december loves

I happened across some boot love while at Target this morning….

i heard them calling my name from across the aisle….so i did what any normal warm blooded girl

who should have been at home in bed instead because she wasn’t feeling very well would do.

I bought them.

Bonus: They cost less then 40 boxes of Mac n cheese.

I am hoping i’m not the only girl who will feed her kids ramen noodles when the checking account

gets real low because she over spent on some must haves.

I mean really…..

i think it’s necessary to look good while cooking ramen noodles.

Trader Joe’s has their killer holiday packaging out now….

and i went a little overboard.


This time…i bought the box of peppermint chocolate covered marshmallows…

and let’s just say….

the kids never had a chance to taste them.

I did come home with these though….

sweet sticks….so tasty…use one of them to swirl your hot cocoa around with.

Bonus: a low calorie food


I am getting my wrapping station all set up for Christmas…and i am loving all this cuteness i found on Etsy.

Bonus: friends and family get cute packages

When i was at Target…i came across these bird ornaments…

and they were only $1.

So cute.

Bonus: You can decorate a tree for less than $15 and still buy cute boots.


Β I realize the poor child has dirty fingernails and they are a bit on the long side.

The important part is that he is loved and fed and clothed.

This is my house at the moment….i’m a bit challenged in the clean up and put things away area.

I need therapy.

I also need someone to help me.

My cleaner is not calling me back…so it looks like i might have to step up the plate and do it myself.

I also want to know how long is normal to not unpack from a vacation?

I’m asking because…we have been home for almost 5 days now…and i still see my bag on the floor.

…and here is Lola’s room….

sheΒ emptied her suitcase onto the floor and will live off of floor clothes for months.

I will say though…that even though the suitcases might not be unpacked…or that

my sofa has pillows all over the floors….

i did get a little Christmas decorating done today.

I even washed some sheets today.

I have two children bathed…and one to go.

I gave my bird fresh water and new food.

I am not sure i brushed my teeth this morning though.

I also forgot to buy some Ferria at Target because i was all consumed over grey boots.

I have ramen noodles on the dinner table.

I have a glass of wine waiting for me in the kitchen.

And one in the living room as back up.


  1. Sounds like a great day to me!! Love the boots and that red damask bag on the floor is to die for Love it!!!

  2. Oh, I loove that sweet little birdie…I am definitely going to look for those when I go to Target tomorrow!

  3. Cutee boots. Just wait till your children are teenagers and their rooms will look like Lola’s x 10! They like to wear clothes off the floor with gum stuck to the pockets. Did you see the lil Eiffel Tower ornament at Target? I bought one…so darn cute. I heart Targe`t.

  4. Sounds like the captain has everything under control — bottoms up !!!
    p.s. I make everyone put there clothes away after a trip and they bust me a week later cuz my suitcase is still laying on my bedroom floor !!

  5. I have those boots, too. My mother in law bought them for me while totally spoiling me at Target one day. I have worn them tons and get lots of compliments. In fact, one of my GF’s went right out and bought them after seeing them on my feet. Love that!

  6. Love the boots (I bought them about a month ago myself!) and really love that you haven’t unpacked yet! If left up to me I would wait a few days to unpack slowly but the minute we load in the luggage my husband is off unpacking his portion and well, he just makes me feel to guilty that I HAVE to unpack too…

    I don’t know how I missed the birdies at Target – guess it means another trip : )

  7. Hey! Do you have a dog? I thought I remeber back a while ago you saying you had a dog.. Did you trade him/her for a bird?
    Your house looks like a home to me… I wanted grey boots and brought home tan? I have no idea how they got the tan ones in my box but Im to lazy to return them for gray.. Maybe Ill get both.. πŸ™‚

  8. Don’t hate me but I unpack and put everything away as soon as we walk in the door. That and step on that blasted scale!

  9. oh la la love the birdie ornament!
    must have a few…target always has the best cheap ones!!!
    i am glad to see that your home is not perfect…thats what makes it cozy.
    love the wrapping embellishments.
    bottoms up πŸ˜‰

  10. I have those boots too… I love them! cute and comfy, very important! Our house looks like that even when we don’t go on a trip… life goes on. I like to think of our house as LIVED IN, yeah, that’s it. Theresa xoxo

  11. oh lord have mercy….is this your idea of meeting my needs to see your home? good grief

    you do make me laugh

    sweet birdy
    way too sweet silhouette tags
    back up glass of wine, YOU are the bomb!

