back when i was skinny

I met Bryan when i was singing in the church choir and he was sitting in the first row looking

up at me because i had the most beautiful voice….and when i sang an acapella solo…he gazed up

at me and fell completely smitten and head over heels in love.

So not true.

I was  really skinny back then. I also had a killer push up bra…even before there was such

a thing as Victoria Secrets. Actually…i think i had on my bikini on under that tank top…

and had used not just one….but two pads in each of the sides.

We really met in a smoky bar called Garfinkel’s… Vail, Colorado.

I might have smoked back then.

I had a fake i.d. ….and as a matter of fact….my name was Anna Eriksson…and i was from Sweden…

working as an au pair. You see….my best friend was indeed from Sweden…her name was Kaisa..

and she was in fact an Au Pair.

The real deal.

Kaisa and i had gone to the library…photocopied her passport…then erased a few numbers…

inserted our photos….and then re-coppied the papers.


New passports.

Now…let me tell you that there is no way you could do this now…and there is no way you could

walk into a bar with a photo copy of a passport ..but we were living in a resort town…

where there were ooodles of Au Pairs. I do believe we even had a local bus pass with our alter ego name

and photo should someone ask for a different type of identification.

The only reason i tell you this is because the night i met bryan…i was sitting in a smoky bar..

and i was 19 years old.

{with  a very padded bra}

I was hanging with my group of Swedish nanny friends…when a group of boys walked in and

sat next to us at the bar. Bryan sat right next to me…and it wasn’t long till he asked me my name.

For some reason….i didn’t lie…like i normally did…and told him my real name.

My friends and i normally would make up names and stories to tell the guys we would meet

because they all tended to be tourists…and only in town for the weekend.

I mean…i was already going by two names….Anna..and Kasey…so most of the time…i was Anna..

and i was a nanny.

That night though….i told him my name was Kasey.

He told me his name was Bryan and that he had just graduated from FSU.

I told him i had gone to USC.

I told him i was a professional volleyball player.

I told him i was 23.

He believed me.

He told me he had just gotten into town…that very day…and was spending the winter in Vail.

We had fun chatting the rest of the night…and then he and his friends left.

Before he left…he handed me his phone number and told me to call him sometime.

I tucked it into my back pocket and continued on with my night.

A few weeks had gone by when my friend Kaisa called me…and told me that she

had given some boys a ride home last night from a party and one of them was named Ryan.

Ryan had asked her if she knew who Kasey was…because he had remembered that i was

hanging with a bunch of Swedish nannies.

Ryan told Kaisa to tell me to call him.

I pulled out the piece of paper that i had kept…..and called the number.

I called and asked for Ryan.

The boy on the other end said wrong number.

I looked at the piece of paper again…and took a chance…then called back.

I then asked for Bryan.

The boy said….hold on…let me get him.

Bryan got on the phone….and we made a date to go out.

We dated on and off for four months…till the ski season ended and Bryan was going to

road trip with his friends to San Francisco…then head to Cape Cod where he would live for the summer

as he did for the last 4 summers and wait tables at a restaurant.

He left….but would send me postcards now and then.

The summer passed…then came the fall…and one day i got a letter from him saying he was coming

back to Vail to live for another season.

We’ve been together ever since…..and got married in a chapel on Beaver Creek Mountain.

He almost left me when one Thanksgiving…my whole family was sitting around the table….

and he started talking to my dad about my volleyball scholarship to USC.

I might have spit turkey all over the table.

He might have spit turkey all over the table as well…i don’t remember…

but all turned out just swell in the end.

Not that there is an end….because we just keep going.

Life….it’s so much fun.

p.s. It is still a joke in my family that i said i was a professional volleyball player at USC.

p.s.s. I tried playing volleyball once…and it looked like a scene out of “Meet the Parents”…

where the volleyball hit me in the face and my nose still has not recovered.

p.p.s. One day i will go to Sweden and find my long lost friend Kaisa Hjelm.

p.p.s.s. I could really use that padded bra today.

p.p.p.s.  Winner of the camera coming soon…



  1. Awesome story! Look at your hair.. so purty.
    You rock;-) end of story.

  2. I have actually been to that very bar!!
    I love Vail. Such a funny story Kasey, you both look so young.

  3. Such a cute story Kasey. Funny how those little embellishments come back to haunt us at the worst possible time…haha!

  4. 🙂 Cute story.
    And you know what? The title ‘Back when I was Skinny’ doesn’t really work… You look the same as on the photo! Seriously!

  5. I love your story Kasey! I live in Vail, Edwards actually, and work for Beaver Creek. I’ve read your blog for a while now and feel even more of a connection that you lived here too and probably shared a lot of the crazy ski town experiences. I can’t believe you met your husband at Garfs. Crazy.

  6. Too funny! What a great story 🙂

  7. Cute picture… Great story!!

  8. I knew you lived in Colorado but didn’t know the whole *skinny* on the situation! Garfinkel’s- LOVE. And Chapel on Beaver Creek Mtn- siiiigh. It’s beautiful here right now- the mountains are covered in fresh white snow! Have a great weekend.

  9. Such a cute love story. 😉 I used the padded bra trick too. Turns out my husband prefers my real size….unless he’s been bluffing this whole time….hahaha!

  10. p.p.p.p.s .. Your still skinny & I loved your sweet funny story. It was also great seeing your post with more great
    photos of your house, I get so excited & inspired by your home.

  11. p.p.p.p.p.s… I just read that back and think I should explain….. I get excited to SEE new photos of your home. haha 😉

  12. you look like zach & kelly off of saved by the bell. presh.

