Friday confessions


*I really don’t remember the last time i bathed Fin.

*I don’t remember the last time i combed his hair.

*I do know that i feed him.

* I gave up sorting socks for five members of this family…now everyone

has to find a pair out of  a big basket where they all now reside together.

*Bryan has been known to wear ruffled knee highs under his jeans.

*Someone brought my kids a big bag of halloween candy on sunday…..

and i just ate what was left.

*I don’t even like 3 musketeers or milky way.

*I just counted 26 wrappers on the table.

*I have to believe i am NOT the only one who’s child has called 911 while she was in the shower.*You can find these fabulous pillows at Ikea…$5 for the cover…$3 for the pillow insert.

*I caught our first mouse of the season.

* In our pantry.

*I’m not humane when catching them…i use a good old fashioned TRAP.

*I just hate that their little eyes almost pop out of their head.

*Sorry little mouse…i hope you didn’t leave babies behind…

*Because i’ll catch them next.

*Pork tenderloin in the crock pot with a vat of raspberry chipotle sauce is the best meal

a man can come home to.

*Of course…if it’s served by his pierced nose wife with bangs.

*Bryan asked me last night what else am i going to surprise him with.

*I told him….he might get lucky tonight.

*Get your minds out of the gutter….i was only going to say that he might get to watch

sports center uninterrupted.

*A well fed man watching sports alone will get you whatever you want.

*Almost whatever….not a pair of new Anthro boots though…

*For some reason i never thought i would REALLY have to explain how babies are made.

*I’ve decided to possibly re-do my dining room while my boys are in Florida.

*I was up at 4:45am to drive said boys to the airport this morning.

*I might not shave my legs this weekend.

*I love church rummage sales.

*Cute little lanterns from Ikea also….on clearance.

*The kids have a four day weekend.

*I think i am going to apply to Nanny 911.

*Do you think that i can plan a little getaway while that nanny is here?

*My parents are in Russia right now.

*I hope they bring be back some vodka.


  1. Allison Capola says:

    Can your parents bring me some vodka also?

  2. *I wish I lived close to Ikea
    *Your bangs look great
    *I wish I had your thick hair
    *I’ve never put a tenderloin in the crock since they cook so fast in the oven
    *Sounds yummy
    *Hope things are working out for your neighbor girl

  3. I’m laughing – again! Have a great weekend Kasey x

  4. You are so funny….I have the same conversations going on in my head on a daily basis 🙂

    ps – i hope they bring you back some Vodka too (maybe u can spike Bryan’s drink and convince him to get you some new Anthro boots!)
    XOX Happy Friday!

  5. I have to go grocery shopping today. Maybe I’ll come home with a pork tenderloin for the crock.

    I love church rummage sales, too. I just went to one yesterday but had little luck.

    Have a good weekend!

  6. Love this post! I may or may not have shaved my legs this past weekend either. ; )

    Enjoy the weekend, it’s suppose to a beautiful weekend here in Chicagoland!


  7. Kacey – I have loved your blog for awhile….you have made me smile on many occassions! Will you share your pork tenderloin recipe? Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Thanks so much for the Friday morning chuckle…your “confessions” put a smile on my face because some of them are just “too familiar”;) Have a wonderful weekend, Kasey!

  9. You rock! I was just having a conversation like this with my sister. Picture day was forgotten and said child was wearing sweats. Then, I noticed at the bus stop I hadn’t brushed my Sons hair. Most boys are ok with this. My Son uses the firecracker method while he sleeps so there is a huge rats nest when he wakes up. So, I looked around for water. It rained the night before and…well gutter water works just fine to smooth that hair down! Hmmmmm.

  10. I have never put a tenderloin in the crock, but I must say it sounds delish with the raspberry chipotle sauce!

    Love the bangs!

    Have a happy weekend. 🙂

  11. Yet another fabulous post … BUT Please could someone tell me … what are Bangs? Sorry to sound awfully British, but do you mean “a Fringe” ?? Jules

  12. I’m still laughing about Bryan wearing jeans with ruffled knee-highs attached.

  13. Boy I wish you lived close to me . I think we’d be great friends. On second thought, maybe it’s a good thing you live hundreds of miles away. . . . .Enjoy the vodka.

  14. Hope they do bring back some vodka!!!! Love the pics and all your thoughts today… fun post!

    Happy weekend!

  15. I caught my very first mouse in my pantry a week ago!! And, no, I was exactly humane either!!

  16. I called 911 when I was 8, and then tried to deny it by saying that i must have accidentely sat on those numbers….I was soo sneaky!

  17. I wish I had an IKEA nearby. Fin is too cute even without a bath. That pork tenderloin sounds delish. I sealed up spaces in a basement window last year and haven’t had any mice since. *knock on wood*

  18. You’re so RANDOM! My kinda girl!!! =) Love it!!!

  19. Thanks for the laughs…..they always make my day!

  20. I always look forward to your posts. I popped into Anthro today…still dreaming of those ruffled boots! Have a wonderful weekend!

  21. your hair is looking gorgeous by the way… and you look like you’re about 19 now!
    i saw that same cushion at ikea here in Oz yesterday, and thought it was such a bargain 🙂
    you crack me up Kasey!

  22. I really love you , you know…even if we broke is ok..I was you, not me..or it was me,not you?? whatever
    my love…my cloth pad sender…I will forever love you no matter what…although I am a little bit sad for the mouse…rats in traps no problem…but mice are kind of cute..well, I suppose not in your cupboards..ok, go ahead, kill them..

    forever yours

  23. i found a freakin’ opossum in our pantry today!!! no more leaving the basement door open for the cats!
    i needed some of that vodka right about then.
    have a fab weekend!

  24. Kasey….you are hilarious!! Same old Kasey. Have a fun weekend w/out your boys…

  25. So funny! I love your blog!

  26. I could really keep Fin as one of my own…bathed or not!

  27. We are bff’s and you dont even know it…is that creepy? If I lived closer I would totally come over with my three kiddies, who by the way didnt bathe all of July or August. Okay just wanted to let you know, you are my favorite blog…you are hilarious and make me laugh daily…and you’re my bff.

  28. Ah yes indeedy, words to live by!

  29. When I lived in Toronto I had 3 IKEAs within 45 min drives.
    I moved to North Carolina and was excited to learn there was an IKEA in the works in Charlotte (1.5 hours away)
    Since it opened a year ago I have been at least 5 times.
    Sometimes I wish I had more excuses to go to Charlotte….

    I had those lanterns in Black for my wedding as part of the center pieces. They fit well in the heritage village I got married in.

    Love these random posts

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