baking and dancing

I really wanted to make an apple pie for my neighbors….

you’ll see why in a minute….

but i didn’t have any refrigerated pie crust laying around since i used what

i had to make my our apple pie on Sunday.

What i did have on hand were some crescent rolls…….

so my mind did a little turning…and i decided to make my own version of apple turnovers.

Normal turnovers are made with a puff pastry….but you got to do what you got to do

with what you have.

They turned out pretty good…and were so easy…that i though of all of you.

Unless of course you don’t eat sugar…or are gluten free…or are allergic to fruit…

then you can just skip to the bottom.

All you need is a package of crescent rolls….lemon juice…cinnamon…nutmeg…flour…sugar

cloves….and 2 apples.

Oh…and butter.

If you like butter that is.

If not….then you can probably still get away with making this…but butter is good.

Apparently butter gets a bad rap…. i am so sorry butter…i really do love you.

Peel and slice 2 apples really thin.

Then blend into the sliced apples

2 tbsp of sugar.

1/2 tbsp of flour.

1 tsp. of cinnamon

1/4.tsp of nutmeg

just a dash of cloves

1 tsp. of lemon juice

1 tbsp. of melted butter {optional depending on jean size}

Unroll the crescent rolls out without tearing them at the perforation.

fill with apple mixture.

Drizzle more butter if needed….

then fold the sides over…and bake at 350 for about 15 minutes or till lightly brown.

Serve with your favorite vanilla ice cream…

or if you feel like you went a bit overboard with the butter…

just eat them plain but while they are still warm.

Have another if you wish….i mean…you made four of them.

Unless you doubled the recipe….then i cannot be held accountable for how many you eat.


i made these for this man:

you might remember him from this post

but in reality…he’s my neighbor.

and he built this in my backyard this last weekend…..

 it’s an elevated dance floor….

which we are using for a Hoe Down party we are having this coming weekend.

I asked Fin if he wanted to help me paint.

 Thank goodness for child labor….free child labor….

because while Fin painted my dance floor…

i caught up on my new people magazine and smoked a ciggie while barking out directions to him


i didn’t really smoke…..

but the color i picked out to paint the floor is called smokey grey….

even though it looks a little blue in the photo.

I went to the paint store yesterday and asked for the CHEAPEST gallon of paint there was….

so the nice guy told me to get a gallon of FLAT paint…..

and it was only $10…

so i thought to myself….


then i came home…..

Fin and i got the thing all painted.Then my girlfriend who is from Texas stopped by today …

and viewed our fabulous paint job…..

and told me….

how was there supposed to be any good dancing if the floor isn’t slick…

i mean…you can’t do the electric slide on a floor that’s painted in FLAT.

And where was the sawdust….

you have to have SAWDUST…..

all country dancing must be done on a SLICK floor with SAWDUST.


back to the paint store i went today….

and bought a $28 gallon of extra GLOSSY paint…

so that i might be able to

GLIDE across the dance floor when i do the ELECTRIC SLIDE.

I might just have a few extra of those apple turnovers when i’m done

repainting the dance floor.

Feel free to have one or two for yourselves….




  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Yeehaww! 😛

  2. mrs boo radley says:

    I hope that butter article I linked to the other day didn’t seem confusing…it was saying that butter is GOOD for us!

  3. YEE HAW! Can’t wait until the party and I am not even going to be there:)

    PW makes an apple dumpling with crescent rolls and mountain dew. You should give that recipe a try. It is delish!

  4. Nice Neighbor!!
    So I dont want to rain on your parade, just wanted you to check if you will need to bring your dance floor in before it rains. I think you will. It looks like you have particle board/sub flooring material on the top and if it gets wet it will swell up. I think it is meant for sub flooring in a home… I think anyway…
    Now if you used exterior paint it may last a while outside… But Im not sure what super glossy you got…
    DONT WANT TO BE A KNOW IT ALL… Heck Im not even sure Im correct… Im just hoping that if I ever get an invite to a hoe down the dance floor is ready for me… I just lost my invitation didn”t I….

  5. Don’t forget the Cupid Shuffle. It’s all the rage right now…it’s the today’s version of the hustle. Which, neither of them goes well with a hoe down, but both will help you GET down. Ohhhh….

  6. hey country girl. have fun this weekend. sounds like a great time.

  7. We were on the same “page” today. You posted about apples and I posted about apples. I know it’s cooler in StC than here in So Cal. So, it makes sense that you felt like baking. Me, I don’t know why. Mine was for neighbors too. Just about 17 of them, though. They only got slivers. 😉

  8. Oh this is going to be so cool, can’t wait for the pictures! Love the child labor you got going on. Can I borrow him for a few of my projects?


  9. sounds like fun!!

  10. The flat paint probably made a great primer for the glossy stuff, eh? Those turnovers look YUMMY!!!

    Happy Hoedown!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps Do you know what to do if you need to de-gloss a stage?

  11. so sad I will miss the festivities – I will have to live through your photos….

  12. Sounds like a fun party! I like the dance floor! Can’t wait to see more!

  13. Easy apple turnovers…and a hoe down? Sounds like a yummy good time:)

  14. This is so creative…. the dance stage and the turnovers!! Your last post inspired me to make a pie- I didn’t have apples but I had berries so berries it was. Yum!!

  15. Your parties are unbelievable my dear…can’t wait to hear all about your great time! Those apple turnovers look DELISH! Can’t wait to make some ~ thank you for always sharing your fab recipes

    That Fin…is so cute…painting that dance floor:)

  16. Yummy. Now I want apple turnovers….I think I have some biscuit dough in the fridge I could substitute. Hmmm….

    The floor looks fabulous…no matter the finish, I’m sure you’ll all have a heck of a time! Enjoy!!!


  17. Hola Lola!
    I love , no, I’m addicted to your writing, your humor and your photos. Mille gracie! Thanks you. Merci! Eucharisto!

  18. Yum…those look like they might pair nicely with coffee and a gossip mag.
    What are you wearing to your shin-dig?

  19. Your dance floor is going to be one happening place!!!!

  20. I love that you have a friend that pointed out the truth of the dance floor. How great that you now have a dance floor in your yard. Have a blast!

  21. Love the dance floor, love the extremes that you go to for a party…wish I could come with my dancing shoes….xv

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