  13. ohmigosh! too funny! what a great “how I met my honey” story! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. Well..being a Florida beach gal in a NAVY town..
    yes, my name was Josephina Herklesnitz..
    a long distance night shift telephone operator..
    (that was before the breakup of Bell telephone,)
    long before cell phones etc..
    in fact a LONG, LONG time ago..
    but the # i gave out, was to the telephone company!
    never wore padded bras..
    but I was Skinny way back then!
    yes.. what fun back then..
    warm sandy hugs!

  15. Hi Kasey,
    Loved reading this story, in fact, have you thought about bundling all your posts? It would be a great book!
    Have a good weekend,

  16. You seriously look pretty much the same now , such a lovely photo .

  17. Oh Kasey,
    You made me laugh so hard I started crying!!
    Wonderful, fabulous story!!
    Have a great day.

  18. I love your stories, I look forward to reading your blog every day. Thanks for the giggle today.

  19. What a great love story 😉

  20. Ahhh “back then” … we were all much smaller, huh? Anyway… were beautiful then and you’re beautiful now. What an awesome story! I love the volleyball part.

  21. Oh my goodness….you are a crackup! I love your personality and that is why Bryan is sooo smitten with you. Thanks for the great story miss USC volleyball player!

  22. Great story Kasey!! I met my husband when I was 5 years old and in kindergarten. We have been together ever since!! We have 5 kids and are 20 years happily married. Love those stories!!!

  23. Awesome story! I didn’t realize there was a chapel on Beaver Creek Mtn. Do you mean in the town or ON the mtn? We have had a place there since it opened so your story is so exciting to me! Was your reception at Beano’s Cabin by any chance. I’ve always thought it would be the perfect place for a wedding reception.

    • The Beaver Creek Chapel is almost on the mountain…but up on the main rd. Great place to attend a service when you are there.
      We had our reception at Arrowhead.

  24. Love this story.

  25. Kasey~U r a Hoot! I always enjoy my visits with U.Happy Friday~Cheers Kim

  26. ha! love it.

  27. the perfect love story!

  28. Too Funny! I’ve gone by two names over the past three years – funny how that just happens when a person decides I look like a “Roxy” instead of “Carmen”… The stories that come with it are great! Thanks for sharing this! I’ve now had my laugh for the day.

  29. I love when you share your stories of “Ryan”! It’s so fun to imagine the two of you back then. What a fun love story.

  30. I {heart} you! You’re hilarious! Love your story! =)

  31. Im speechless… Sassy yet refined. Im seriously smitten with your writings!

  32. Kasey,
    You make me laugh….volleyball player at USC =) You were always such a good liar, you could fool almost anyone!

  33. Brava Kasey, you are great! love your writing!!! baci, Monica

  34. LOL Great story! Happy belated birthday too!

  35. Great love story! And go FSU!

  36. What a great story!

  37. You really need to write a book:) A great love story…and it’s wonderful that you & Bryan are still living it!

  38. the perfect story to make me smile on a rainy Saturday – thank you and have a great weekend x

  39. too cute, Kasey.

    i was a professional volleyball player at USC, too! I think I played with you on the team….

    OK, maybe just the USC part is true…..for me.

    I did take a volleyball class at USC. I think I got a C. seriously. I’m surprised the Olympic Committee hasn’t called me yet.

    hhhmmm. Perhaps we should call them?


  40. love *love* this tale of you two AND your picture
    and the fact that you went to USC will make someone smile in my house….Bobby has always been a HUGE fan of them:)

  41. LOVE IT!
    you hotties you!

  42. Wow what a great love story!!

    I was a flight attendant when I met my husband. He worked for United also. He was a scrub, the bottom of my shoe baggage bitch! He was pathetic. Almost wrecked planes because he couldn’t take his eyes off me. At that time I was skinny and didn’t wear panties and wore those sexy thigh high things with the holder strapy thing! Yeah I was hot!

    Until one day I was having a horrible, no good, very bad day! And he listened to me. Really listened to me! I am a very go get ’em kind of gal so I told him lets go out on a date when I returned from a trip! The night I returned he left work early with me and I took him on a date {He paid though!} I kissed him in the parking lot that night and I knew! He was this good boy and completely different from anything I had ever dated. He calmed me down some and I stirred him up! I still know how to get him going 😉

    We lived it up! Traveled everywhere. Did everything. Saw everything. And 7 months later we were pregnant. 3 months after baby number 1 we were married. In a courthouse. Best $80.00 I have ever spent…

    It is so easy being married to him because he is my best friend. He still listens to me. =) And I still love him like I did the very first day I kissed him. And we still drive each other wild. We are celebrating our 3 year anniversary in November. I am proud of us and where we have come from and everything we have been through and where we are now! Happy and madly in love!

  43. Kim Wilson says:

    Thank you for sharing how you two met. We each have our own quarky stories of the crazy, silly stories we puff ourselves up with while trying to impress our mate. I’m glad I’m not alone! 18 yrs later, we’re still married, though we almost split this yr.Uhhhg, life. We all do silly things for love don’t we? I want you to know how much I enjoy you being REAL with us. You bring laughter & tears all at the same time. Thanks Kasey!

  44. love this! What a great story. Great pic too. 🙂

  45. That is hilarious!!! I love it! My friends and I used to tell boys at the bars we were preschool teachers instead of attorneys as somehow being a preschool teacher was much hotter. Classic.

  46. I love this story! I met my husband and married him before I could even go to bars, but I imagine that I’d make up grand stories about myself too if I were in that same situation. My name would be Victoria. I’ll have to work on the rest of that when I’m feeling more creative.

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