Don’t blink

I truly believe….if you blink…you might just miss something.

We decided to head up to the lake…..AGAIN….yesterday.

It’s still hot….the pools have all closed…..which is just pure insane….but unless you live

where it’s above 70 year round….the pools close sometime around Labor day weekend.

Let me inform you…that it is NOT Labor day weekend yet….

but the pools are all closed.

This makes me want to head back to Hawaii.

Real Bad.

I was chatting up Bryan today as we lounged on the sand at the beach….

our fingers intertwined……

the oil from the Coppertone dripping down his arm.


sorry….i was lost in a moment there.


check check …..

what it would take to get us back to Hawaii… live there for just one year.

That’s all i want…is one year there. Where life is so casual…and i could live in little dresses…

we could live off of coconuts and pineapple’s.

But then i got my new Anthro catalog in the mail…with all the boots…..and the pea coats…

so i had to re-think that decision.

We’ve moved quite a bit in the last 12 years of marriage…..

we met and married in Colorado….

then moved right away to the San Fran bay area…

spending almost 4 years there….and back to Colorado for another 5 year stint…

then ending up here outside of Chicago.

Life is to short to be stuck in one place your entire life….

that is…

unless…..i had a farm house on the beach.

Alrighty now…..where did all this come from?

I blinked.

I did…i blinked…and i have a 9 year old boy..and it seems like just yesterday ..was born after 10

hours of labor….a really great epidural…and looking into by best friends eyes…

because she decided she wanted to be in the delivery room.

Of course i was looking into Bryan’s eyes also…

but it was my friends that had that look….you know the look…..the one that says….


and you know what….she never did…..nor does she want to.

I scared her for life.

Actually…..i have to blame it on Mason….it’s all his fault.

then i do believe….

the minute Mason slept a full night…i turned over to bryan…..

and somehow got pregnant again.

Lola was born when Mason turned 16 months.

I loved my Ob/Gyn…..but i had a feeling she wasn’t straight.

I didn’t care….because she was good….and she had NO problem inducing me early….

and had no problem giving me my epidural 2 weeks ahead of time.

When i was induced with Lola….on her due date….i only labored for a few hours before

my OB came in….grabbed Bryan…and sat HIM in HER seat in between my legs.

I said….excuse MOI….but i don’t really want my husband watching my VA-VA at this

moment…..and what if i poop all over the freakin table.


is anyone listening….

please remove my husband at this moment!

It was too late….Lola decided to pop her head out…and my OB just stood behind Bryan…

telling him what to do.

Bryan took ahold of Lola’s head….and she slipped out…

into Bryan’s hands.

obviously it didn’t scar the guy because we ended up with Fin.

I really don’t know how i got on this whole tangent on my birthing stories…

or that my OB was gay…..

or that i talked her into inducing me with Fin a good three weeks early because i had a

horrible head cold.

I barely got home from the hospital before Bryan headed in for his V.

I don’t get it…i was the one that pushed a baby out of my you.know.what….and he’s the one

who’s laying flat on his back because he can’t get up out of the chair.


Have i told you how much i love the show Modern Family?

Or that i really…really love Julia Ormond.

Do you rememeber her in the movie The English Patient?

{i was writing this as i watched the Emmy’s}

I didn’t really like Julia Robets in the movie Eat Pray Love….

but i loved Javier Bardem.

Let me wipe the saliva drooling from my chin.

I actually know where Julia Roberts lives….and i’m waiting for her to call me back

about a play date between our two Fin’s.

But i’m not in Hawaii anymore….so if she calls me back….that just gives me another reason

to hop on a plane back.

Oh…and have you tried Greek yogurt….it’s damn good.

Not that Greek yogurt has anything to do with what i’m talking about.

Okay….Bryan is sitting here next to me rolling his eyes…..muttering under his breath that Greek yogurt

has nothing to do with the Emmy awards or Javier Bardem.



So……if you are saying to yourself….what the HELL was kasey just talking about…and how

do i unsubscribe to this here blog….ASAP….

let me just tell you… is pretty short….so don’t blink….you might miss something.

P.s.  That was indeed Bryan doing a back flip off the dock……..

P.p.s. I know nothing about design…but somehow i am one of the new contributors over at Houzz

feel free to read about how i wish i had a clawfoot bathtub. {here}

P.p.s.s.  I am done chatting now… can move on.



  1. Yet again – I laughed out loud and my kids are now looking at me thinking ‘weirdo mother’. Birth stories are always good for the re-telling I say. And yep life is too short – I must examine my instincts to stay put and wonder why? At the moment Hawaii seems like a great option. Lou x

  2. atta boy!!
    tell bryan buick he can rock a back flip
    says the mom of 4 tumbling cheerleaders 🙂

  3. Another absolutely delightful read…you have a gift, my friend!! Love the stories, love the photos, love your style:)
    P.S. Awesome back flip!

  4. P.P.S. Congrats on the Houzz “deal”!

  5. I love reading your posts. It really sets me up for the day, things to ponder. I do believe that if we blink we might miss something. I also asked my husband if we could live abroad for a year or two. You know I am a teacher and could work as a civilian in some country somewhere. Have talked with a few people I know who are in the military or have been in the military (and no I am not going into the military – scares me too much) but I could teach the little children. I just have to get my hubby on board. Oh well. Have a great day!

