i slow danced last week

1.I would rather spend a week on the beach….but at this point..any vacation will do.

2. I am 35…..and in 3 weeks…i will be 36.

3. I am married.

4. I would rather watch Hoarders…but not anymore due to the sheer fact that Lola watched

one episode with me and they discovered a dead cat under all the crap. She will

forever have nightmares.

5. I would rather wear boots…365 days a year.

6.I would give my right arm to live on a farm…..a non working farm please.

7. Neither.

7. Just kidding….i guess Regis..only because maybe he could introduce me to Kelly.

8. Artichoke and blue cheese bisque….but since that wasn’t the choice..

i’ll go with roasted tomato.

9. I would really love to go to New Zealand and Australia.

10. Yes to traveling with Bryan…

11. No kids. I need some time with my husband…ALONE.

{i did take them to hawaii for three weeks…so they shouldn’t cry when i leave}

12. My dad has a mini cooper….so i’m hoping when i see him at Thanksgiving..he will

let me drive it….so i’ll stick with my mini van. I really do love it…spoiled milk in the cup

holders and all.

13. I go to movies all.the.time. so i choose to go to a musical. Wicked is coming BACK

to Chicago this December….and i couldn’t be more excited.

14. Hello cupcake…my name is kasey…and now i’m going to eat you.

15. Watch a favorite show.

16. I slow danced 10 days ago at our hoe down party. Everyone had left but just

our neighbors and we put on some slow country tunes and danced.

It was amazing. I hadn’t done that in years.

17. I am totally happy sitting and dreaming….because when the time is right…and the stars

align….i will live my dream.

Not that i know what my dream is….because last night i dreamed i was on hoarders…so nix that idea.

18. Mac n cheese…..duh…..it’s all my kids know and love.

19. Eat the buggers….because they/he already does.

20. I would rather exercise….but since i don’t…i’ll watch Oprah.

21. I get dressed every.single.day.

22. I would rather be caught in sweats at walmart.


Because you all were so fabulous in joining in {even though i know a bunch of you didn’t…like you

in Sitka Alaska…or you in Deephaven MN….i thought i would throw a few more facts to you.

23. I just made bacon wrapped dates for girls night last night.

24. I never even made it out of the house for girls night. I put my sweats on…

bryan came home with pizza and we watched tivo’d biggest loser.

25.  I’m done with numbering now…im just going to ramble. Hope it’s okay with you.

We have a cockatiel…she’s pretty cool…but she chirps a lot and makes a huge mess. I have to sweep

at least twice a day and i really hate sweeping but at least i have wood floors.  There really is hay all

over my backyard….because my kids took to jumping on the 6 bales.  We are heading to Indianapolis in

a week to help celebrate Bryans grandmothers 90th birthday….is there anything good to do there with

kids?  I like my bangs…i’m not going to say i love them….but i like them. What you might not realize

is that i have very course thick hair….it’s sorta nappy hair. I figured out after i flat iron it that

its not going to be like the photo i cut out of a magazine….because her hair was not nappy or thick or

course…hers was perfect.

I don’t have perfect hair. I will give my bangs a chance though because what other choice do i have.

My nose on the other hand …not so good i tell you.

I am going to have to take the stud out. I don’t want to get all graphic on you…but

ever since the first stud snagged and i had it re-done…my nose thinks it needs to grow new

skin around the hole.

I know…i warned you.

It’s not horrible…and my friends just look the other way when they talk to me…but my husband…

he just stares at my nose when we talk.

Alright….it’s really not that bad….but i will probably take it out and let it heal…then get the

other side pierced. Is this too much information for you?


I decided i’m going to write a book.

Actually….this is a book….sort of. You are on chapter 15 right now…and i really haven’t written

the first few chapters yet…..the one’s on the birth of my babies.

Or chapter 4….that is the one on when i just

started dating Bryan…and we were getting ready to drive down so that bryan

could meet my parents who lived in New Mexico.

I had to get my oil changed first in my car before we left…so Bryan volunteered to take my car really

quick to get it done. As he was leaving…i said to him…..

just tell them to put it on my account.

Thirty minutes later Bryan comes back and 10 minutes after that…a police officer knocks on the door.

Apparently….when i told bryan to tell them to put it on my account…he thought i meant:

get in the car and drive away without paying….

when what i had really meant was:

tell them to make a note of it on their computer so i could get my 8th lube free.

So…there you have it….chapter 1-4 is in the works…..kinda.

I just need to raise my kids and do the laundry first.

Oh…and that visit to my parents…it was great.

They had Bryan sleep in the laundry room on a cot.


  1. You are a hoot! Boo for the nose ring:( Yeah for the bangs!

  2. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I really enjoy it! I live in Indianapolis and just thought I’d give you a little advice on what to do with the kids. There is a nice canal that runs through downtown. You can rent paddle boats or even a gondola ride and go from one end to the other. Also, the zoo is pretty cool and they just got cheetahs which are pretty entertaining, so I’ve heard…Also, there is a really great Children’s Museum which is pretty fun for adults too! Those things are all downtown. If you’re out in the suburbs there are plenty of parks around. Hope you have a great weekend here!

