Autumn lover

So…..i realize these are NOT my children…but i just love this photo so much that

i had to show it off today. I got to photograph these girls last week…so i borrowed

my neighbors vintage camera…used our vintage quilt…and away

to a field we went. The best time to photograph right now if 5ish…and i have a feeling…

that this last weekend was the last of the last for autumn foliage.

It won’t be long till everything is brown and cold.

We attempted to take apart the stage this weekend…got the walls and the pillars down..

and now just have the floor to do. I’m also still waiting for my hoe down photos…

because i forget what dress i actually wore that night.

I don’t know about you…but my to-do list keeps getting longer and longer.

I would like to make it known …that i love the word Autumn….and not the word Fall.

Autumn sounds better….at least to me.

We caught {another} very fat mouse this weekend…i know…yuck.

But when you live in a very old home….and Autumn arrives….you catch mice.

It’s just the way it is.

Anyhoo…..she was a fattie…so we set another trap last night…and guess what…

that mouse ate all of the peanut butter off the trap and left the trap without being caught.

My kids started a collection jar…..and it’s not to raise money for the poor….

nope..its to raise money for a frenchie puppy.

So far they have about $18 in it.

oops…now they have $15…because i borrowed $3 to get a latte this morning.

My friend called me this morning to let me know she drove by my home and saw

a very full recycle bin of empty wine bottles.

So i said to her…

ummm…yeah….what were you doing going thru my recycle bin?

She hung up on me.

I got an email a few weeks ago wondering where i bought my spanx..and what type

do i like to wear. So…i told her that i get mine at Target…and that i like the full

tummy/thigh coverage.

Just thought i would let you all know in case you were wondering as well.

Bryan chipped a tooth this weekend and is working from home today…..

so that he can go into the dentist this afternoon. He also stepped on our scale and told me it’s wrong.

I said…..


because i thought for sure…i had lost a few pounds.

Apparently….the scale is WRONG and in the BAD way.

So….even though i just ate THREE of those Pillsbury sweet moment mini brownies..

that are only 60 calories per little piece….

so how can you only have one little piece when they are only 60 calories…

and now that the bag is open and sitting in my fridge….i might as well finish them all off.

Oh….and we had to go over a fire escape plan as part of some homework

over the weekend….and let me just tell you…

kids have nightmares when you tell them they have to go out of a window in the middle

of the night.

I love how at the bus stop…my little Fin said to me…

mommmm… forgot to comb my hair….

so i licked it down for him.

Only a mother can lick her son’s hair down.

Okay…now i think i’m going to go and watch some tivo’d shows while i fold laundry…

because apparently….laundry doesn’t seem to fold itself these days.

p.s. My parents are safely back from their jaunt over to Russia……

and they did not bring me any vodka. They decided to drink it all instead of

letting customs confiscate it.



  1. beautiful photo!

    yeah, all the leaves are blowing right off the trees up here. but i can’t think about winter or else i will get sad. as much as i love snowshoeing, winter is just too.damn.long. and it’s something i realize more and more each year.

    oh- would it make you feel better if i ate my 4th brownie of the day? because i can arrange for that. i’m trying to cut back on sweets but i figure i’ll have all winter to try to do that…and then i will just hope to get sick in the spring, because that’s the easiest way to lose 6 pounds if you ask me.

  2. I am cracking up!!!!! I like the photo, too.

  3. We caught 2 mice this year and have plenty more burrowing around the house, in Michigan, not the apartment in Arlington Heights. (So confusing when you have 2 places, ugh, wish we didn’t!). The house in MI has a creek on the property hence the mice.

    The pretty autumn sure does seem to be coming to an end here in Chicagoland, bummer!

    Have a great day!

  4. I too love the photo!!
    leaves are changing colors quickly here in the city..
    and now I have FALLen leaves all over my yard..
    and none of them are from my sole tree in the front yard!!
    and also fallen apples from the neighbors trees..
    squishy mess!
    can’t believe your parents don’t practice what they preach:
    sharing, far better to give (to a worthy daughter) than to receive for themselves..
    they REALLY and TRULY drank ALL the vodka?
    laughing smiles..
    warm sandy hugs..

  5. Thank you, Kasey, for giving me another fit of giggles! You made my Monday:)

  6. P.S. I prefer the word “autumn” too:)

  7. very cute image kasey. the weather was perfect for photos this past weekend.

  8. What a great photo!!

  9. We must be related, this sounds exactly like something I would do: “now that the bag is open and sitting in my fridge….i might as well finish them all off.” I recently finished off a large jar of nutella in approximately a week, by myself…

  10. Thank you for the Monday chuckle
    I am having a giveaway if you want to come over and enter : )

  11. well alrighty miss autumn lover, taker of fantastic fam photos & meeter of bakerella

    sorry bryan has an owwie

    its hard to believe ya’ll are nearing the end of your autumn foliage. wow. we still hit 80 degrees today

    ps. i am still ever so grateful for the macadamia nuts. i feel so loved. truly i do.

  12. Addison was so excited she made your blog! First time a mouse steps foot in this house…my bags are packed…seriously! And don’t get any ideas trapping and dropping ’em off over here on Allen Lane!

  13. cute picture… love the vintage props!

  14. Autumn lives down the street! : ) Happy Fall!

    : )

    Julie M.

  15. Wow Kasey! I love that photo so much toooooooo!!!!!! Seriously amazing! Wish I’d taken It!!!

  16. I lick my own hair down:) If I get out of the house and don’t have any hair cream with me, I lick my fingers and get those little gray hairs to stand down instead of up:) We move in a couple of weeks to our home in SC and I am scared to death to get on the scale:( We need to go on a diet and support each other…….not! LOL!

  17. clothes don’t iron themselves either

  18. You are hilarious! Thanks, once again, for making me laugh out loud. (the picture is great, too!)

  19. Great post. I can’t deal with mice- I was thinking about getting a cat to chase the mice away but the last time I had a cat he really loved me and left me daily “gifts” (dead mice, dead birds, etc). 🙁 I’m trying to envisage the mice like little Disney mice dressed in little 19th century outfits with jaunty hats and walking sticks and playing tiny musical instruments living little lives in my cellar. It helps.

  20. you are hilarious…i really think you should keep the stage up and have your own comedy show….only you could make catching a mouse funny! an itty bitty one came at me the other day…in the middle of the day!!!! i screamed, the kids screamed and hubby caught it. now i can’t stop thinking…where is the mommy mouse?! daddy mouse?!itty bitty brother and sister mice??!!! aghhh!

  21. I loooove that picture…how adorable!!!

  22. You know they have these really cool mouse catchy traps that you put out and when the mice go in to eat the food it shuts on them and kills them and you dont see anything you just throw it away!

    I hate the thought of killing the mice but I am not going to share my home and I am not going to put out sticky traps, so this was something I could semi handle! There was a little indicator on the thing that told you when the mouse was in there and you just throw it away!

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