  6. love greek yogurt!
    hated eat pray love… just did not connect with it at all..well except for the food…
    love julia ormond she is such a lady…and beeeautiful too…
    those pics look like postcards.
    and i mean this in a positive are the modern day erma bombeck..always make me laugh…
    oh and lola’s birth story…wow…

  7. Here where I live some of the pools close near the 15th of August. Some NONSENSE about the lifeguards having to go back to college??? I worked until Labor Day at the beach where I worked during college. Jeez.

    Thankfully our YMCA keeps its splash deck open until it is too cold to use. Last summer that meant the first weekend of October – in Minnesota! AND they open it when they please too – which this year meant EARLY MAY and yes – in Minnesota!

    I love our Y.

  8. I AGEE!!!! Blinking is only to be done if necessary…
    Tried to check everything off my to do list for the summer , as well. One more week left of break for us. Kids are fishing today while I have my favorite anthro cup full to the tipy top with coffee sitting down to read my favorite blog….
    If I can get my old bones to cooperate I still need to sneek in a ladys horse back ride. Sounds fun hu… I wonder how Ill keep the wine in my glass at at trot….
    Happy rest of summer to you…

  9. Those are awesome picks. I can not believe your husband can do that and
    was it intentional to get him discreetly in the background or just by chance? I love your posts! Congrats on Houzz!

  10. I love those photos of bryan! Loved your story today, you had me laughing out loud.

  11. The birthing story is hilarious, and what is with a man and the big V?
    Really, we push these babies out and they get one little snip and the whole world ends.
    Thanks for the laught this morning, you are the BEST!

  12. a gay doctor…do they make those even? don’t ask don’t tell LOL! you are one funny mommy!

  13. Thank you for my morning laugh. And take it from me…you most certainly DO know something about design. And have one talented backflipping hubby. 😉

  14. Congrats on Houzz….I love that site!!!! Your stories are so flippin funny 🙂 enjoy your day, jackie

  15. Christie McGetrick says:

    Very interesting blog today – I liked the end of summer theme and talking about children – I measure my life in when a certain child was born.

    However I do have one comment – I don’t think it was Julia Ormond in the English Patient. She was in Sabrina. It was the French Actress who was in Chocolate that was in English Patient – I believe.

  16. fun! when i first read this post title i thought it was entitled “don’t drink” 🙂

  17. You are just too funny.

  18. How nice…you made us miss it until you said it was Bryan doing a back flip…or was that just me…
    Anyway…love it
    and I’ve got to admit I am an addict of Ernesto’s mango salsa you shared…
    an addict
    as I can’t stop making it:)
    and you not knowing something about design…that would be moi not you!

  19. Catherine says:

    Why do I get the feeling that this is one of those blogs you wrote after a few glasses of wine?! I kid! I, too, still can’t figure out where my 3 kids came from or how they are now in high school. Thanks for making me laugh today!

  20. So funny! You can always make me laugh. I agree that if you blink you’ll miss something. Kenny Chesney “Don’t Blink” is one of my favorite songs. And I’m not much of a country music girl even though I live in HEEEBer!:)

  21. If you can find a way to pull off living in Hawaii for a year – GO FOR IT! I recently read an article in Coastal Living about a family who sailed down the east coast for 2 years. The article struck a chord with us and we are now officially motivated to try life on at the beach. Hmmmm, now just have to figure out the logistics!

  22. I just started watching Modern Family like a week ago because I was sick of summer t.v. and had heard it was good. Holy goodness is that show amazing. It made watching the Emmy’s 20x better because I knew what everyone was talking about. It may be the show I’m most looking forward to watching this fall 🙂

  23. Congratulations on houzz…and birthing stories…with my new baby due in 6 weeks I am hoping for the quick, pain free labor- don’t like my chances! Hope you are well. Emma. xx

  24. Most strangly I was able to follow your chain of thought here whilst it skipped across the screen. Didnt think we would be able to did you? Or did you? Now I’m getting confused.
    Great action shot photos by the way. Roll on summer here in Australia I say!!

  25. You make me laugh out loud!! Your way too funny! Thanks for my laugh of the day!!


  26. Haha! I loved the part about your friend and how she never had a baby. That was funny!
    Loved today’s post. Made me feel normal about the circles my own brain does. 😉
    And YES to not staying in the same place your whole life. I grew up by Antioch (which I’ve read about on your blog before) and moved to Madison, WI soon after that. We love Madison, a lot, but now live about 30 miles west of there. I told my husband if something ever happened with his job, we’d jet to Colorado or Oregon.
    Oh and Congrats on Houzz! One of my top 3 favorite design blogs.

  27. Phew! I was in so much suspense about how the whole stint off of the dock was going to turn out!!! Phew!!!

  28. OH MY GOSH!! I am still laughing about the poop! Why is poop so funny?? Just saying it makes me laugh…Poop! ahahha. You are hilarious…PLEASE write a book about something…ANYTHING!

    xo, Meredith

  29. Maria aka cheapdiva says:

    My God – I just “discovered” you! What a hoot! You are now in my top 3 blogs (and this from a woman who “collects” them like most people collect other crap!

  30. Woman….You. Are. NUTS!!!! Thanks for making my day!

  31. What a great laugh, smile and bemusement were mine reading your post.

  32. Wonderful read! I move around a lot too as you know and I like to experience different things. Love the story of the births…to funny.

  33. love this post! my husband and i lived in Hawaii for 2 years. it’s where we met. we always talk about moving back, but now we have a 7 and 10 yr old who might beg to differ. nice to dream though. i, too, want a horse farm on the beach. we could be neighbors. let me know if ya find that. farm on the beach is probably only in hawaii. love your blog.

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