camera winner


Kristen…email me at to claim that camera.

Thanks everyone for entering…that was fun.

I’m going to go and finish cleaning the toilets now…i’ll be back to let you know how it went.



  1. Happy Sunday friend, can’t you find something better to do than clean toilets?

  2. I’ve cleaned all my toilets and here now it’s time to go to bed dear…such a pity for the camera…but normal! I have never won anything in my life…anyway, have a nice Sunday…for me is almost Monday!!! baci, Monica

  3. I really thought that I was going to win this one…next time, next time!

  4. Oh too bad I didn’t win the camera. I did the toilets and showers earlier, it stinks! Have wine afterwards, I am.

  5. Congrats to Kristen…lucky girl:)

  6. I cleaned one of our toilets today. 😉

  7. Congratulations Kristin! If it doesn’t get claimed, I’ll volunteer to claim it! Next time 🙂

  8. I love seeing your blog grow 🙂 I’ve really stunk at keeping in touch daily but I’m workin’ on it… I’m really workin’ on it!!!

  9. Congratulations to Kristen. Winning a giveaway is so much fun. My first experience blogging was winning the Paris giveaway from blissfarmantiques. I thought one good turn deserves another so I posted a holiday giveaway on Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blog. Laughing is a great way to start the day!

  10. I forgot how I got here {to your blog} But, I am so glad I made it! I have been reading and can’t stop! You have the cutest family and great photos and your house is to die for!

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