owen Wilson, wear his ray bans and just walking through the streets. Ny is a great place to see people. You especially see those famous people that have been in a million things but you don’t know their names, they can still walk around and live their life.

  3. babe in batavia says:

    shaun lives in my friend vanessa’s neighborhood in carlsbad california… she says he’s a nice guy.

  4. Love it!

  5. Ha. I love it, you are so funny.

  6. Now George Clooney, he is totally lickable;-)
    Have you seen the movie Descendants? It was so good and filmed there.

  7. Shaun White is pretty amazing, and what an athlete. I’m jealous at some of the celeb spotting you get to do.
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. Allison McArdle says:

    Yes, he is adorable with that hair.
    I have to say that I check in everyday to your blog (hoping that you posted) to see what you are up to.
    You are an inspiration to so many of us, me included and I just want to say Thank You for being brave
    enough to just do the things so many of us would never even dream of.
    Your move, your husbands job, all of it is just amazing, and to think you guys did it.
    You are making it work.

  9. Do you know Katy Perry is there too on vacation? She was at the beach on Monday! Maybe she is still there, wink wink. You could probably lick her…

  10. Wow, the flying tomato! It’s amazing the amount of celebrities you’ve seen since moving there. Here I am in So Cal and the only one I ever ran into was Tina Yothers at Robinson’s May in the 80’s:(

  11. So your fingers are virgin but apparently your tongue is not hmmmmm Poor Shaun maybe a good ol licking is just what he needed.

  12. Wow, now that’s pretty cool! I couldn’t stop laughing at your story..
    Love your wit and sense of humor! Ok, a technical question for you..
    what canon lens are you using? I’m gonna be in the market for a new
    lens pretty soon (been saving my pennies!) 🙂

    • I use a fixed 35mm for all of my normal daily shots but when i need a zoom i use a Tamaron 28-300. I can’t afford anything better but it works for all of my celebrity stalking needs;-)

  13. wowzers! im a fan of his, you lucky duck!

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