It smells like a white christmas around here

I did a little decorating.


I feel like there is not much i can do around this home because it’s furnished….and…well…..we are not really 

going to put the furniture that is already here……

in storage since we are already paying for storage back home……


we’ve been living simply and without my little touches.

One thing that i have been collecting is a whole lot of  driftwood….and i’ve been collecting it like crazy.


It’s free…..

it’s beautiful….

and it’s a natural element that i just love.

Plus…i found a beach that is just covered with driftwood….thousands of pieces….silently begging to be brought home.

I’ve added some driftwood in the kitchen {more photos at a later date…}

and some in our eating area.

I found this large piece…and hung it on the wall….then i hung some little stockings that i ordered online from 

this sweet shop  ..and they’re made from vintage european grain sacks…..oooh….i just love them…so perfect.

{at least i think they are perfect….they have to grow on the kids}

When my kids saw them…

they pretty much had a heart attack due to the size.

Well…that and i told them times are tough these days so whatever Santa brings…will have to fit into these stockings.

That did not go over very well…..

Since we had this open wall, i decided to add some paper doilies and taped them up in the shape of a tree….

{honest to goodness real Christmas trees are a bit hard to find around here…but we are searching…}

all i need is a little star on top.

{paper doilies are inexpensive….which means i can afford another box of fine wine}

What i love about this piece of driftwood is the shape….it’s flat on one side….so when i’m all done

using it as the stump of my tree…i’m going to flip it around and use it as a shelf…held up by some pretty brackets

that i will buy from Anthro.

Anthro misses me dearly.

and since the white on white sort of reminds me of snow ……i can go ahead and wrap a sweater around me 

and call it winter.

Yeah for winter

Yeah for snow

Yeah for driftwood

Yeah for a Hawaiian winter

and yeah for fooling around with the clocks and setting them an hour ahead so i can tell the kids it’s bedtime;-)


  1. I can think of loads of fun things to fit into those li’l stockings to make ME happy. : ) Happy Christmastime, Kasey, your decorations look beautiful!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. I love it!

  3. Looks fantastic and yes I can relate to a hot christmas as its always summer for Christmas in Australia. Mind you, one super weird summer it did actually snow up here on our mountain which messed with my head somewhat but made drinking hot toddies by the fire sort of the right thing to do.
    Alicia 🙂

  4. I love your tree! Way to get creative with a Hawaiian Christmas… and I love the bit about the kids almost having a heart attack… and “resetting bedtime”. You go, Mama! ; )

  5. super cute my friend!!!

  6. I love what you have done! Feel free to send some of that beautiful driftwood my way! Happy Holidays!

  7. Christmas here in FL is almost always hot and having spent my young years in Michigan it took a lot of getting used to. We have no trouble getting Christmas trees but they quickly become fire hazards if you put them up too early. There are decorations everywhere you look so that helps. Going to Christmas eve mass to celebrate the birth of our Lord is what’s most important to us, anyway. Love your little stockings and you’ve given me an idea for MY big piece of driftwood. Thanks!!

  8. Kirsten Phillips says:

    beautiful! looks like its right out of the Anthro catalog!

  9. Kirsten Phillips says:

    p.s…..if Anthropologie is reading this: you guys need to hire Kasey to merchandise your shop displays! she is good. really good. 🙂

  10. That is one of the sweetest Christmas trees I’ve ever seen! The little grain sack stockings hanging on the driftwood are the perfect touch.

  11. I love this so much

  12. Umm where did my message go Oops! Awesome, I too love driftwood though our beach doesn’t get much.You should scout it out, box it up and ship it out to those of us that can’t find any and you could make a few extra $$$$ or trade for fine boxed wine and or Trader Joe Treats~Cheers Kim

  13. Oh Kasey it is so lovely!! Happy Holidays!!

  14. So cute Kasey!!! So…tender!! Waiting for Christmas, baci, Monica

  15. I love how you decorated!!!!! Beautiful!!!!

  16. It looks beautiful!!! I used to collect driftwood. Some can be used as trivots or candleholders, and if you hollow some out, if they’re big enough, you can use them to hold pencils, or flatware. I am glad you were able to come up with some affordable creature comforts. The stockings are ADORABLE!!!

  17. As always Miss.K – you create *lovely*!

    I do adore me a pile of doilies- love them even more as a wall tree…seriously cool!!

    And hope Santa gets to Anthro for you…have you marked every page in their latest catalogue or what!!

    KEep the Christmas decor coming!

    Melissa 🙂

  18. soooooooooo creative kasey. i love what you have created with what is available.

  19. Kasey, leave it to you to make something so beautiful and creative so inexpensively…
    Merry Christmas! xo jody

  20. Only you could create a Christmas tree out of doilys and driftwood and have it be so damn cute!
    Merry Christmas Kasey.

  21. Christie McGetrick says:

    Love this – I love the driftwood idea.

  22. Simply awesome! How cool is that…

  23. Divine. A friend of mine makes the most gorgeous fish out of drift wood – she lines it all up to get the shape and they are to die for – love working with driftwood and love the smell of it – salty and sea watery!

  24. I just love your “driftwood-doily tree”…so clever!! Someday I’d like to spend one Christmas in Hawaii; but, my girls just aren’t going for it. Guess I’ll have to wait ’til they leave the nest! 😉

  25. Dianne DeWalle |Kossnar says:

    Kasey: You are so creative and imaginative! I enjoy reading your blog to see what fun you’re up to. (I’m a high-school friend of your mom’s.

  26. I’m so jealous you can go to the beach in December. I love your blog.

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