Holy Hotness….

On Saturday i dropped Fin off at an all day birthday party…then i loaded up the big kids and we decided to make a day of it at the beach.

It was a beautiful day…the sun had come out after a good few days of overcast skies and rain…so we were all excited to

be getting our vitamin D back on track.

Behind us on the beach there was a huge tent being set up for a birthday party….a party for a one year old. Parties for one year olds here in Hawaii are big.


Big as in….a pig roast….and lots of food….it’s almost like a luau…without the dancing.

I was sitting on the beach when i received a text from Bryan telling me that Pro Surfer Kelly Slater was eating lunch at the hotel Bryan works for. Now that we all live in Kauai…..we {or at least my kids do} know who the big time pro surfers are…and Kelly is not only the best in the surfing world…but he’s won many world titles.

And he’s hot.


I then knew that Kelly was coming to this party on the beach…{info from an inside source}

so i had to think of my plan….because after my last hoopla with 

blogging about crashing a wedding reception

i figured that crashing a birthday party in order for my kids to meet one of their idols might not go over very well…

so i decided to not crash it myself.

I sent the kids in without me.


I instructed the kids……go in….find Kelly….. meet him….then report back to me…but don’t get caught.

I didn’t even get to say goodbye before they took off….and became official party crashers.

Seriously….because we don’t have any money for bail right now with the Holidays around the corner….

so it was better that i just sit this one out.


my friend and her kids were invited…..so my kids were able to tag along with them…..


so before everyone gets all up in arms about it…..i just want you to know that …..

i still didn’t have one single glass of their wine.

Not one.

and because my kids were there legally....they were able to have fun with the photo-booth that was set up….and have the shave ice that was being given out.

My kids were also able to meet their surfing idol and shake his hand.

They were in heaven.

I wasn’t in jail.

All was right in the world that day.

I just stood back and let them do their thing….while watching the joy on their faces.

Then…yesterday….i had to take Lola and her friend to volleyball….so it was bryan’s turn to load the boys up…and he took them to the beach for the afternoon.

Kelly Slater was back at the beach with some friends as well.

Okay…obviously that is NOT him…..i was just checking to make sure you were still paying attention.

{and for the record…there is nothing wrong with tight swim speedo like swim suits….}

{can you imagine if Kelly Slater was wearing one….hot lickety dog}

Now i know if i was at the beach with the boys.. …i might not have had any self control….and i would have gone over and licked him….

{he was with his girlfriend….but i don’t think she would have minded}

and i have a feeling Bryan would have to shrug his shoulders and say something like “i don’t know who she is”….

so it’s probably a good thing i wasn’t there.

When Kelly got up to leave….all the kids descended on him like ants on a chocolate chip…but he was so kind…

that he stood around letting the photo hungry parents {aka BRYAN} take photos of him with the groms.

he even signed Mason’s surfboard.

So today you learned two things………my  Mason got to meet someone he really admires …..and i didn’t lick anyone.

p.s I am officially down 4 pounds…only 20 more to go. 

p.p.s. I am in my fifth week of boot camp…

p.s.s. I don’t own a scale…so i’m not absolute on the weight loss….but just go with me on it….


  1. Oh my goodness I loved this post. I just pulled up your link to KS and you’re right, he’s hot. Bald but hot;-)
    Too Funny!

  2. Love! What a treat for Mason (and you too of course)

  3. Jennifer Sweeny says:

    I agree, complete eye candy;-) You are too funny, and I almost had a stroke when you said the part about the kids sneaking in.

  4. Amber McMurphy says:


  5. oh come on you didnt let the big wedding crashing haters keep you down did you?;) i just adore your posts:)

  6. you totally crack me up!!!! i loved your wedding crash – i am patiently waiting for you to crash something in hawaii now. glad you are enjoying your new home – no one can ever say that you haven’t lived your life to the fullest.

  7. I am happy for you and your kids…and I always adore reading you…just for your info, I started to train 5 weeks ago, and I haven’t lost anything!!! Lucky you!
    Love, Monica

  8. How cool for the kiddos!! Sounds like a really good day:)

  9. So clearly Kauai is the place to be! So fun for the kids!

  10. Holy Hotness, you are a crack up. Love your posts so much, that I was thinking you should start posting more;-) You can thank me later.

  11. Susan (in cold Colorado} says:

    It snowed here the other day and so really, I just love seeing all the sunshine in your neck of the woods. Vitamin D is so great isn’t it, we have a whole lot of it here even though it’s cold right now.
    Love checking in, and thank you for the Kelly Slater fix this morning.

  12. I’m gonna guess it was Axel’s birthday.

  13. You are the best. And I mean really the best wit and spiril and I adore you. Just over a year now catching your blog and I am back in LA with a host of new ladies who are adoring you as well. I used to say that sneaking in the closet to do a little something was my way of having fun..I would rather lick a surfer…or both. You make my day.

  14. Ok so I had not checked out the blog for a while! My bad – but now I am enthralled at the writing talent not to mention the humor. You rock Kasey and Bryan’s photo is great – be sure to frame it and don’t do what my mom did when I moved from California – don’t ever sell Mason’s surfboard! Love ya,

  15. Oh my gosh…you crack me up with the weight loss comments…HILARIOUS!

    Fun times…glad you could restrain yourself…he looks pretty delish!

  16. I read two blogs..TWO… and that’s it. The other is mostly decorating, which I also love and know you do too, but PLEASE don’t ever stop writing cause there just isn’t another one like you on the planet! Of course, never reading any others, I don’t really have any comparison, but trust me, I just know it in my gut! Hilarious!

  17. Well, hello there mista! Not the speedo, but the surfer.

  18. Ok, so when I was 14, I made my parents drive me to the OP Pro in Huntington Beach, because I was so ob.sess.ed. with Kelly Slater. He was still an amateur, he went pro a year or two later. I had a Surfer Magazine with me, so my cousin and I went up to the tent and got his autograph. I have NO IDEA where that autographed magazine went, but I remember saving the pen that he signed with for years. I mean, years. Like, I kept it in my back pack through high school and college.
    This was back when he had hair…he is STILL hot though. When I look at that photo I turn into a 14 year old again.
    So, needless to say, this 36 year old is super jelly of your kids right now! LOL!

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