  12. LOL! Sounds to me like you’ve got all the important things taken care of!!!
    XO Nancy

  13. Kasey! This is so funny – You and I are doing the same wrapping-scheme this year! 2 weeks ago, I bought all my craft paper brown and paper white doilies – and even some twine to tie up my brown paper packages! TWINS!

    Love it – OK, now I’m off to do the christmas cards…..


  14. You’re the bomb! Hahaha…..what a funny post. I love to see the couch cushions strewn all over the place. My boys always did the same thing when they were younger. Actually, my little one still does from time to time & he’s 12. It never ends. The refreshing & honest chaos of home, there’s nothing like it!!

    PS…..I just bought a couple of those birdies today too!!

  15. My house is a Christmas disaster. Oh well, what can we do? πŸ™‚ I love the boots and the birdies!

  16. What seller did you get your goodies from etsy ? Kasey, your writing brighten my day !!!!

  17. cute boots are always a necessity! and 5 days is nothing for unpacking – I’ve had a suitcase sitting on the floor half emptied for about 2 weeks! BUT I do have my decorating done so it’s all good. Decorations look a lot better than dirty laundry in suitcases. πŸ™‚

  18. I friggin’ love you! In fact…I think you’re my long lost sister. You should see my house right now. I, too, need therapy! I’m giving you a shout-out on my blog today for Favorite Things Friday! Come on over and take a look!

  19. So I also bought the boots at Target today! And a bunch of fleece pjs for the girls…and fed them PB&J tonight πŸ™‚ Oh and been waiting on my Etsy packages for gift wrapping. Great minds think alike πŸ™‚

  20. I love your boots. I adore boots. I could buy all the boots in the world and still want more. Yes you can call me boot crazy πŸ™‚ My house is a mess at the moment too. I’ve been sick and my little one has been sick and I have not felt like doing much. Decorations are up but the boxes are still all over the place – you get the picture and it’s not pretty.

  21. This post is so hilarious. I really enjoy reading your blog – always :).


  22. I love it when people post pictures of their messy rooms. haha it makes me feel so much better about my disaster of a house! Also the boots are awesome… worth every penny… aren’t cute boots always worth every penny though? πŸ™‚

  23. Those boots are so cute. One of the girls I work with (at The Gap) has those boots and we all rant and rave over them when she wears them. Even the customers get involved.

  24. A great way to start my day! Laughing feels so good.

  25. Thanks for keeping it real!! And how did I miss those sweet lil’ bird ornaments? Guess I need to make another trip to Target:)

  26. I love your way of thinking – Ramen noodles in exchange for cute boots! Those boots are very cute – I may need a trip to Target. And as for unpacking I have no children so no valid excuse but sometimes go almost a week before I unpack.

    • I already have to many boots… they are every where! I bought a pair of grey boots yesterday too!… and now I find myself thinking about going by Target today just to take a peek πŸ™‚ Which really means if they have my size that is a sign that I am suppose to get them. I don’t even know how much a box of mac & cheese is but it sounds reasonable! Love Trader Joes too!

  27. Love your blog…….Love the boots…..have a pair myself. One of those never regret purchases!!

  28. I laughed at the backup. My backup is usually on my nightstand or by the bathtub.

  29. Those sillohette tags are adorable…
    I am off to Target right now for some birds…
    and I have thought of this many times and always forget to ask you…
    we always see Lola’s room…can we see your boy’s rooms?
    If you need some inspiration for a post I would love to see a whole house tour of your home. We see bits and pieces of it but never all of it at once :)))

  30. I love your blog so much. πŸ™‚ I’m not married, I don’t have kids, don’t even have my own house, but somehow you are like a kindred spirit. πŸ™‚ You make me laugh, feel normal, and delight in quirkiness. Thanks for that. πŸ™‚

  31. Hey, nice tights too! We have yet to unpack from our Thanksgiving trip. What’s a few more days living out of a duffel bag on the floor going to hurt?