  3. Great answers! So sad about the nose ring and I really don’t think anyone’s hair is actually perfect – it’s just an illusion – or full of all kinds of styling junk. You certainly wouldn’t want mine, all baby fine and thin and straight as a poker so any attempt to curl or style it is useless even WITH all kinds of styling junk. 🙂

  4. Oh I love it when you ramble! Honestly, Kasey…your blog is The. Best. Read! So sorry about your nose ring…that’s why I only have pierced ears…well, that & because I’m not cool & brave like you;) P.S. Did your parents really make Bryan sleep in the laundry room?

  5. You are so hilarious Kasey! Love it!

  6. Love reading your posts… they always make me smile! Lx

  7. Both of these posts were a lot of fun!

  8. wow
    had no idea about the nose fiasco going down in st charles
    i love that ya’ll slow danced
    how sweet is that

  9. Love your ramblings….always enjoy hearing your thought process. Can’t wait to heat more about your slow-dancing night! Pictures please!

  10. Take out the nose ring and wait til Spring. Cold and flu season is coming…not to be graphic.

  11. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! reading your blog. Reading it always starts my day with a smile, and I thank you for that!

  12. Is it strange that the first thing I do in the morning is check to see if you blogged? You are too funny!

  13. Hah! Thank you for sharing the nose story. I had mine done after we were married (8 years ago)- and yes, a strange skin ball formation made me take it out. I would stalk other pierced noses to see if they had this but no, theirs all looked beautiful and perfect. Since reading your blog I was thinkig, hmm maybe I should try it again, I miss my little nose stud. But this post reminded me, it did not look good on me. It was a pain in the xxx. No one wants a permanent skin bugger…

  14. The Children’s Museum in Indy is fantastic. It is an all day event. There is also Conner Prarie in Fishers. It’s an interactive pioneer village. In October they have the Headless Horseman that is super popular to go see. They do arts and crafts with the kids and play the disney version of The Headless Horseman. After dark you can go on the hayride and look for the horseman. Love your blog! Have fun in Indy!

  15. Christie McGetrick says:

    I am behind on the blog because I went to New Mexico to visit good friends – I think you should write a book – go for it.

  16. Happy 90th to Grandma. I vote the Children’s Museum too. They start their haunted house on the 16th. It is a really good museum and there are a ton of exhibits.

  17. I’d read your book Kasey. I think you should. You should at least have a column in a magazine or newspaper, something. You should get paid for this, you have a talent for writing. BUT, please don’t give up writing or taking photos of your home, fashion, and everything else that one person suggested yesterday. I love your sense of style. If the writing career doesn’t work out, being a stylist is definitely your calling.
    Thanks for brightening my day, every day.
    Your loyal blog follower in Canada,
    Kim 🙂

  18. Thanks for calling me out girlfriend! Talk to ya soon….maybe….

  19. As always, I laughed out loud! The oil change… the cot in the laundry room! HA!

  20. A scorpio and a writer- pretty good combination (if I do say so myself).

  21. I remember the Indy Children’s museum being alright when I was there about 4 years ago. I went for the Dale Chihuly glass exhibit- not sure why that was in a children’s museum, but it was a garden of glass and beautiful.

  22. So weird of me to only comment on this, but I can fix your nose stud issue! Lol. Its a tissue bump. It grows around the piercing on the outside and sometimes the inside. I’ve had my nose ring for 15 years (yikes) my step daughter as one and had this issue. Touching it, or getting things caught on it causes tissue bumps. Use some tea tree oil on a q-tip. Try not to touch it. My step daughter ended up trying to pick hers off but the tea tree oil cleared it up.

    Good luck!

  23. i’m going to be in indy this weekend too! my mom and i leave tomorrow to meet up with some friends to do a little christmas shopping. yes i said christmas.

  24. how sweet your last slow dance…made me smile for you two

    hope you are really writing a book because you are so great at it all:)…
    and the cot story and car…hilarious:)

  25. monikaki@tiscali.it says:

    You really should do this girl! Tou should write this book… I am sure what I am talking about..I like reading, I have more than 4000/5000 books at home..and I believe that your book should be on my shelves… do this!
    Thanks for sharing your days with us,
    love from the Italian, Monica

  26. becky up a hill says:

    your parents are wonderful, just like the movie ‘Dan in Real Life’..have you seen it?

  27. The Children’s Museum in Indianapolis is fabulous…it might be busy because of Halloween, but we have a membership and take our kids all the time, it’s that great. Enjoy your trip here!

  28. you are so awesome.
    can’t wait to read your book.

  29. Love how you are outlining your dreams today, Today, friends over lunch were talking of the importance of “storyboarding”. Australia and N.Z are both beautiful – I lived in both countries for 3 yrs combined. Keep following your dreams and may he all come true, including keeping your nose diamond.
    Helen Tilston

  30. Your blog is the first thing I look up when i switch on my PC – Love it 🙂 Please come to Australia and visit us, I have 3 children in the exact same order and ages as yours…..

  31. Hey Kasey, You just crack me up!! Have you ever thought of doing stand-up comedy? I love reading your blog.

  32. i just started reading your blog today. you are funny.. so funny. i love your ramblings..

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