  32. Not kidding, I’m still living out of my Thanksgiving trip suitcase too. it’s totally normal. Hey, thought you’d like to hear: In KC tonight is “Christmas with the Von Trapp Children” live. It’s the Grandchildren of the original VonTrapp’s. unfortunately I can’t go.

  33. Sorry, all that I got out of that post is- thank God someone else has children with long, dirty fingernails.

  34. Went to Target — guess what ? They are all out of the birds !! The only $1 ornament they were out of. Does someone in the Quad City, Il. area read this blog too ????

  35. Love the boots. As much as I do not like Target I may have to stop in to grab a pair for myself. How long is too long not to unpack? Hmmm, as we were moving into our new house 2 months ago I found an old suitcase with a couple pairs of boy’s shorts in them, size 8. I think they’re left overs from our Hawaii trip, 17 years ago.

  36. I can totally relate to this post!
    My house looks like that most of the time- you do NOT want to see my closet right now πŸ™‚

    I had a suitcase on the floor that I thought was unpacked. 6 weeks later we were taking another trip and found it full of beach wear and some clothes I couldnt find!

  37. i wish i could have boots and vacations and trader joe goodies! no such luck. for now i will continue to answer phones for a super duper large toy company for hours upon hours a week and swoon over your lovely blog. one day i will join you in the awesomeness…ooonnnne daaaay.

  38. Your etsy finds are super cute. Would ya mind linking up to where you found your cute goodness??

    I was @ Trader Joe’s today. That store is a very easy place to influence a person with all their Christmas goodness/candy/you name it, I was tempted and spent a ton. It’s my weak spot. =)

    Anyway, hope you share the etsy links..


  39. Jo Nelson says:

    I couldn’t have been happier when I read this. I love the fact that you are normal with normal messes. When we read blogs all we ever see is spotless houses, perfect decorations, yummy food with no dirty dishes sitting out. Nice to know you like I do. Thanks for sharing. Oh, unpacking suitcases – that is one thing i do right away. I need to do the laundry, and I can’t stand having stuff like that sitting out. but you go, Girl!

  40. hi Kasey! i bought the same boots! i saw a woman shopping and asked here where she got them, ran right over and got me a pair and so inexpensive! love em’ susan

  41. girl, you crack me up!!! i enjoy living out of my suitcase, days after getting home…love your boots, now i’m gonna have to get some :))

  42. I love the boots!! I will have to check out my local Target to see what they have in store for me! $40.00 is my perfect price point for a great pair of boots! I love your blog and truly look forward to every post. You inspire me to write in mine! Happy Holidays!

  43. Oh my no, it’s totally normal to not unpack for a few days. In fact, I’m pretty sure anything up to a couple weeks is fine. Dirty nails, saggy pants, and a messy living room–it’s all good as long as the family is loved, fed well, and has a place to sleep. Oh, and the boots–well if they were calling you, then by all means the call must be answered!

    Thanks for making me smile today!

  44. I love how you just tell it how it is. You’re so funny!
    I especially loved the last post. It was so fun to see pics of your family. You have such a beautiful family and the best mom ever!! Love, love Lola’s yellow coat. She looks adorable.

  45. Why is unpacking a suitcase so much worse than packing it?! Oh there are so many MANY reasons. I live out of my suitcase when I get back until the Hus says I have to stop because he’s going to go cray-see!

  46. I’d love to know which boots they are- I was in there the other day and I think I saw them… do they have brown soles?

  47. Oof! I am so glad that I’m not the only one with couch cushions on the floor! how do they get there, I wonder? Well, oh, hang it all, I’m glad that I’m not the only one with all the rest of those foibles too! I DO have two kids washed but never got to the third. Ah, well…..

  48. tracey connolly says:

    don’t you just love these boots…… too! I recently purchased a pair and have had a lot of compliments they just can’t believe they are from Target!

    now of course all my girls, want a pair, hmmmm what is it “they say” immitation is the greatest form of flattery, I just say……oh you copy cat!

    Merry Christmas, I enjoy your darling stories and lovely ideas! I appreciate your realness, need more of that for sure!

    Best Wishes to and your dear family


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